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6/21/2019 c37 NotMrsRachelLynde
Wow, I love the drama and suspense! And the humor! The neighbor banging on the wall. Priceless. There plan is commendable and I hope they can make April to September work for them. I really thing Gilbert needs to be a doctor and she is so good for Ro. Can't wait for the next update! (And I have been keeping up, just not in my reviews unfortunately!)
6/21/2019 c37 Guest
Gil rushing into the room was so sweet and he didn’t stop until her leg hit the bedpost then the bath together I love this :)
6/20/2019 c37 Regina56
I’m so amazed at the way this is all coming together. I did wonder at times what the significance of Miss Hamilton’s nocturnal activities and Anne’s short-lived journalism career were to the story arc but now it’s becoming clear.
In the beginning of the story I imagined Anne would become a sort of Nellie Bly who’d get herself arrested and placed in the same reformatory as Margaret. She would then do an expose on reform school abuses and make a name for herself. Of course, nothing like that happened and you were continually surprising me, Kwak. There is still one more scenario that I envisioned but since I don’t want to be a spoiler on the slim chance I’m right, I’ll tell you what it is when the story is complete.
I’m still a little hazy on the whole Davy-Margaret- May situation. The affair with Ruby is a little crazy, too. I may be wrong ( as I’ve often been) but I get the feeling she is mixed up in this baby snatching somehow.

Way back as an undergrad I had some experience with at-risk children and adjudicated delinquents. It’s probably why I’ve never been able to condemn your Davy and Margaret for their behavior, not when I don’t know the details of their own upbringings. Yes, Dora turned out fine but Davy could have been affected differently by the loss of their mother. Today, Margaret’s father would be charged with abuse for kicking his pregnant daughter who is technically a minor out of the house to fend for herself.
I am curious to learn who has May and why she was snatched but I don’t even have an inkling.
True story: the young widow of the man sent to the electric chair for the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh’s baby son lived near my family and worked in the neighborhood bakery. Penniless, she moved to my town from New York after her husband’s execution and never remarried. There is a theory now that the baby was accidentally dropped when the kidnapper climbed out the nursery window but the whole affair was a huge tragedy and is still considered one of the Crimes of the Century.

I’m glad to see Anne and Gilbert rekindle their relationship and look forward to more details. Favorite line: “Give it all to me.”
Oh yeah.

Having a baby, going to school, working and keeping a house will be tough for sure and I hope we get a glimpse of their life after. Although with you Kwak, I never know what you have in store for us.

Btw: I may be very busy but so are you. I’m quite sure this story takes longer than a review ( even my lengthy ones) and I’m very happy to tag along with you!
6/20/2019 c36 A Fan
I absolutely adore your stories! Thank you so much for writing.
6/19/2019 c37 Guest
I love that Gilbert says is going to look after Anne and now they’re leaving the secret world behind
6/18/2019 c37 FKAJ
Oops! that last line was meant to say *melt* inside. But perhaps belt works just as well too? ;)
6/18/2019 c37 7Formerly known as J
You know what I love most about this story, kwaks? It's that it doesn't feel like a story at all. These characters have become so real to me and so dear to my heart that as I read, it feels like all the action is really happening. Your writing is so immersive that I can't help but feel like I'm right there in all the action and I love it!

First of all, I think you already know that I love Gilbert's middle name, but the qualifying question Anne left at the front desk was just pure Anne and so clever. That she can still outsmart all those reporters made me smile. Of course Gilbert would be the only one who'd know the answer, but the memory it evoked of what they were doing while wearing those wreaths - wow! If the poor boy wasn't already beside himself, I bet he was then! No wonder it's a slippery, frantic tangled affair after that. Their reunion was everything I hoped for and then some. I simply adore how well these two know each other.

I love how this clever pair have worked out what's happened with Davy, Margaret and I found myself feeling both sorry for poor Ruby but also a bit relieved that she hasn't really tied herself permanently to the likes of Davy. And his tattoo - yikes! This Davy is a far cry from the lovable little scamp we know in Maud's books, and I can still fully imagine him turning out like this without Marilla's firm hand - and Anne's. He still has his own kind of charm here, but he really just ruins everything, doesn't he?

My favourite line: Bath or bed?
Ohhh la la, who wouldn't belt inside at that question from our beaten up GB? I love them!
6/18/2019 c37 Guest
So much jealousy towards anne cause so many problems)first ro getting injured by Margret because she was jealous of anne then the nanny who was jealous of Anne)love this story) )hope Gilbert doesn't miss the birth of his baby because he's at college)
6/18/2019 c37 wow
aww it makes me sad that they have to leave their secret world behind. But children have a way of bringing you into reality don't they? :o

How is Gilbert going to cope being separated from Anne and the baby when he's at Redmond? He's going to miss so much.

I love that Anne and Gilbert are going adventuring to find May! I also shook my head at Davy tattooing May's name on his body (and shuddered thinking about how unhygienic tattoos would've been back then) yet ignored her this whole time. That boy is a mess. Anne's lack of bitterness, both here and in the books, always gets me. She just gets on with things, doesn't she?
6/18/2019 c37 Guest
I love that gil will stay in school but will they be able to be apart for that long
6/17/2019 c37 Guest
I don’t think you made a mistake I’m in love with this story and anne and Gilbert. Thank you for writing this beautiful story
6/17/2019 c36 GreenGabledGirl
I should have known to trust your storytelling; that all would be well for our starry-eyed, steadfast young lovers. It's just that I have such a visceral reaction to your story, and care so very much about your incarnation of Anne and Gilbert, and for little May. I feel very protective of their well-being and happiness.

Such a sweet exchange between father and son after Gilbert was released. Their mutual blubbing (a great word, Katherine!) moved me, as their bond is deep. I like the idea of John Blythe as part white knight and part grounded, loving parent. It was wonderful seeing a father’s wisdom and practical life experience come to the fore, and how his son responded to it.

I love how you bend the ages and shape the backgrounds of certain characters and weave them into the narrative in surprising ways...As in handsome attorney and Ro’s former flame, Paul Irving. Wow, their backstory explained a great deal! I particularly enjoyed how Gilbert made the connection to Paul Irving regarding the planting of the Primula Villosa, which also prompted P. Irving, Esq., to accept Anne’s case gratis. It was fun to see John go from jealousy/resentment to blithely whistling (ha!), courtesy to the discovery of a certain secretary-in-residence. (Or would that be undersecretary? ;-))

The reveal that Davy is May’s father didn't surprise me, as I never forgot about Margaret’s inexplicable hostility toward Anne, or how Ro instructed Gilbert to protect Anne immediately after Ro’s horrendous burns, which were inflicted by Margaret. (Hello, run-on sentence.)

Yes, no one is infallible-even Ro. Ooooh, time to replay Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing. ;-)
6/17/2019 c12 PelirrojaBiu
I worry about Ro looking after little May, how will she be able to part with the child once her mother is free again? Anyway, I love that John seems to be warming up to her, I’m sure he was a caring and affectionate father to his children when they were young, despite all his boasting.
Interesting that Gil has actually considered staying on in Avonlea! And I think where I come from (Poland) universities did use to consult the Almanac as the academic year always starts on October 1st! Primary and secondary school kids begin their classes on September 1st so maybe there really is something to it! Haha. Anne sure knows how to torture the poor boy, he is so smitten! Laughed so hard at the finely scrubbed floor! Poor Gil, I hope he gets better soon, he will need all the strength he can get for all that M rated action that is about to come! Can’t wait!
6/16/2019 c36 Guest
Ahhhh...this may be my favorite story. Will Fred and Di appear in the story again?
6/15/2019 c36 Regina
Kwak, I forgot to mention; the only bear I saw on my camping trip was a small dead black bear on the side of the road. I think a truck must’ve hit it.
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