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7/14/2019 c39 23katherine-with-a-k
Hello to anyone who might think to look for me here. I'm sorry, I hadn't realised just how much time has passed. Me and the kids are away at the moment because a new kitchen is being put in, and we are staying with family. I had hoped to write here, but various illnesses (the serious and the winter sort) a funeral, family returning from overseas, and other stuff, have made it impossible. I don't expect to be able to write for at least another week. It happens sometime, I'm just sorry it happened when this story was so close to completion.
I love you all, kwak xxx
7/14/2019 c1 Guest
Hope you're doing okay!
7/13/2019 c39 astrid
Wow I didn’t expect Diana and Fred to get married like that! It was sweet that Di went straight to his bedside. Will we find out more about Ruby and Herbert?
7/12/2019 c39 Guest
I love this! Please update again soon!
7/11/2019 c1 Guest
I cant wait for the next chapter !
7/9/2019 c39 NotMrsRachelLynde
Ahhhhh! Fred and Di, together at last! I do love how you have flipped Fred/Di and Anne/Gil's stories around in this. And what a clever way to work Herb Spenser in here as well. I am so sad that there are only 2 more chapters to go but at the same very excited to see how everything plays out. Lovely as always!
7/8/2019 c39 Regina
Hey, I reread my comment and it sounded like I was saying I played the field in college but it was my guy friend who did, not me. In my next life I do want to be a slutty college girl but I didn’t have it in me back then.
7/7/2019 c39 Guest
Will anne visit Gilbert at Redmond)love this story)I love Ro)
7/7/2019 c39 Regina56
Mr. Spencer finally made his long awaited appearance! I recall when you dropped a hint about him in an earlier chapter I thought it was Anne he’d be attracted to but this was before her pregnancy.
Ebba Barry truly loves her daughter and isn’t the snob I thought, else she’d have embraced a marriage to a society gentleman rather than discourage it for Diana. The ending here was sublime, truly.
Celie is a sweetheart and I found myself warming up to Fred’s father. I didn’t really like him before but you’ve shown me another facet of his personality which is cool. Your a generous writer to allow me to reevaluate my opinion of a character.

I forgot all about the darker pigmentation during pregnancy! Your attention to detail still amazes me.

I won’t go into why I prefer your Davy to the canon one but I like what you’ve done with his character, even with the std.
I do have a weak spot for him and hope he’s ok, but I know what he did was horrible and there should be repercussions. I’m still trying to figure out the marriage thing with Ruby, too.

I had a good friend who was a college stud muffin and enjoyed playing the field. ( He did have a cute little ass.) However, it got him into trouble sometimes.
Probably the worst was when N was caught skinny dipping with a girl by her parents when they arrived home unexpectedly. The father took his clothes, forcing N to make his way home in the buff. He did manage to get there undetected because there was a lot of shrubbery around but the 3 blocks felt like 3 miles, he told me. “And,” N added, “I had to cross the freeway!”

N dated a steady stream of very attractive girls but still held a torch for a girlfriend back home who had tired of his bs and dumped him. When I saw a photo I was surprised that she wasn’t the goddess I’d imagined but a petite, freckled, curly haired girl. It also startled me to realize the girl looked an awful lot like me.
Stunned, I exclaimed, “That’s your type!”
N just smiled at me and said, “Always has been.”
So yeah, I do have a soft spot for bad boys.

It’s hit me how much I will miss everyone in Gilead.
I’ve always loved the spiritual ‘There is a Balm in Gilead’ and there is a balm here in your story, both literally and figuratively. ( I’m glad you didn’t change the title.)

It’s a very busy week here but I hope to get back to you soon, Kwak !
7/7/2019 c39 Guest
It was so good when Anne made Di the cup of St John's wort tea to soothe her nerves, of course she wanted to look after her - but di preferred the other kind of tea with lots of cream and sugar. That was so like them. Adam and Fred are such softies at heart! Love gilbert already obsessing over his patients. Get used to it Anne!
7/5/2019 c39 wow
"And Celie perceived that under Adam's bricklike exterior hid a of heart of wax: soft and malleable, its little wick yearning to be lit by her own pure light."

oh my gosh how do you write like this?!

I love that Ruby gets a happy ending here with Herb Spencer. I love that Ro's work is finally getting the respect it deserves. Di and Fred's bedside wedding with everyone looking on. Mrs Barry falling to her knees in thanks! Anne mentioning that a girl likes to tame a guy - well that slate smasher would know that better than anyone! ;0 And Gil's already obsessing over his patients, of course. I can't believe there's only two chapters left! This story has been an incredible adventure. I hope we get to meet the little pearl before it is over.
7/3/2019 c39 7Formerly known as J
Oops! in case you didn't already guess, that last gushing guest review was from me, darling. I didn't realise I wasn't logged in!
7/3/2019 c39 Guest
Well, kwaks, I was already a little bit in love with Adam Wright after your last chapter, but now I'm *completely* in love with him yelling 'Marry me, Miss Jubert!' at the White Sands recital. I LOVE him! And then apologising to her later in French - he's totally adorable. So, now I understand where Fred gets it from - I could just see him imagining his sweet Déesse in his feverish dreams, poor darling. And man, I could just about feel every jolt of that agonising wagon ride home - I can't imagine how hard it must've been for them all, no wonder it was so silent. Poor Adam and Celie, thinking their boy is only days away from death, it must have been like torture! I loved Adam telling it like it is straight to Ebba, too. What a man.

And our darling Diana immediately rushing back to Fred's side from the Giant's Causeway. I ADORED how you've re-written the book of revelation chapter from Maud's original and supplied us with that gorgeous reunion scene between Fred and Diana. Wow. I think this made the agony of Anne's vigil in canon that much more torturous - imagine NOT being able to go to the one you love in such circumstances? That scene was crystal clear in my mind and made my eyes go wet as I saw Di whispering to her love and mopping his brow. Then asking Mr Allan to marry them - she's gorgeous.

But it was the absolute transformation in Mrs Barry which I loved most in this chapter. How she realised her folly and fell to her knees at the prayer meeting. I do love a woman who will admit when she was wrong! What I always love most about your writing is how you can show me a character's change and make it so believable and so satisfying, so very RIGHT, it is just a dream to read. And that final line about the book of revelation - argh, you are a fricken GENIUS, girl. I loved it!

I know I should mention Anne and Gilbert, but suffice it to say I'm hoping you'll give us more of them next chapter...? Is it really the last one coming up already? I have loved this story so much from the very beginning. It's been a true privilege to read it, and I can't thank you enough for sharing your remarkable abilities with us. What you've done with Gilead makes me so excited for our hilariously spicy little story that we're writing together, and the amazing gift you have for storytelling makes me so grateful that you would even consider writing something with me. Your skill is unparalleled, and that you may tie to.

Fave line: Adam's bricklike exterior hiding a heart of wax with its wick yearning to be lit by Celie's light.
Argh! How do you dream them up, kwaky?! that one was so good!

Also: Already broken in? lol

P. S. And Herbert Spencer! I loved it! And Rubes with little May on her hip was so gorgeous. It was wonderful to know that these two have a future together in this universe. Perfect!
7/2/2019 c39 variedfield
Herbert Spencer! How very different his originally doomed meeting with Ruby Gillis is this time around.

I absolutely teared up at Diana and Fred’s long awaited reunion; it couldn’t be more perfect.
7/2/2019 c39 Guest
Fred is just like his dad when it comes to love - cute :)
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