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4/11/2019 c23 wow
Oh Ruby. Did she just say that she married Davy to save face? At this stage, I think the short list of people who could make Davy feel shame are his dad and Anne.

Look at our couple being all shy and spilling drinks in trembling cups. *insert heart emoji* Of course their parents are tittering at them. But would they be if they knew the true depth of Anne and Gil's relationship? John and Marilla would never guess that they are already lovers but Ro...she's pretty attuned to them, I think she'll guess it sooner or later. I'm afraid that people would put Gilbert in the Davy catergory if they found out about him and Anne, even though they are in a deeply committed and loving relationship - but that doesn't count for much in a small village in the 19th century. No one but Anne and Gilbert understand what it means when he jubilantly says she's my wife! It's so beautiful.

And those letters... how loved Anne was in that short time she got with her parents. No wonder she has such a capacity for love herself. Those descriptions of baby Anne with her tuft of hair and milk bubbles. And Bertha trying to capture all these memories for her daughter before she left her for good. And Gilbert gets it because he gets the grief and also because he gets Anne. It's so moving.

Sorry for the rambling review but as usual you have me thinking and feeling. *insert another heart emoji*
4/11/2019 c23 Regina
Wow, so Davy didn’t marry Ruby after all and he abandoned her the next day. Sure didn’t see that one coming. Why did Ruby say they were married, though? I’m completely flummoxed by this turn of events and I’m doubtful that they slept in separate hotel rooms either.
I can understand Marilla being confident of Ruby’s chastity but not Ro. She’s been privy to too many of the townspeople’s secrets to be easily fooled and I can see her in time catching on to Anne and Gilbert. Btw, when Ro walked up to Gilbert and told him “they know” I thought at first she was referring to Anne’s night with Gilbert. Whew.
If Ro does indeed find out, maybe she could recommend a more reliable method of preventing pregnancy from that book of hers.
Ok, that has been bugging me since Ch. 20 so I gotta just say it; the method the couple is using is pretty risky by today’s standards. I’m not criticizing you for writing it, Kwak, because you are giving us an accurate portrayal of what couples had to do back then to prevent pregnancy. If I recall, Gilbert even had a near miss the second time. I just can’t imagine relying on that method alone up until he finishes med school and being successful every time.

I’m glad to read that Anne is writing again and it will be interesting to see what she does with it this time around.
Now for the letters. They did throw me off a little because I was expecting the letters to be a collection of love missives between spouses but this was very different and a bit raw. You do know how to deliver emotional scenes with just the right amount of sentimentality and restraint. It’s one reason why you are my favorite fanfic writer. This truly was a terrific chapter from beginning to end.

Now I think I’ll go look up some Albanian love poems to read until your next chapter is posted.
4/10/2019 c23 Guest
I love Gil and Anne together so much! This story is lovely, please update again soon
4/9/2019 c23 7Formerly known as J
Oh wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW, kwaky. Those letters, how do you do it, they just about killed me. So, I can barely imagine what they did to Anne. Or Gilbert. I love what it says about Gilbert that he knows what it means, remembering his own family's experience with grief, and that those letters spoke to him more eloquently of Anne's feelings than anything. The darling pictures you painted of baby Anne with her mother - the tuft of hair on her head, staring at the dust motes, to the pearly milk bubble, I was just as transfixed as Gilbert picturing her. And that little white bird, argh! Sorry for babbling. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You are so good at this writing caper.

As for that delicious little scene at the beginning with all the parents watching them, it's so adorable and awkward all at the same time. I loved Gilbert holding his rattling cup and saucer too high, and their eyes never leaving each other until the coffee is spilling over and burning him. And the comment (from Ro?) about him looking like Anne was pouring moonlight - argh again! Just perfect.

You know there was heaps more I noticed and loved. I can't list everything, your chapter is just too jam-packed with delicious kwak goodness. But I hope you know how very much I adored this, and the way you can take my emotions on a roller coaster ride from happiness to despair and back to joy again in only 3000 words says everything about your unique talent as a writer. Thank you.

Favourite line: the heart that had been fluttering in his pocket now feels like it's throbbing in his throat.
Holy cr*p, you're good. I loved it! :)
4/9/2019 c23 6DrinkThemIn
Okay whaaaat?! So is Ruby dense or something? She says she's married, has a ring, can describe the person that married them. I went back and re-read that part in the previous chapter. As always, this leaves me scratching my head (and perhaps a quiet curse word to you, kwak LOL). I'm sure that there's more to discover here...and I can't wait.

Bahahahaha Gilbert's cheeks getting red at the comment. I have also been if to say, "If only you knew what I was up to last night. I swear, Mom, there were other people at the party."

I also LOVE that they consider eachother their "wife" and "husband" even before ANYTHING is official. Goodness, their family doesn't even fully know that they are's all still speculation to them.
4/8/2019 c23 AdeptatHumanError
Beautiful chapter! Thanks for the delicious insights about Anne's parents and their final days. It was so beautiful to read that I want to re-read those parts of AOTI. And how Gilbert gets the significance? Gorgeous.
4/8/2019 c23 42oz diva
You know I’m always a sucker for a Marilla scene and you did not disappoint, her keen sense of humour is still there despite her blindness. She’s still teasing all and sundry, and now I’m feeling inspired to go and bake some caraway seed rolls this afternoon. Assuming she has a keener sense of smell now she may have recognised what they were before anyone else. I commiserate with Gil. I once spilled a cup of freshly brewed coffee over my crotch at work. Damp jeans are really uncomfortable and the coffee was scorching initially.

Those letters were tragic, poor Bertha losing her husband like that and then knowing Anne will lose them both. Having the baby taken from her would have been also terrible, but otherwise Anne probably would have succumbed too. I particularly loved Anne’s pearly bubble of milk as Bertha tried to burp her - beautiful imagery.
4/8/2019 c23 Regina56
Wow Kwak,
This chapter was fantastic. I am watching a very close baseball game right now and the fact that I took my eyes off it to read this from beginning to end says a lot about how engrossed I got into the chapter.
I do need to read it again and review properly but the letters were really what made the greatest impression on me. I just love your Anne and Gilbert, I really do.
You hit a home run with this chapter. ( Sorry I couldn’t resist.)
4/8/2019 c23 3Lavinia Maxwell
Gilbert's reliazation of his and Anne's relationship is beautiful.
4/8/2019 c22 Guest
La apasionada historia de amor de Anne y Gilbert me trae aquí. :)
4/6/2019 c22 Guest
This story is so exciting. I love Mrs Blythe rushing to help Ruby thank you for writing this it’s my favorite :)
4/5/2019 c22 NotMrsRachelLynde
Poor Ruby! I do wonder now what has happened with Davy? I love the suspense you build here and how Gilbert makes his decisions because of Anne's influence on him. I loved the line about how he would have ignored Mr. Morrissey but since Anne entered his life, he knew there were no coincidences. And then you bring us full circle with pearl ring and tie it all up so nicely with that last paragraph. He is Gilbert Blythe after all :-) I just had to squee a little!
4/5/2019 c22 Guest
Poor Ruby I hope she’s ok and they find Davy. I loved the flutter in Gil’s heart when he thought of putting the necklace around Anne’s neck. I can’t wait to find out what happened to Davy
4/4/2019 c22 7Formerly known as J
It's always, always the tiny details you include that get me, kwaks. Every time. That picture of darling Gilbert jiggling the baby on his knee, trying to do some work and desperately trying NOT to think of Anne made me smile like a fool. The way you capture little May is so perfect, I can just see her chubby little hands grabbing at his pen, and then her lying on the floor engrossed in chewing on the tassels of the rug. Ro's mystery fever in the night and the black cohosh tea remedy made me smile even harder.

From that little domestic scene to Luella'a dramatic entrance and subsequent announcement. I loved the train ride to Charlottetown and the conversation with Gilbert asking his mother about the contents of her bag was just fabulous. As was your little throwaway about the man who got off the train at Philipstown with his yappy dog - your details, kwaky, even the tiny ones - so good! Along with the pitifully dishevelled picture you painted of our usually-so-glamorous Ruby sitting alone at the train station. Poor girl, I hope she's not really married to Davy, is she?

And our Gilbert plucking that little pink heart out from amongst all the other dazzling items. Not to mention his little thought bubble that his girl likely would like pearls. Sigh. That boy is a dream, I tells ya!

Favourite line: gaudy beads and necklaces hanging like lost forgotten dreams.
To die for!

Most of all, I love the pace of this story. There is never a dull moment, and even when our pair have just consummated their love, I still never know what is going to happen next, and I love it!
4/4/2019 c22 wow
Oh no Ruby did a Lydia Bennet and eloped with the cad! I feel like I say this every time about Davy - violence is wrong, etc but he really deserves a punch in the face!

Ro clutching her bag reminded me of Anne and her carpet bag in AoGG.

"And Gilbert is finding out that being a man means not going along with everyone else, but showing them where you stand."

What a great line. That whole conversation between Ro and Gilbert was so good. Gil can't help but be a scientist anymore than Ro can help being a healer.

Yay the pink enamel heart necklace! I love seeing that pop up in every universe.

The last paragraph killed me. There's just something about the way you write Gilbert's love for Anne, in all your stories. It gives me an ache. And I mean that as a compliment.
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