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4/28/2019 c26 Guest
What will the Avonlea gossips say when they hear rumors of the one in the morning return home? ) I hope Ro has a talk with Anne and Gilbert before she ends up pregnant. I love this story ) )
4/27/2019 c26 Guest
Oooohhh, the passion of these two their connection is so believable. I wish they really will get married so everyone knows
4/27/2019 c26 wow
Happy belated birthday!

That was a great fake out at the beginning. I thought that there had been a confrontation with Martin and the police were called! Instead Gilbert saved his life. Of course. Love Gil defending his mother and protecting her work - well, it's their work now.

"Swan, tapping his pen over the phrase, grass stains." omg brilliant. Also the oak leaf in Gil's hair.

Mr Morrissey is Margaret's father? Interesting.

Joy being Ro's middle name almost brought the tears to my eyes...her birth and death in AHoD just ruins me ever time I read it.

they did it in Anne's bed! One one hand, they're playing with fire but on the other hand this: "She is safe, she is home, she is his harbour. She is comfort and solace and peace." It's just right.
4/27/2019 c26 astrid
I loved that gil wanted to protect the book. It was so touching when he was crying at the end and says that same line from Anne of the island
4/26/2019 c26 Regina56
Happy belated birthday and congrats on your tremendous readership, Kwak!
Congratulations also for once again writing a very memorable chapter 26.

You are such a clever writer the way you didn’t reveal immediately why Gilbert was being questioned by Swan. At first I thought they had violated some sort of fornication law, not that being suspected of attempted murder is any better.
There were so many things in this chapter to ponder; the identity of Margaret’s father, the depilatory recipe, Anne’s writing, her breaking her own rule about not having sex in their parent’s homes as well as a few other things. Definitely a few other things.

Kwak, at times I needed to break out of “mom mode” and try to forget that I have 2 college kids who are the same age as your Anne and Gilbert. I needed to fully appreciate the romance and beauty of this couple’s love for each other without feeling like a disapproving mom. And I do, I truly do appreciate and love all of it, more than I can express. The final scene was so achingly beautiful and hot. Somehow it doesn’t feel wrong what they are doing even though it is incredibly risky and I can’t help feeling apprehensive about it. I don’t want Anne to get pregnant but based on this chapter I have a feeling it could happen. Revealing Ro’s middle name gave me a start and it appears they are not even trying to avoid pregnancy now. I was also struck that Anne for the first time referred to Gilbert as her husband.
I know, you are a mother too and I also know that everything you write is integral to the storyline. Nothing is uncomplicated with you, Kwak, but it’s what draws me to your stories.

I got a kick out of your re reading The Scarlet Letter and can only speculate about what made you return to the book.

On a final personal note: I’m thankful for you too Kwak !
4/25/2019 c26 Guest
I loved how Gilbert wanted to kick down the door to get to Anne and she was thinking the same thing. I can really imagine her braiding her hair because she was so nervous. My favorite part was when Gilbert was overwhelmed with love.
4/24/2019 c26 6DrinkThemIn
So many little things I caught with each read. I wasn't expecting a medical emergency but for now it seems they are off the hook. What a beautiful scene together!
4/24/2019 c26 7Formerly known as J
Thanks so much for this truly delicious birthday gift, kwaky. you know I devoured every last morsel. Wishing you the very happiest of birthdays today, darling. :)

In one of my recent reviews, I commented on how there is never a dull moment in this story, and this action-packed chapter reinforces that, kwaks. At first, I thought Gilbert and Anne were in more trouble than I expected for their tryst under the oak tree, until I realised what had happened to Martin when they got home. I loved Gilbert fearlessly answering the questions one more time, even though it's nine the next morning. There's something about tired Gilbert and his steely determination that gets me hot under the collar every time.

And your details, kwaky, how do you think of them all? That Ro's middle name is Joy brought a tear to my eye, Swan lovingly stroking his moustache, the description of Anne with grass stains at the knee, and Gilbert with no collar and an oak leaf still in his hair. Rrrrrr, that was a good one!

But you know it was that scene when Gilbert woke up in Anne's bed that truly got to me. I thought him falling asleep with the smell of her in his nostrils was going to be my favourite in this chapter, but then Gilbert studying the items in her room, wondering if he'll ever work her out. Argh! So good, kwaky, I LOVED it! And what happens next, well, I have no words left, and I feel like I'd just be repeating myself if I said all I can do is bow down to the master. Again. That picture of them curled up together on her little bed afterwards, with Gilbert's tears cooling on her neck. Wow!

Favourite line: She need only shift her leg an inch...
So hot, kwaks, you are the best.
4/24/2019 c26 Cynthia
‚Because writing about the 19th century all the time puts limits on my imagination and I'd like the chance to break free.‘ (Last of the Windy Willow Love Letters) Who says that there are limits when writing about 19th Century-Anne? Not for Kathrine-with-a-K. I love this story too, feel strangely at peace with it and I‘ll follow wherever you‘re taking us...
4/22/2019 c25 wow
The beauty of your love scenes is not just that they're hot - because they totally are - but because they are also so messy, sticky and real. And the emotions..there are so many lines that get me but especially Gilbert remembering his father's words and realising that what they are doing *is* right because everything has come together, just like he said. Also this: "Sometimes in a frenzy like a wild and pounding sea, then deliciously slow like a frothy wave licking at their toes." "to leave her body now would be like leaving her to drown". I wish I could quote all of it. So beautiful. Also it's hot when Gilbert completely loses control around Anne/inside Anne in this case, because he tries so hard to have control around her and it's damn hot to see him um unleashed. :0

Nooo not the pink enamel necklace! I hope he gets it back. I'm reminded of RD and how it got misplaced in that story.

Gilbert going with Anne to face Marilla because she's his wife. Him walking her to green gables just like that first fateful day. I know I'm just repeating myself here, but it's so beautiful. I can't imagine Marilla would understand that their oath means as much to them as traditional marriage does but oh well. Maybe she'll be asleep when they get back? :p
4/19/2019 c25 Guest
Another beautiful chapter. I love this story you're a great writer
4/18/2019 c25 6DrinkThemIn
Mmmm I loved it. :)
Excited to read about whats to come. Who is going to stumble upon the enamel heart? Will Anne be able to sneak in unnoticed at 1am or are the Rossi's up waiting for her? And was there conception?! I am actually kind of wanting there to be.
BUT Gilbert is half-right. My first (and definitely planned) pregnancy was quickly accomplished but my attempts at a second one are taking sooo much longer... I mean, it's fun...but the disappointment month after month is hard.
4/18/2019 c25 geekloverlz
Wow, that was beautiful. You make writing (especially erotic stuff) look so easy, so effortless - I definitely should be taking notes (and will, once this story is finished). I was particularly moved here by Gilbert wanting to cry here - I saw myself in him. Thank you! (Also, your humbleness is inspiring)
4/18/2019 c25 Guest
Just wow, Kwak! The language is beautiful and ethereal and evocative and sensual and amazing! "I feel magical and invincible and so utterly loved." Best line ever! And poor Gilbert, of course he cannot stop. While I now they should have, I really didn't want them too. But now we have to wait and worry and worst of all...face Marilla with grass stains and bits of nature in our mussed up hair. Next chapter could be very interesting indeed.
My heart breaks too for Notre Dame. I'm glad they could save what they could and that it appears that with a lot of effort and time it can be put to rights. Like all of us, the scars we bear are often what make us stronger. Happy Easter!
4/17/2019 c25 Regina56
I don’t know why, but this chapter made me feel teary. I’m a stoic person who deals with a lot of emotions at work so for you to get to me with a work of fiction says a lot.
No, you didn’t bore me with the metaphysical explanation. I knew you had a reason for writing it into the story and it’s fascinating. The eclipse had given me a sense of foreboding which has only intensified with this chapter. Besides you know what, another scene that affected me was the loss of the heart pendant. It made me think of the ring in the snow in ‘Charlottetown’. Sigh.
You are an excellent writer of erotic fiction, btw. That’s all I can say about THAT scene. Whew. You continually amaze me, Kwak, you really do.
It was fitting to pay homage to Notre Dame and I appreciated it even if I’m not French. This is heart-breaking and maybe that’s another reason why your chapter made me emotional.
My ancestors were part of the first group of Scottish Quakers to come to America in the late 1600’s to escape religious persecution.
Today, most of my family is Catholic and several members have made pilgrimages to Notre Dame. Like St. Peter’s in Rome it’s always stood as a powerful symbol of enduring faith. It hurts all of us and we grieve with France.
Thank you, Kwak.
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