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10h c9 4Alucard
1/18 c3 M1stymix
Afaik Naruto is scared of ghost so this part was really underwhelming and the story so far feels llke insert a more mature Harry in the story making the plot feel so dull. I hope you add something more that can make this fic more interesting and something that can set it apart from the other insert the more mature harry stories
I noticed that in the first year of Hogwarts you said Nathaniel (Naruto) was 12 and that you aged him up while in this chapter the start of the second year you still have him at age 12 when his birthday was during the summer and he should be 13 and in the first chapter you said Nathaniel and Harry were both 2 years old when Voldemort attacked now you're saying they were 1 you should fix that
1/10 c2 Savageverse
You always start you're stories the same and that needs to stop
1/9 c9 Kells
This is coming along nicely. Reading this story had gotten me into watching the movies and all I can say is you are doing a great job really can't wait for the next chapter keep it up can't wait to see how this end.
12/31/2021 c4 6Inv0ke
Quidditch is a waste of time for him when he could use it to practice
12/31/2021 c2 Inv0ke
bella could be forced via a blood contract and her magic constantly fighting it drove her mad
12/30/2021 c9 4Alucard
Looking forward to more
12/28/2021 c9 Guest
i have a story request if you want it a naruto percy jackson story based of saitouzumaki's achilles a good fic if you ask me so if you've got the time give it a read and i hope you enjoy it
12/26/2021 c9 Guest
Great chapter,hope to read another one soon. Happy holidays writer.
12/23/2021 c1 Saruto4ever
Heyo buddy I am reviewing this from chapter 1 and gotta say you got some extremely good skills.
Just by reading this first chapter I can tell this will be brilliant story.
There are the things i like about your story.
1. Its realistic.
2. its not as same as canon.
3. It has additional changes like, naruto's name is nathiel and not naruto.
These skill has made this story extremely good.
12/22/2021 c9 Dylan.lucky
ESO CHINGADA MADRE por fin un nuevo capitulo cuanto lo espere
12/20/2021 c9 Masano27
Great story so far. I hope in the future you use:
Daphene Greengrass, Tracy Davis and Astoria Greengrass (normaly the nice slytherin's).

Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott and maybe a little of cedric diggory if you will kill him for more impact(hufflepuff).

Luna lovegood(ravenclaw).
Maybe a little more of the gryffindor quidditch team like.
I'm loving the story and hope for more chapter soon
12/11/2021 c9 Guest
can you give nate a grimoire
12/4/2021 c9 PLEASE READ
Maybe Naruto could charm his thunderbird to grow to normal size so he can ride it
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