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for Harry Potter and the International Triwizard Tournament

6/14 c51 1Arcfej
I thouroughly enjoyed the story so far, but this doesn't make sense. They free a bunch of death eaters, they somehow make them work for Ivan, Ivan oversteps with the unplanned attacks, but they talk at the ball like everything goes as planned. They make the eath attack like Voldemort has returned, and Cyrus dies? Is Harry stupid? Does Ivan betrayed them? Why there are death eater attacks? Why they do this at all? Do they believe Voldi directs them? Or did Ivan just let them free? There are too many gaps here. It's not the suspense of missing information where I'm eager to discover what happened and why. It's the lack of every logic and beliavability.
6/11 c57 Gawerty100
soooo... just a couple of questions id like to follow up onwhat exactly are PANDAs? Dumbledore got three of them? is this to imply that somehow he lived?

i genuinely loved this story, and honestly, Ive fallen in love with the Harry x Fleur pairing because of this.

im sending this from mobile. i hope to hear some answers and also to see more from you, amazing work. truly.
6/7 c8 DodgyReptile
Minor mistake, you mentioned the first 3 prime numbers when Harry was nervous, un dues trois. One is not a prime number, it has one factor which is one. A prime number is defined as only having 2 interger factors and is greater than one; 2, 3 and 5 are the first 3 prime numbers
5/22 c39 lukeanimelover
Imagine if voldemort didnt come back? (>u<) that would be hilarious!
5/21 c31 lukeanimelover
Thats so sad… poor luna
5/21 c25 lukeanimelover
Wait what about dumbelldore?!
5/19 c36 torchy22
I bet there is a generation that will miss the reference to AbbotCostello's "Who is on first" sketch. It is out here on the internet and for anyone who hasn't heard itgo search and listen!
5/11 c36 Guest
You keep going over the same things over and over again. Do you not keep a file to tell you what you have covered before? Also, you keep saying chest. Use the right terms, we are not 10!
5/11 c57 Guest
This is a very good story. That said, you could have said it all with just 200,000 words and it would have been just as good if not better.
5/9 c14 Guest
I don't understand why you feel the need to write absolutely everything in such monotonous detail, e.g. Salazar Slytherin's notes - it simply slows down the story to an absolute crawl and it feels like trying to read a textbook. Not to mention that your OC characters all tend to be completely unlikeable with a level of arrogance that would send any normal person in the opposite direction. I'm not saying that this story isn't well written but it's rapidly become tedious and frustrating to read.
5/8 c4 Guest
STUDY FOR 3 OWLS! 2 years of education packed into a few months.
5/5 c14 Guest
Just started this story glad you finished. Love it si far
4/30 c6 Dracul91
AlexanderBlackfyre is posting this story on webnovel.
4/25 c1 Galaleo
Yeah so i got like halfway through this and realized i hate everyone in this story. Everyone who is central to the plot are just selfish assholes. I dont like who they became or their stated motivations, and even if said motivations are just a mask they are still assholes.

This is a political intrigue turned ‘everyone and everything is only looking out for themselves’. It is the antithesis of magic, wonder, and whimsy. I can see where this story is headed and can’t stand it for one more moment.

Solid writing i just hate the story.
4/12 c1 12summer164
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