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11/1/2019 c41 2uwontfeelathing
I have read this all three times now. You are an INCREDIBLE storyteller and I love your words and images and the direction you take the characters and your sexy bits and I basically just want to be your best friend. Thank you for this. Thank you.
10/8/2019 c27 Albion
I’ve enjoyed every thing about this , Anne and Gilbert together are so right I’ve always loved Anne’s house of dreams and although this is different it emphasises there togetherness.
Two very passionate people I’ve always thought they could have a physical relationship before they were married and your interpretation of this is so sensual
This has to be one of my favourite Anne and Gilbert stories love it
10/6/2019 c41 Guest
Lovely ending! This whole story is so great and amazing - sensual, sexy and perfect. Gorgeous scene at the beach and we got to learn all the kids names. Can't wait for your next stories to come out :)
10/6/2019 c41 Astrakelly
I finally finished this story, no idea why it took so long but anyway, this story was sweet and sexy and really very cool
9/29/2019 c41 Jupiter II
I don't usually leave reviews but I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this gorgeous story. The love these two have for each other is so beautiful and I love that even in your Anotherlea universe Anne and Gilbert still have seven children. :) Thank you for writing this. I love it!
9/26/2019 c1 Guest
This was wonderful! Absolutely love it. Gilbert loves Anne constantly and their family is adorable. Seven kids. Wow!
9/25/2019 c41 astrid
I have loved this story from the beginning. The way you write takes me on a journey back to Anne’s time and I love how original this is- and also Anotherlea. Your made me love Gilbert even more. You are the best writer on FanFiction and I hope you come back soon with your new story. Thank you. :)
9/23/2019 c41 Regina
Ok, I’m back and I have to say your ending was positively brilliant! The story began with Gilbert and Anne writing in the snow and to have them come full circle with the words in the sand was very clever.
I’m guessing Anne is 29 yrs now and to be expecting her 7th child at that age is just un imaginable to me. I have 8 siblings but my mom was 26 when she had her 1st. I know, things were different then and young folks grew up faster. However, it was nice to see Anne and Gilbert retain their playfulness with each other even within sight of Aunt Jen who still seems pretty with it. Adorbs.

So Gilbert is a botanist! I for one am glad you didn’t stick to canon. As we grow our experiences widen, our priorities change and new opportunities arise. My own son announced to us when we visited him on parents’ weekend at school that he was changing his major and pledging a fraternity. Sigh. Oh well, it could be worse. At least he isn’t dropping out and driving around the countryside in an RV with a pregnant girl. (Just kidding. I loved that and only wish I had a glimpse of their life on the road before the baby arrived but that would be a story unto itself. ) I also have thoughts on the labor and delivery but I have to get going. I do love how you think outside the box, Kwak.


9/22/2019 c41 Un-Petit-Papillon
Absolutely beautiful story! I’m not one for words myself but I’ve binge read both this and anothlea today and they’re both perfect!
9/20/2019 c41 1Melbel1
This story definitely took me away from canon. It really stands on its own with just the edges of the canon characters. Truly unique.
9/19/2019 c41 Guest
I love this so sorry to see it ending but I’ll wait for you next romantic story.
9/19/2019 c41 Guest
Nespe’s story about the white bird and the medicine tree made me think of that little white bird Gil keeps seeing everywhere. I really love this chapter and I think you wrapped everything up so nicely. Now I’m looking forward to your next story it sounds so good!
9/18/2019 c41 Regina
Ok, I said my piece about the children’s names which apparently I needed to get off my chest.

This week has been sooo busy for me and I’m getting ready to visit my baby at his college this weekend as well but I really wanted to express some of my thoughts to you about this chapter. I’m never too busy to read something from Kwak, that’s for sure.

What a journey it’s been and I can’t believe it’s now over!
I have so very much to say about this fantastic chapter but for the moment I will talk about Dora and what a shocking surprise that was! It sure took the heat off Anne and was it a lucky break to have Marilla’s attention averted. I vividly recall how in Anotherlea Dora caught Anne and Gilbert making out on the caravan steps and admonished them because they weren’t engaged. ( It was one of my favorite chapters.) It’s funny that in just a few months she was doing the very same thing!
This is why I try not to be judgey in real life and says things like “my child would never...”
It will always come back to bite you in the butt.
Now to the caravan; I do recall Anne expressing her desire to live in one in your previous story but never predicted it would actually happen in this one.
I will confess now that my final prediction here was that Anne and Gilbert would live in Bolingbroke in her parents vacant home with Mrs. Tom helping out with the baby and while Gil finished school. Yup, that’s what I thought but once again you fooled me.
It’s interesting that you are planning a story about Anne and Mrs. Tom in Bolingbroke and it sounds like a great concept. I can’t wait to read that and your collaboration with FNAJ as you’ve been tantalizing us with this next story.

I’ll have more to say in the near future about the rest of this chapter as there is so much to comment on!
9/18/2019 c41 6DrinkThemIn
Hi Kwak! I've been delinquent but only due to busyness. I was on the island and before it, in preparation, I was in a mad rush to get out my chapter. Oh yes, lots has changed over the summer - I've been taking a whack at this writing business. I can't boast greatness as you can, but it's words put together in a readable way.

I LOVED the last two chapters. Their little caravan - aw! Nowadays it'd be featured on Tiny Living. So adorable and ugh, Gilbert was just too sweet. And the baby coming. :) :)

The ending did feel a tiny bit rushed but I am so glad you gave us the glimpse into the future. All of their babies in the Glen. It came to a nice full circle even without a Dr Blythe.

Excited to read your collab with FKAJ and your other story. I have a one-shot where Anne remains an orphan in Kingsport - for now it will stay a one-shot but I haven't taken it off of the shelf completely. You will likely get to yours before I do - so if it's too close to my imaginings I will leave it and let the pro handle it!

Glad to see you back - hope your renos look great!
9/18/2019 c41 Guest
The last two chapters are definitely worth the wait. You really tied up all the loose ends, even some I’d forgotten about! Like I didn’t think Dora would be pregnant. That final bit when it’s ten years later was a fun way to finish. I really liked to read about their family.
Thank you for coming back and finishing this story for us and I really hope you’re gonna come back to FanFiction someday. But even if you don’t, then thanks for all your wonderful stories here. :)
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