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for Harry Potter and the International Triwizard Tournament

6/5 c57 1VividImagery
this was really good. felt a little hard to believe so much was happening all in one year but I really enjoyed it. looking forward to more epilogue!
5/28 c57 csheila

Both mini epilogues told their own story.

One of their biggest enemies will be Narcisa Black. I am just saying if you wanted another epilogue
5/28 c55 csheila
Breathtakingly good battle scene.

I will have to reread to catch it all. But the magic exchanged was amazing
5/28 c54 csheila
Breaks my heart but well done. Burn him to the ground, Harry
5/27 c40 csheila
Tell Dumbles to bugger off. He’s the world’s biggest hypocrite. Sic Rita on him
5/27 c38 csheila
Damn. Good for Narcissa
5/27 c37 csheila
Sadly, Salazar was right about marriage. I learned the hard way after 16 years.

It keeps coming back to what Ivan said about taking decisive action. Harry wouldn’t be in this mess but for Dumbles covering for his lover. Then toss in his BS about saving souls.

Kill Malfoy soon
5/27 c35 csheila
He can’t win without Daphne. But he needs all three. Though Fleur’s family will stick with him
5/27 c32 csheila
Great set of chapters.

Thanks for the Luna cameo. He could use a Seer

He can only survive by marrying all three

But he needs to take care of that 7th year Slytherin
5/26 c27 csheila
These people will eat Harry alive. But the line continuation contracts are a good idea
5/26 c23 csheila
Harry has to give up on one wife. Sadly, I see Natalia wearing a red shirt ala Star Trek
5/25 c21 csheila
Someone needs to sketch a cartoon showing Baby Seeker Harry
5/25 c20 csheila
This was terrific.

Normally, I would scream adoption. But he can’t pass the bloodline magic. Or could he?
5/25 c19 csheila

He can’t be with either one. But he probably will end up with both. Grumble. One plus Daphne would work
5/25 c18 csheila
Yeah, Sluggy is a CREEP. But Harry needs him.
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