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9/13/2019 c40 Regina56
So I did get a chance to read this chapter uninterrupted today and I quite enjoyed it. I picked up on the references to Anotherlea such as Gilbert coming across Anne in the asleep in the meadow as well as her desire to live in a caravan. I loved that!
Annes's musings about her pregnancy felt real to me and I do wonder how people will react to her pregnancy when it comes out. I haven't a clue how this will turn out but I'm eager to find out. I thought Anne would return to journalism but I did not foresee at all that Ro would be the beneficiary of her writing.

There's something about this story that appeals to me but I can't quite put my finger on why. For some reason I found myself sometimes thinking of a current Broadway musical that I recently saw as I read your story. When I watched the musical your story would occasionally pop in my head. It's strange because the plots are very different but maybe it's the dark undertones beneath the sunny exterior that are always lurking in the musical much like in Gilead.
This last scene with Gilbert and Davy are a reflection of that, and even though I know all will end well with Anne and Gilbert, I can't help but regret the death of Margaret. Why was she peddling flowers and pies on the street while her father ran the haberdashery? Her fate just seemed so sad to me. (This is the last time I will mention Margaret.)

Wonderful chapter and it did not disappoint at all. Thank you truly for giving your precious time to this story and I do look forward to more of your writing.

(btw- I loved the musical!)
9/13/2019 c40 Regina
Welcome back, Kwak!
I scanned this chapter and it is delicious. I can’t wait to digest it thoroughly and really savor it.
Like you, I have a lot on my plate at the moment and I can’t do a proper review when I’m rushed and distracted, but I will review for sure, I haven’t missed one yet.
I’m excited for what you have in store for us in the coming months because it’s always a thrill when your name pops up in my email no matter what it is.
9/13/2019 c40 7Formerly known as J
Well, thanks for this lovely long chapter to tuck into, kwaks. I had almost forgotten the excitement that comes from that happy little sound that says there's a new chapter posted for Gilead. I can't thank you enough for this delicious update AND the promise of another chapter AND and epilogue! I'm in heaven knowing that it's not quite finished yet. Yaay! :)

I adored how effortlessly you brought us up to date, with the story Anne gave Oliver and Ro's subsequent renown as a result of it. And Blythe's Best Balm! The most gorgeously perfect alliterative name for Gilbert's plain old wart cream (if you ask Fred). I LOVE it! I was adoring Fred Wright putting in the sandstone step for his girl, and thrilling that she will come when he asks now. That boy is Gorgeous with a capital G! And there was something about Gilbert patting the old caravan that made my heart skip a little beat. I could just see it, a poor neglected rusty old thing with the paint blisters not appealing to anyone else, but him remembering Anne in it and how she loved it. Sigh.

But it was that amazing picture you painted of Anne asleep in the meadow that truly made me smile and say 'ah, yes, kwak is BACK'. Only you could paint such a glorious picture of Anne in so few words, and only Gilbert would know that it's exactly where she belongs. Argh! Then I loved him saying hello to their little pearl (no need for a heart necklace - argh!), ripping off his shirt and wondering why he was going back to school. He's got me wondering the same thing. How can he leave her now? And that little white bird! This (bearded) Gilbert is by far my fave that you've created. He's simply delicious.

Sorry for rambling on, and you know I've got PLENTY more to say, but let me just list a few highlights. Gilbert dancing with Rubes while Herb gives them the stink eye. Paul Irving looking at Ro from across the room. John not playing any slow songs while he was there. Davy lurking at Green Gables and then our Gilbert stepping aside, refusing to save him this time and asking him to leave. I can't WAIT to find out what happens next.

Suffice it to say, I was beyond thrilled to read this, and can't wait for the finale to come. I'm gonna miss them all, too. I'm so humbled and proud to be writing an original story with a writer as talented as you, and I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your inspirational kwak genius. And a fresh NEW tale? Ohh la la!

Fave line: the scruffy and the scrofulous.
Also: her corset open like a book. Rrrrrrrr!
And then: The answer is like a balm. Only kwak could hark right back to her very first chapter so masterfully. Divine!
9/12/2019 c40 Guest
SQUEEEEEEEEEE! I’m so happy that you’re back! I’m in love with all your stories! Thank you :D
9/12/2019 c40 1Melbel1
Worth the wait!
9/9/2019 c1 LucindeMoon
Glad to see you back! I can't wait for the denouement of this fabulous story!
9/5/2019 c1 Guest
Hi kwak! I'm glad you're okay, take all the time you need.
9/4/2019 c39 Regina
I don’t know Kwak, something told me to check your site and there you are. Good luck with everything you have going on. Wow. I don’t mind the delay but it’s always nice to hear from you.

Love you right back.
9/4/2019 c1 22katherine-with-a-k
Hello lovely people.
I realise it's been two months since I posted and I am very sorry about it. I had hoped to finish Gilead before I went away for two weeks in July, as there was no possibility of writing during that time away. When I came back I hoped to finish, but the modest renovation we were undertaking turned into a much bigger project. Most of my house has been taken apart, and trying to manage that and my work and running a home with six occupants means my writing has to take a back seat. Don't get me wrong, I am so excited to work on my house and am doing a lot of it myself (alongside G and the builders) but I can't write like this, nor do I want to. I want to finish my story on a high, not scramble something together for the sake of it.
Thanks for all your kind messages. I wish I had a better reason than I can't write in a house with missing walls and everyone crammed into two rooms, but there it is, I am a diva who has to have things just so.
I will begin the penultimate chapter (again - my youngest daughter spilled hot cocoa all over my laptop and I lost everything two weeks ago) this weekend, and plan to finish up Gilead by next week. I really hope you come along for the end of the journey.
I love you all, k
9/2/2019 c1 Guest
I know I sound like a broken record, but I really do hope you're doing okay)
8/25/2019 c21 PelirrojaBiu
Gosh, it’s ridiculous how many layers she had to wear, half of them totally unnecessary!

I love how wise and experienced they feel once that first time is over. Lovely scenes at night and at dawn, but they did create their own special world which will be very hard to leave. By the way, making one of them completely dressed and the other completely naked? Excellent move!

I worry tremendously about Anne staying at GG alone, with Davy supposedly moving to Soren’s place. Please don’t let him hurt her or anything!
8/25/2019 c20 PelirrojaBiu
You did it again, Kwak! It was stunning! Perfect in all its imperfections, honest, raw, awkward, clumsy, shy and hot, so very hot. Gilbert being the unsure one, finding his safe place in geometry. Anne seemingly taking control and power and then getting all shy when he wants to go down on her. By the way, standing ovation for that, Mr Blythe! Poor boy, worrying he will not last “forever” . Anne is brilliant, sort of knowing what she wants and what feels good and ASKING FOR IT, instead of just letting him figure it all out by himself. See, Anne, all those geometry classes were not for nought! My favourite line is, of course, about her pleasure setting him off. Brilliant work!
8/25/2019 c19 PelirrojaBiu
So many emotions in one chapter! Anne and Gil are so desperately in love! Gil saying that he sees birds everywhere reminded me of their canon wedding. The way he describes what being married to her means is drool worthy even if a bit naive (how do you wish to provide for her, mister college student) . That being said, I’m worried sick about Ruby. All she can get from Davy is STD. Poor girl just isn’t lucky, is she? This time in canon she would be dead! Davy deserves a slap on the face for the things he says in this chapter, though I don’t think it comes out of pure malicehe sees his life spiralling uncontrollably away from him and he says first things that come to his head. Implying Gilbert is in love with Ruby! Saying he’s partial to red! The audacity!

Despite the drama, I had to laugh at the girls arranging to cover for each other so that they could spend the night with their boyfriends. Some things never change!
8/25/2019 c18 PelirrojaBiu
Gosh, Davy is such a jerk, frantically trying to convince Anne that they are similar, as if that could exculpate hisis not ready to stop taking about himself just yet” is such a great line! Ruby seems to have dodged the bullet, really. Anne acts like a queen she is, that part about Gil inspiring her dreams, not limiting them was glorious.

Again, one of the biggest accomplishments of this story is the fact that you make Anne and Gil act their age. When they marry in canon (and your other stories), they are mature and accomplished, well into their twenties- I don’t project that into the characters of this story at all and that’s all because of your brilliant writing. They’re wise for their age and that comes from their experiences but at the same time they are still babies! The whole situation (and I guess we are entering the M-rated territory) feels like a ticking bomb, and I for one can’t wait to see the havoc they are going to create together!
8/24/2019 c17 PelirrojaBiu
Ooooh, the plot thickens! Oh, the cottage’s infamous roof, such a pivotal place for this story! Onto the next chapter!
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