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5/2/2019 c28 7Formerly known as J
You know I'm in love with your chapter openings, but I've gotta tell you that Gilbert all angry and twisting in his sheets definitely got my attention. In the best way possible. I do love me a bit of outraged GB - him marching up to the house ready to do battle was so hot. Have I told you before I also ADORE how he calls the baby Mayflower, so cute!

But oh, little May! Now I'm remembering all the tiny hints you've sprinkled in about her all along and it all makes sense. No wonder Ro is so upset with herself for not noticing it sooner - and Gilbert, too. I LOVE that May is the reason Gilbert is going to see Doctor Dave. I can't wait to see what you do with him, I'm so looking forward to a little trip to the Glen, even though I don't want Anne and Gilbert to be apart. I wonder if Uncle Dave will have the solution to May's hearing and inspire Gilbert's dreams of being a doctor too?

I never suspected that Gilbert would leave Anne willingly either - especially not after the beginning of this chapter! I love that he's fearlessly taking baby May on the seventy mile train ride by himself, and I can't wait to find out what happens next. Now that Gilbert's pashed Anne and shouted his love for her so publicly, surely they must be going to make it official? Aren't they?

Fave line: Anne is every bit as clever and determined as their son.
Ooohh, kwaky, you know these characters so, so well! I love it!
5/2/2019 c28 3Lavinia Maxwell
Thank you!
5/1/2019 c27 Guest
So so very behind (as usual!) but such fun to have so many lovely chapters! I just knew these two were going to go and do the young foolish thing, but so beautifully done! Gilbert was just the man we know he is when he intends to face the music after getting Anne home so late... only to be saved by Martins stroke! That was unexpected but I loved the way you handled it. He was questioned by the constable! that was so great with his notes about Anne's grass stained dress. Ya know, for two people so smart... they are just off in their own little pretend marriage world until John Blythe rides into drop some marriage truth on Gilbert! That was perfection if you ask me and now Gilbert is just like every other young man in love who parents just "didn't understand!" Oh they all understand, which is why they freak the hell out! But hard to argue with John about Gilbert not knowing what real marriage it, it's more than just loving someone. And now the piper has to get paid! Will Anne get pregnant? I can't even imagine! Great job by tying in your earlier reference to uncle Dave into this as well. Great bunch of chapters, K!
5/1/2019 c27 NotMrsRachelLynde
So I am very behind on reviews due to Easter break but I have finally gotten back to it and oh boy I want to thank you for providing me with some exhilarating reading on my vacation. I may not have been responding but I was certainly reading. The previous chapter had me totally freaking out with the police interrogating Gilbert. You did a marvelous job of building the suspense and tension with that chapter and then what a “release” you provided. I had to jump in the pool to cool off Then you hit me up on this gem of a chapter. Damn you John Blythe! Now I know where Gilbert gets not only his good looks but his innate ability to read minds. I was really enjoying that cottage. Now he gets sent away! I am hopefully that Anne can find her way to Glen St. Mary. Oh, and that she isn’t with child. That might provide some complications. All around, these were two fantastic chapters! Thanks again for some great updates!
4/30/2019 c27 Guest
What?! Is John really going to send Gil away? I hope you’ll tell us soon!
4/30/2019 c27 Guest
I don't want Anne and Gilbert to be forced apart but I am curios to see Gilbert in Glen St Mary if he went there. ) love this story )
4/29/2019 c22 8Catiegirl
Oh, poor Ruby! I loved the section with her mother- and especially the pain of Ro’s comment on consequences that would remove Ruby from those who dote on her the most. Ruby’s letter somehow reminded me of Lydia Bennett here- only I wanted to hug her and take her home myself, not something I ever cared to do for Lydia. It was nice to see Luella immediately take May, too, I kept thinking of May being offered a place in their society, somehow- with a reminder that Gilbert and Ro could have shunned her Ruby, as well. They just wouldn’t. I loved Gilbert pushing his mother, and not just accepting the standard answers- with Ro so cross at him doing so! There’s motherhood... lastly, the last paragraph is sublime- its Anne, it’s Gilbert, and there is the man we’ve been following all this time! Just gorgeous.
4/29/2019 c21 Catiegirl
I must admit to ridiculous impatience when it comes to this story- I hate waiting when I know there’s a chapter waiting for my attention! (Can I just say, fan-girling in a doctors surgery- and trying not to squeal/fan your face with others next to you is less than fun!) anyhow- i’m Finding it hard to pick fave lines, it’s just all excellent. If I had to pick one, I’d go with the discussion about them having to keep their love for their own little world. There’s such a naivity, an innocence in that that makes me want to cry. They are a man and a woman, but I can’t help but see how young they are. Their passion is so wonderful- and I almost fell off my chair howling at the sticky part! Also to note, Anne commenting that she had her concerns about Davy and Ruby, but was hoping so very hard. And feeling that something had gone so wrong with Di and Fred! Yes, indeed. Well, i’m With Rachel- what’s to be will be, and what isn’t to be sometimes happens... I am intrigued by the gentleman caller to come- and I was wrong. My favourite line is the last one here.
4/29/2019 c27 Guest
hahaha Marilla and Martin! no wonder Martin cleared his throat to interrupt Gil's thoughts. I love this story!
4/28/2019 c27 Drink
Okay, I can't stop thinking about it. John Blythe certainly knows how to douse romantic logic with reality! He has some very valid points! I don't wish to see Gil 'banished' but... I wonder if canon will work its way in here...going away to offer Anne the best life...and perhaps a 3 year engagement?!

Hot? Cold? Warm?
4/28/2019 c27 wow
Good lord you are just brilliant. I love everything about this story, especially Gil and Anne's beautiful messy real passionate love for each other. But this chapter sums up what this story is about. What makes a man, what breaks a man? What makes a man good? I think about that quote you began the story with, about the breaking of a man. Does John want to break Gilbert? I kind of hate John right now. Yes Gil and Anne are playing with fire, but considering how often Gil thinks about it, it's hard not to be annoyed with John. This could drive a permanent wedge between father and son. And I hate that he's just overriding Ro. Doesn't she get a say?

Contrast John with the lovely Martin, despairing over his own son not being good. (Also omg everyone is doing it at Green Gables!) His "soft" response is the exact thing John is deriding.

The scenes of the men doing their work then afterwards were just brilliant. Gil willingly doing the dirtiest of the work (does John know just how much Gil self flagellates himself?) The mention of Adam's tree trunk thighs reminds me of hard it must be for these sons to live up to their fathers. All this talk of women breaking you and women putting you under their spell. The shout out to Claire Fontaine! The talk of grief - George burning his barn down (great use of the line from AotI) John taking his young son out west with him...again, what does it mean to be a man, to react like a man? Fascinating stuff.

And like always I keep thinking of what's going to happen when Gil goes back to Redmond. He's lived like three lifetimes this summer!

I'm so grateful for that day - just over a year ago, I think - when I decided to google AoGG fanfiction and your stories came up.
4/28/2019 c27 Regina56
Kwak, I’m so glad this came through before I go off to jury duty. No cell phone is gonna be tough and I hope this doesn’t last long. My very first jury service was a murder trial so I’m always a little anxious before I head off to the courthouse. It nice to have something gentle to read to calm the nerves!

That was a great talk John gave his son and he did have some valid points. I don’t want Gilbert to leave but I’m curious to meet Dr. Dave. You have the best characterizations and I’ll bet he’s a good one.
Thanks for the book mention The Harp of the South in the previous chapter. I looked it up because I’m always searching for a good read. I love books that have a Dickensian urban setting like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and HOTS sounds like my kind of book. Speaking of Dickensian urban settings, I loved the one you created in ‘Charlottetown’ and I hope you return to something like that one day.
4/28/2019 c27 7Formerly known as J
I know it's your satisfying descriptions that draw me into your story every time, k, but truly it's the delicacy of your characterisations that I adore. First, I loved Gilbert talking on the front step at Green Gables to Martin Rossi and his triangular eyes (just like Davy's) desperately wanting to get on to a proper conversation about the weather. Wonderful!

Then, when Gilbert got home, all the men just nodding to communicate there was nothing else to say about it. It told me everything I needed to know about Gilbert that he took on the worst job in the sheep dip, and there was something so gorgeous about how well they all know each other, and there's no judgement about anyone, it's just working together. That scene at Barry's Pond, with the men still working as a team to prepare the food (I LOVE that Gilbert always makes the fire! mmmm, yeah he does), their banter, everything about it was pure character gold!

But Gilbert's conversation with his dad - and didn't we find out some more about him, here? John Blythe is no dummy! I've been wondering how long our pair would get away with their secret trysts, and we all know getting your girl home at 1am is never going to go unnoticed or unmentioned in Avonlea. I loved that John spoke of responsibility and care for your wife, that it was Marilla who'd convinced him to let them be. But John's line that it's a woman's role to be soft, and a man's role to overrule it sums him up so brilliantly, at the same time contrasting his way with his son's - such great writing, kwaky.

Favourite: Gilbert contemplating what it takes to be a good man.
Ooooohhh, I love that boy so much!

Congratulations on your three hundred, darling, you deserve 300 more at least. :)
4/28/2019 c27 3Lavinia Maxwell
Poor Gilbert... what is he going to do? Please don't make us wait too long for the next chapter. I am dying to find out!
4/28/2019 c27 6DrinkThemIn
Ahhh shit definitely not off the hook. He's being sent away! *wails*

Bahahaha I laughed at the awkward conversation with Martin. Too old for sex lol
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