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6/15/2019 c36 Regina56
I confess that I didn’t know what to make of Ch. 35 and was reluctant to review it which was a first. It seemed like new major developments happened just when I thought the story was winding down. I told myself to wait and see how Ch. 36 unfolds; hopefully the method to your madness would be revealed. My patience was indeed rewarded and it’s all coming together as you predicted.

Davy! I knew when he fled the Blythe homestead something was up. Yet Davy as May’s father seemed too obvious and Ro did firmly say that he wasn’t. Yes, the herpes virus can cause deafness to an unborn baby during the early stages of development but I took it for granted that Davy wasn’t the father even though Margaret was very possessive of him. Did Margaret reveal who the father was and if not, why would she protect him? What caused Ro to have an epiphany about Davy? What motivated him to flee after overhearing Gilbert’s parents and why would he want to snatch May? Was he scoping out Uncle Dave’s house when he spied Anne and company? Did he recognize Gilbert’s blanket and deliberately leave it behind? I can go and on with my questions but I’ll stop now.

As always, your characterizations are the best. In other fanfics John Blythe is usually portrayed as the strong silent type but I like what you’ve done with him here. He has flaws for sure, but he’s very real, which you know is important to me.
And I do love your Paul Irving in this story. I’ll admit that I’m more of a PI girl than a JB one. (My pre-med college roommate on the other hand, was totally into the JB type.) Yeah, there is something very sexy about the brawny, rugged, outdoorsy guy and I did date one once. That’s how I found myself in the Pennsylvania wilderness with a guy who kept a loaded revolver in our sleeping quarters. It was in case a bear tried to break in but also to carry if he needed to escort me to the latrine during the night. (HIS idea. Each night I’d lie awake while my brain played the “How bad do I have to pee?” game with my bladder.) It was still a valuable experience and I got stuff out of my system but at the end of the day I‘d much rather be with a man like my husband who escorts me to the ballet without complaining that it will diminish his manhood. ( Eye roll.)

I certainly won’t mind if you give us some more Paul Irving!

It looks like Anne and Gilbert will be together again soon but it will be a bittersweet reunion if May isn’t found. So many loose ends to tie up and I can’t wait to read how you do it.

Congratulations on your 30,000 views! It’s only the beginning, Kwak. Only the beginning.
6/14/2019 c36 7Formerly known as J
Even though it's a tense time at the beginning, kwaks, I did smirk at the constable making himself scarce because of a man who looks like he could break a truncheon in two. Another golden opening moment. My goodness, as if I wasn't already a little bit in love with John Blythe, the way you described how upset he was at the state of Gilbert was just perfect. And didn't I love that he would come for his boy! I can't get over how poor Gilbert must be feeling - locked up for twenty four hours, not knowing what's happened to Anne and their little pearl, argh, it must've been torture for everyone! I love how you can always reduce even the manliest of men to tears without me ever thinking them weak or woosey, it only ever makes me love them more. I loved it!

More than anything I loved Paul Irving returning to save the day when the primula "bloomed"! There was something about him being all tall and dapper in his top hat that I liked very much. YOU know, kwaky. I also loved his stately home - complete with, ahem, live in secretary, it seems..?! go Paul! ;) No wonder John's mood became quite chipper after that. I adored him being all jelly of Paul, both now and back when Paul came after Lottie died. I wonder if you're going to show us Ro and Paul together in this story, or if I'll just have to imagine it? I love how your writing can make me see scenes that you haven't even written! And I simply ADORED John getting all dressed up so he'd look nice for Ro, what a man! Rrrrrrrrr!

But then the bombshell at the end! I don't know what shocked me most, that Ro could have made a mistake or that Davy really is May's father! Wow, that was unexpected.

My favourite wasn't a line, but John regretting how he'd sent Paul away when they were mourning little Lottie. I love it that he could admit he was wrong, and I especially adored that Gilbert thought it was the most words he'd heard his father say together. My oh my, I do love these two big burly Blythe men. :)

Can't wait for the next chapter. Now, tell me more about these thirty dollar ponies...
6/14/2019 c36 Guest
I love john and Gil together and Gilbert is desperate to get to anne
6/14/2019 c36 astrid
As handsome as a thirty dollar pony! So Davy really is Mays father? Does that mean he’s taken her? How did he know where they were?
6/14/2019 c36 Guest
holding his grandchild
6/14/2019 c36 Guest
I've don't know how much I liked John because of his attitude to Anne but I've changed my mind. He really loves his son)them crying together really got me. It's tough love but its love.)Hope we see him holding his this story)
6/13/2019 c36 wow
Another twist! So did Davy take May? Did he follow them to the glen? If he did take May then he's responsible for the hell Anne's been through. Not to advocate violence, but Davy needs a good slap. And so Miss Hackthorne is nothing more than a regular lovesick pillow sniffer after all. I can't believe that Jen and Dave told the police that Anne had violent tendencies! Geez.

Thank you for all the beautiful father-son scenes. I love Mr tree-trunk-thighs getting all insecure over his love rival! I love Gilbert realising his dad is human - I vividly recall the moment I realised that the first time with my mum. I love the way you have reimagined Paul and I love that he described Anne as a lively one. Ha!
6/13/2019 c36 Guest
Yay for Paul Irving!
6/12/2019 c36 Guest
I’m so glad they’re both out now. I hope gil gets to see Anne soon! Who has taken May? I hope they find her too!
6/12/2019 c35 geekloverlz
Dear Kwak, sorry it's been so long. I was finally able to catch up with your story. Here are some random thoughts on chapters 30 to 35:
I knew she was pregnant! I knew it.
Very nice to include sign language. I'm a linguist and although sign language is not my specialty it does give us valuable insights on our general linguistic abilities. Sign languages are natural languages just like spoken languages.
I also like seeing how you test Gilbert's loyalties. This reminds me of Gilbert's storyline with Bash in Anne with an E (although it's not as dramatic on the show). Of course, your Anotherlea/Gilead Anne is much more outspoken than older canon-Anne, just as her AwaE counterpart.
Oh, maaaan! "Do you know me now?" You made me blush!
My heart broke for Anne at the end of the last chapter but I'm hoping you won't make us suffer too long (you usually don't)
Bisou bisou!
6/12/2019 c35 Regina56
Wasn’t sure I could do this review on time but I made it. Loved your greeting to your Mexican readers particularly since I’m planning a trip to Cancun at the moment. Beautiful country with the friendliest people.
I was surprised at how May could be snatched away in a secluded area without anyone noticing, but that’s probably because I’m a neurotic mom. When I’ve gone camping in the past my biggest fears in the wilderness were serial killers, bears and Lyme disease (in that order.)
I was taken aback by the events in this chapter but I’m curious to see where it is going.
6/12/2019 c35 Guest
in the words of Davy from the books, I want to know! actually I need to know. Need to know that everyone is all right. update soon as you can:)
6/11/2019 c35 wow
Bloody hell! Please tell me that Anne, the little pearl and May are all going to be okay! And Gilbert taking another beating! How do you always manage to surprise us with where this story is going?! The synopsis for this story is Anne and Gilbert breaking all the rules - I feel like society is punishing them for that? For giving into their impulses? Am I barking up the wrong tree here? I'm so glad Gil had the presence of mind to protect Sark and Claudine.

So has this all been concocted by crazy ass Miss Hackthorne? Jen's not involved too is she?
6/11/2019 c35 NotMrsRachelLynde
My goodness, Anne and Gil do not have much luck these days! You had me sitting on the edge of my seat and of course now I am anxious to see what happens and know for certain that May is okay. Wow, they have had quite an intriguing few days. I bet John Blythe might be questioning his decision to send Gilbert away now. There is so much left to unravel. I love it!
6/10/2019 c35 GreenGabledGirl
That last guest review was mine. I was so distraught I didn't realize I wasn't logged in.
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