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7/2/2019 c39 6DrinkThemIn
I love how complex you make your characters. Each one has a backstory and is so thought out. In so many ways they are your characters, even if the name happens to come from Maud.

PS - the names you've created, I LOVE. I have nothing to announce but I am shopping for names. Celie is such an awesome may be yoinked.

If you ever doubt my love for you again, Ms KWAK, I WILL send you a picture of the smug grin that crosses my face each time I get a chapter notification.
"Oooh boy, what's happening in the Gilead world this week? Take off paperwork, you're not nearly as important." #priorities
7/1/2019 c38 Guest
I love this! May is such an adorable little baby i hope you'll update soon. I need to know what's going to happen to Fred and Diana reading her book of revelation and especially what is Marilla going to say when she finds out Anne is pregnant. Please!
6/30/2019 c38 Guest
I cant wait for the next chapter !
6/27/2019 c38 GreenGabledGirl
So, Margaret passed the venereal disease to Davy, and not the other away around! I didn't see that coming, Kwak. Could it be possible, then, that Davy isn't May’s father, or did I miss something? Perhaps Davy and Margaret used each other. Despite Davy’s abhorrent actions, I feel sorry for him and Margaret.

So glad little Mayflower is back in Anne’s loving arms, but am sad that Fred paid such a dear price for confronting Davy. Now it's Ro to the rescue! I love that Mr. Wright trusts her more than the doctors who are ”practicing” medicine on his son. My late father had blood poisin
6/26/2019 c38 Guest
Am I wrong I think davvy is in love with anne that's why she didn't tell Gilbert that he kissed her hand
6/26/2019 c38 Regina56
Oh dear, I feel sad for Margaret, somehow I always knew things wouldn’t end well for her.
Will Ro will be upset by the news of Margaret’s death? I believe she will.
Ro has always struck me as a woman ahead of her time. She reminds me of the late 19th century social reformers like Jane Addams. Today, she would have become a physician and then opened a free clinic somewhere helping and educating the poor.

There was a lot to absorb in this chapter and I’m still puzzling over Davy and his supposed betrayal by Margaret. Kidnapping is a very serious offense and Ro may be the only person who can support his paternity claim.
It sounds like Ro will be kept very busy in the next chapter with everything going on.

I have a feeling Diana will be having her own Book of Revelation soon. Is that the book you’re referring too?
I mentioned once before that I enjoy how you’ve flipped the tables here with Anne and Diana.

Btw: Was giving birth on the floor of your house intentional?
I made it to the hospital just in time with my youngest who was 2 weeks early. ( Fortunately the hospital was 20 mins. away.) My husband made it in minutes before birth so my delivery coach was a male nursing student who looked like he was 14 years old. However he did a fantastic job, better than my husband I hate to admit. I didn’t have any anesthesia as I was too far along but I have to say that although it wasn’t planned that way the delivery was much easier and I recovered quicker. I didn’t even need Acetaminophen!

Looking forward to the next chapter, Kwak.
6/25/2019 c38 astrid
I love this your the best on fanfiction and my favorite story I hope Fred will be recovered soon.
6/25/2019 c38 Guest
Oh no poor Fred is Diana going to find out he's really sick? I'm happy that may is safe and i love that anne won't let her go
6/24/2019 c38 Guest
Mayflower reaching out for Anne and Gilbert made me melt. The Blythes are the only family she knows and I hope she gets to stay with them. I have to tell you how I'm looking forward to the story you and Formerly known as J are writing together. You both write really hot stories.
6/24/2019 c38 7Formerly known as J
As one of your many readers in Australia, let me say thanks to YOU, kwaky, for this gorgeous story, and for all your beautiful writing here. I love how you've constructed this story. This is so original, such a fun adventure and such a rollickingly fast and furious ride, I'm so excited to see how you finish this up! Even though I'm going to miss them all terribly when this is done. But at least I can console myself with a complete re-read once you're done.

First of all, Fred! Oooohh, Fred! I looooved him fastening the top button on his shiny new uniform and seeming ten feet tall! Of course Anne was checking his trim and manly form out and already imagining describing him to Di asap. Rrrrrrrrr! So brave, so manly, I love him! But then, Davy shoving him over at the cave and his infection. Argh! Bloody Davy, he really does just wreck everything he touches, doesn't he?

Speaking of which, I'm very glad that May is ok, despite her stay in the caves with Davy. Even though we know now that he's her dad, I was very uncomfortable about his care of her. And it seems he wasn't doing that great a job. And can I just take a moment to admire all your descriptions of her, kwaks? This was amazing as usual. I could see her little face crumpling up when she saw Anne and Gilbert. I loved her reaching her little arms out the moment she saw them, talk about tugging at the heart strings, the poor wee lamb.

But once again, it was your ending that really grabbed my attention. I think I'm a little bit in love with Adam Wright now, too. With his purposeful stride, grey hair standing up and then all decisive about taking his boy home to Ro. I'm dying to know what's gonna happen once they get back to Avonlea!

Favourite line: Wart cream's paying off I see.
6/24/2019 c38 wow
I kind of want to know that birth story now. Was it a fast labour or are you just a big Bunnings fan? ;o Hey I was born in Qld, that's why I ask the weird questions.

How did I never get the Mawsey/Morrissey connection?

Was Anne having a pregnancy hormonal reaction to Fred? And now poor Tourt is sick!Will Ro save him? I think so because Diana will be reading her book of revelation next.

I love how you set scenes. First at the cave then in the crowded street with everyone looking on.

Poor Margaret, what a sad ending for her. And Davy..that boy is such a mess, he is his own worse enemy. His refusal to take responsibility for his behaviour is very annoying. He just causes so much trouble and Anne can never completely wash her hands of him despite that and it makes me nervous even though it shouldn't, because we are near the end of the story and he surely can't cause any more trouble. Like Gilbert, I'm just so wary of him.
6/24/2019 c38 22katherine-with-a-k
Hey, I put a dropcloth down first! ;o)
6/23/2019 c38 Guest
How many chapters left? I don't want this story to end. You live such an interesting life, even giving birth on the floor!
6/23/2019 c38 6DrinkThemIn
Nooo, I love it!
6/22/2019 c37 DrinkThemIn
Well first I need to apologize. Summer is in full-swing here in Canada and so before my evenings were full of lazy time on the couch with my phone reading fanfic...and now I'm watering and planting and playing...and watching RuPaul on Netflix. So, I'm a bit distracted. Alot happened in this chapter and it took me awhile to read through and get it all in.

My boss would not be so happy to know that I do my best reading and commenting at work. LOL

There's so much floating in my brain about this. So many questions. I'm not even gonna ask them though - I'd rather just go with it. :)

Catch ya later.
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