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3/12/2019 c18 Guest
"I'm enjoying this lusty, earthy story, so full of passion, heart, and adventure."

That's exactly how I feel about this story. I wish I was better at reviewing.
3/12/2019 c18 5LizzyEastwood
Wow! I picked hell of a time to fall behind! But gosh those last three chapters were so so good! You moved the story along so unexpectedly that I am still slightly shocked, though in the best way possible of course. I love what you've done for Fred. You've given him purpose and drive and a new focus and if the Barry's have to feel some slight regret then all the better I say! So good for him! My spidey-sense was tingling all the entire time with Davy and Gilbert. I appreciated that Gilbert was wary too. He listened to his gut and it paid off. Davy, Davy, Davy... talk about entitled... that's the word that just screams at me when I read him in these chapters. He has imagined this bond with Anne based on some shared life experience and thinks that substitutes for actually knowing her. Big mistake! I loved the stark contrast with Gilbert knowing Davy is treading on thin ice with Anne and Davy just keeps going head long into nonsense. I loved that Anne didn't even flinch she just let him have it. perfect! But i was doing some serious swooning at Gilbert's declaration, all the more because it was so unexpected (which it shouldn't have been given his long-standing feelings) but that's what made it more special. And I have to say the reference to the place inside him that light didn't reach... holy moly that got me. The whole thing was beautiful. So raw and wonderful and full of all that delicious emotion and romance. Anne's reaction was... perfect. Loved it! Great work! Some of your best!
3/12/2019 c18 Regina56
Bless you Kwak for not wanting to leave your readers hanging.
Because I so thoroughly devoured Anotherlea I’m not ready to condemn Davy just yet for his actions here. I remember how he saved those sailors lives at peril to his own and then gave the reward money to his father and sister which was then used to save Green Gables.
He is only 18 years old (I think?) and he’s right when he says he’s not ready for marriage. Considering the company he’s keeping no wonder his mind is in the gutter. I’m not defending his behavior but I still want to give the guy some benefit and do hope he straightens out.
I’ve told you before that I love how your characters are so multi-dimensional. No one is completely bad or a saint either. That’s how I see Davy.
This chapter made it clear to me why your Anne and Gil are my favorite in Fanfiction.
I love how these two came together so naturally and that it was Anne who made the first move for a more intimate relationship. There are no games being played between these two and they are so open and honest with each other.
It is also how I knew my own husband was The One. He was the first guy that I was able to be completely and utterly myself with and that was a huge relief. In other relationships I felt like I was playing a role that was expected of me.
Boys like Davy are sometimes necessary to make us appreciate the nice guys and it’s obvious that Anne does. I’m eager for what’s next in this story and I don’t care about Banjo Lady so much anymore.

Kwak, thousands of American readers, really? That makes my heart sing because you deserve it and I hope it gives you the encouragement to keep writing these gorgeous stories.
Btw: my state, which is also a commonwealth, does not have an official language.
3/12/2019 c18 7Formerly known as J
You already know YOU are the reason I created an account on this website in the first place, kwaky. Long before I ever thought of writing here myself I was a massive kwak fangirl, and when you write chapters like this, I'm reminded of exactly why I was so excited back then. This chapter was brim full of the pure kwak genius that I love. Your writing is sublime of course, but it's your understanding of Maud's characters and how they tick that never fails to blow me away.

I know this Davy is a little older than the one we first meet in AoA, but this version is exactly how I imagine Davy could have turned out without the steadying influences of Marilla and Anne at Green Gables to steer him in the right direction. Poor Davy, he doesn't even know when he's stepped over the line with Anne (I loved the contrast of Gilbert knowing just by the tone of her voice). I suppose at least he knows his own limitations by asking Anne to talk to Ruby for him, but suggesting he could 'work something out' with Ruby instead - and thinking that's what Anne had done with Gilbert. Yikes!

But it was that gorgeous scene at the end where your true kwak-writing skills came to the fore. How I love these two when you write them together, and Gilbert on his knees confessing his feelings for Anne. Oh, My. God! It was wonderful! Of course he doesn't want to pretend anymore. And our darling Anne, I love her so much! And that last line. Argh! I cannot WAIT to find out what happens next.

Thanks for another quick update this time, and I'm really hoping that you'll be able to post again asap. I love this!

Fave line: Gilbert doesn't limit my dreams, he inspires them.
Also: I love you the way a man loves his wife.
3/12/2019 c18 GreenGabledGirl
Dear kwac (Katherine with a cliffhanger),

This chapter elicited a gasp of relief heard ’round the world that Anne was more concerned about Ruby’s feelings and well-being than Hurricane Davy’s manipulative machinations. Poor Gilbert, perched atop the cottage roof (Mt. Gilmore?), overhearing the conversation and becoming angrier with Davy by the minute. On the other hand, fortunate Gilbert, hearing Anne passionately defend him and their relationship to a clueless Davy.

Cut to Anne’s climb up the ladder, and Anne and Gilbert's rapid fall to earth. I'm probably one of few reviewers to insert herself into her feedback: a Mary Sue review. ;-) I will now come off as a Calamity Jane, as last Spring I actually broke my right ankle by tripping on a rug and falling. I've sprained said ankle so many times over the years that I was convinced it wasn't broken and drove home. I was in a lot of pain; was popping Tylenol like they were party nibbles and nursing the swelling with a bag of frozen peas. A friend, who's a PT, cajoled me into having the ankle x-rayed two days later, and lo, it was fractured. The upshot of my experience: neither can be certain that Anne’s ankle is fine. Mary Sue, over and out...;-) (My apologies if this paragraph was tedious.)

I adored Gilbert’s unfiltered declaration of love in the cottage and Anne’s response in kind. I'm worried about her sobbing, however. Were they only tears of joy? And I hope Gilbert can honor his promise to Anne not to throttle Davy. I want to throttle Davy. We all want to throttle Davy. ;-)

I was looking forward to A and G attending the dance, but realized how much I also love your scenes when they're alone. Knowing Anne, she’ll either hobble her way to Ruby’s or insist Gilbert take her there. Or will Gil go alone in Anne’s stead? What could possibly go wrong? ;-)

I'm enjoying this lusty, earthy story, so full of passion, heart, and adventure. I also admire how you've shaped these much-beloved characters into your own. I apologize for posting infrequent reviews; it takes me hours to organize my thoughts in a semi-cohesive manner, and I can't keep up with you.

P.S. Thank you for the shout-out to America. We are a diverse group and, at times, somewhat misunderstood. After college, I worked in NYC for several years and delighted in myriad languages spoken around me, as well as an abundance of cross-cultural cuisine and events. I’m even a walking melting pot: I have ancestors from at least seven countries. :-)
3/12/2019 c18 wow
It made me smile when Anne was flattered that Davy compared her to Marilla. I love that she talked to him in her teachers voice. Also "Gilbert Blythe doesn't limit my dreams, he inspires them." Swoon!

And speaking of swooning, the last part was just gorgeous - Gilbert on his knees, with his heart (and trousers!) split wide open and Anne's response to him.. I'm so glad Gilbert's love for Anne overrode his desire for revenge. You got to the heart of his character and his need to fix everything and the impotency he feels when he can't. . Also I hope they're staying in the cottage instead of going to the dance. ;) I don't know what's in store for Anne and Gil, but I'm so glad they're facing it together.

I'm starting to wonder if Gilbert will even go back to Redmond, unless Anne goes with him. Everyone he loves in in Avonlea.

The south island of NZ has some of the most spectacular scenery around. Must be very inspiring!
3/12/2019 c18 Cynthia
I can’t stop smiling. This chapter has made me so happy. I always keep thinking „This is my favourite chapter yet!“ and then you publish another one, and it happens all over again.
3/12/2019 c18 Aoggfan
I love love this story and this chapter was beautiful, that last scene between those two! My heart is full. Thank you for writing this. Looking forward to more!
3/11/2019 c18 3Lavinia Maxwell
Beautiful ;)
3/11/2019 c18 6DrinkThemIn
Oooof! That's a lot and I'm so happy that Gilbert spilled the beans. What a sweet little scene - and I can feel the rage towards Davy. He's so different than canon Davy that his audacity and dickhead-moves take me by surprise a bit.

Now that cliff-hanger where I HOPE you'll give us a steamy scene. It wouldn't be KWAK without it. ;) ;) But really I just have a happy sigh in my heart that things are starting to become more "out in the open" with these two.
3/11/2019 c17 Regina
Kwak! I forgot to mention Clarissa the banjo player with the long fingernails! Of course I didn’t forget her. Hope we get to meet her at the dance.
3/11/2019 c17 Regina56
Oh boy, a cliffhanger! Now, correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding is that Gilbert and Fred were planning a bogus crime to make Fred look like policeman material and win a spot on the force. Isn't that illegal also? Around here faking a crime can get you arrested so I'm glad that the two of them never did go through with it. Besides, Fred is an honorable person who down the road would have been troubled by the fact that he got into the police force through deceptive means. It all worked out in the end for him since he wasn't aware of Davy's involvement in the rulebook theft. It's strange to think that Davy had a hand in getting Fred on the force, though. i have a feeling we haven't heard the end of this little saga.
My favorite image in this chapter was of Ro napping was a sleeping May next to here. When my children were babies I had a love affair with sleep and longed for it during my waking hours so I appreciated Ro getting a little shut eye. I just don't know how mothers did it back then minus all the modern conveniences.
Kwak, how crazy is it that Dunedin, Florida comes up on your searches? It's actually further down the Gulf Coast in central Florida, in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area. It's not a big place, much smaller than your Dunedin. However, it is a laid-back, welcoming, old-timey town with the friendliest locals. It's the spring training home of the Toronto Blue Jays as I mentioned, and thousands of baseball loving Canadians descend on it in the final weeks of winter. Sounds like both Dunedin New Zealand and Dunedin, Florida are great places to live.

Looking forward to your next update!
3/11/2019 c17 Guest
I love this so much it’s my favorite story on AoGG FanFiction by far. Your writing is wonderful thank you!
3/10/2019 c17 Guest
I love this, not good at reviewing sorry!
3/10/2019 c17 variedfield
So glad Gilbert said all that he said to the Barrys. This Blythe-Wright loyalty is amazing and I love reading about the two.

And oh boy-I was really liking Gilbert and Davy getting along but it seems like the kid's about to blow it.
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