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15h c22 mumphie
I'm late to the party (of your story) and you already are finished with it. But, since I'm still in the middle of the story, I am pondering things that either will or won't be answered in later chapters. I'm wondering if Harry is still studying his wanded classes and if he is studying the rest, too. Will he be able to take up fifth year Runes? Will he be able to take more OWLS ahead of time? Will he be able to learn to trust, and is there anyone who is trustworthy? Would he be happy with any of the girls? Where is he in the rituals, and will he be able to be the Heir to Slytherin and still be himself? Hopefully all will be answered! It's intriguing and quite interesting!
17h c55 miguce
Enjoyed the read. Thank you
5/9 c11 iamshinydragonmist
rip rita
5/9 c1 mumphie
I think it is a very good beginning, because the purpose of a beginning is to get the reader to continue on. It does this marvelously! :)
5/8 c4 Aredianx
Thank God for reviews.
5/8 c3 Aredianx
See now i'm concerned. For some reason you try to argue against people claiming this is a bashing fic as if it is a bad thing. You also said that Harry will grow as a person and his views will change. I hope this does not end up with Harry forgiving them after they clearly betrayed him. Ron is a jealous prick who wishes his death, Hermione is a traitor and Sirius doesn't care about him as far as we can see. But you sound like you want people to know that in time he will accept them back like a good little puppy. I'm honestly not sure what to expect so i will check the reviews if you've done that. If you did, i will just stop wasting my time.
5/8 c55 Zavod
So my compliments on your creativity. It's tedious when authors rehash cannon. You managed to take setups and concepts we were familiar with, and turn them around, playing with our expectations.

That final battle was one of the best. kudos.

Thanks for the fun story.
5/8 c55 19EdTheBeast
This is a must read story! Very intriguing, romantic, and completely AU. I loved reading this story, I believe everyone will enjoy it!
5/6 c49 Ryuu23
I do not understand. What happened to 49 ritual? What happened to black rot around his soul? I was inattentive, but what happened to the part of the Tom's soul in his scar? I'm confused.
5/7 c31 Seigga
Had to leave a review on this absolutely wonderful story. but specifically on this chapter. I love your take on magic, and magical power. It really makes it seem like magic is more than just a tool or ability that the mages have. You make it seem like magic is truly alive in this world, and more importantly, you show how it can be a "great yet terrible thing." Love this story, and I'm so glad I found it. P.S. I happen to play D&D and have to ask, Did... did you just have Gellert Grindelwald cast Storm of Vengeance?
5/5 c55 zachariahm
This was a good story, and I really enjoyed reading it and hope to see a few epilogue chapters sometime! There were a lot of things I loved in this story. The mentors were all great, Horace and Salazar especially. The three girls were awesome, and it was great seeing a harem that actually had to work through serious relationship issues instead of all the usual fantasy of bisexual girls just as happy to get into each others knickers as they are Harry's. The dancing scenes were lovely, I'll be saying 'un, deux, trois' to myself for a few days more than likely. The cameos of Luna and Rita had me absolutely cackling. The fight scenes were quite well done, the Second Task and Voldemort fight were both great, and the Maginot Rouge was downright chilling. I will absolutely be reading anything more you write in the Harry Potter universe, well done.

That said, it wasn't without some fairly major issues that held it back from being great. The biggest one is the one I feel led to most of my problems with the story: the pacing of the story towards the ending. In most of the story, you went into great detail on just about everything. Sometimes too much frankly, even if I usually enjoyed it. Towards the end though, it was the exact opposite. Since there is a major rant incoming, the TL;DR is that there were too many vital plot points that were wrapped up in the blink of an eye in unsatisfying ways.

Now the rant, I honestly did really enjoy the story, so I've gotten fairly passionate over it. Feel free to skip or skim, this just the ravings of another idiot on the internet. We spent 7600 words just sneaking into Malfoy manor and killing Lucius, not counting everything that led up to it. In comparison, after the greatest betrayal of the entire story, the Pavlovs are wrapped up in less than four thousands words after "We have a few ideas" is said, and most of those words are spent with Harry and Ivan trading barbs. After the novel has ground into us the importance of protecting family above honor, wealth, and literally all else, I'm pretty sure more words were used describing the sexual qualities of Narcissa Malfoy than what was done to the Pavlovs. Even what little was done was backtracked to soften the blow, and this was to the side of the family that thinks Fleur is basically an abomination.

Man, the Greengrasses got really screwed in this story. I liked Daphne, but it felt like she and her father worked the hardest of anyone supporting Harry and got the least out of it. Cyrus never got to see the blood curse removed from his line (nor have we, I'm assuming it happens later) despite having been one of the only two adults to really be Harry's ally in the beginning. Daphne barely got more than a kiss, and when her father dies, she doesn't even really get to grieve because she has to fucking pull Harry out of a slump. Harry wanted Fleur to "Help me focus on something else" after seeing Maginot Rouge, but denied Daphne the same. This is after she found the Diadem by herself and was the one to help pull the other two girls into a multiple person relationship.

Alright, rant over. To end on a positive note, I again want to say that I truly did like the story. It had its ups and downs, but it kept me reading long into the night. You covered some very well traveled paths, but you kept finding new twists and turns that made them fresh and unique. I greatly enjoyed the story, and look forward to reading more from you in the future!
5/5 c55 1Sanders7201
awesome story. ty for the hard work that you put into it.
5/4 c31 CommanderSora
Jeez man, the way Luna is in the story is actually an incredible portrayal of her character in this sorta universe. She is cognizant of the canonical timeline and even thanks Harry for changing fate. Actually crazy and can’t wait to continue reading!
5/2 c31 1Firesparq
Okay, so I've been loving this story so far, but this interaction you have with Luna is everything. It's so adorably done!
4/28 c55 Guest
good sor
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