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for Harry Potter and the International Triwizard Tournament

5/9/2023 c38 maiqsmail
Oh yes, das good shit. That's what I've been waiting, finally it's not just talking and talking and talking.
5/9/2023 c35 maiqsmail
I'm glad Harry pursues Pavlova and I hope it will work out with her and Fleur.
As for a more military oriented person they're looking for, I'd like to have more Krum.
Really looking forward to Malfoy confrontation. That's the piece of action that's needed.
Fic is too slow paced currently, just ugh.
5/6/2023 c25 maiqsmail
My only gripe so far is that SOMEHOW Dumbdumb alone evaded being bound as responsible for hostages. And nobody mentioned that. It would be wild for him to become squib. Good riddance to others though.
5/6/2023 c18 maiqsmail
Very good portrayal of Slughorn. In canon, he was underwhelming, it was a joke to Slytherin, previous Head of the House is fat drunk slug, next is greasy bat.
5/5/2023 c16 maiqsmail
Rather serious mistake earlier in talk with Sirius. Impotent male cannot maintain erection to copulate. Sterile male is normal in all regards except the virility of his semen. I somehow doubt Sirius is impotent as was claimed.
5/5/2023 c11 maiqsmail
Huh, I thought it was canon that champions could not take out each other to the Ball.
5/5/2023 c10 maiqsmail
Shortly before Yule ball i place bet on some sort of short duel/scuffle with someone from Hogwarts. Malfoy or Ron Weasley Vs Harry? Let's gooo
5/4/2023 c5 maiqsmail
I've noticed an unfamiliar surname in the Great Hall fairly early, Fay? Any relation to La Fey? I'm usually fine with OC as long as it's not Hogwarts student. Please, let it be not Hogwarts student OC who's perfect in everything and an obvious self-insert and paired to Harry. That would be just crude.
A personal preference would be obvious Harry x Fleur or Nymphadora pairing.
5/3/2023 c4 maiqsmail
Hmm. What we heard last about Lord Slytherin, he had a spat with 2 other founders and sequestered himself in his study. Harry notices this study seems to be self repairing, self cleaning and his study course seems to be adapting to him and current circumstances on the fly.
Ergo: what are the chances that Lord Slytherin has done some kind of self sacrifice ritual at the end of his life to magically imbue his Chamber?
5/3/2023 c3 maiqsmail
Well, the disclaimer "my first fanfic" might as well not be there, because it feels just like that. Good so far as a first story, but ehhh. Here's hoping it gets better as also advertised.
So far dialogues feel rushed, even if Harry's almost always in solitary confinement, and the whole setup of eating books 24/7 to git gud is sus.
4/24/2023 c57 Luke MorningStar11
I loved! 3333333333333333333333333
4/22/2023 c3 1Redical Gaming
inconsistentancy here, Harry said Dumbledore was his magical guardian earlier in the story, but here he is surprised that dumbledore is his magical gardian
4/4/2023 c1 2Redrosefire123455778
Very hard story to get into.
3/29/2023 c21 im sorry but
I was very curious as to where this story was going but I honestly can't continue anymore I hoped it would get better but all of the characters are very unlikable there is not a single character I've read in the story so far that I've liked. they are all ridiculously flawed you spend way too much time explaining things that don't matter and each one of the girl options for him suck and I feel like you should definitely put that it's going to be a harem situation. All of the characters are pretty shallow and harry can't seem to make up his mind about how he's feeling and it's super angsty he hates them one moment and loves them the next they're being bashed in one chapter but being justified or just misunderstood in the next, make up your mind. you even went from Harry hating his former friends to him being excited to see and talk to them again without them apologizing like the whole first part of the story never happened then its like you remembered you bashed them and went back to him hating them again and then first it was Hermione wasn't that bad then it was she's horrible I just can't keep up with the changes. Lastly all of the females are using him and I feel like he is way too young in the story especially since you love to emphasize that he's just a child for all of this to even be happening like I thought this was gonna be more about politics or the war but opposite it turned out to be a disappointing love story if you can even call it that and the title is called the international triwizard tournament which the story is barely about at this point. This is not to say that you don't have potential or that you're not a good writer because I think that regardless of the flaws in this story that you do have potential to be a really great writer and I do think that it's commendable that you saw your story through and and completed it which is something not a lot of authors can even say. so do not stop writing people always get better with practice and more experience so please do not stop writing I think you're gonna write a really amazing story someday and you probably already have after this I'll go and check out if you have any other works
3/30/2023 c30 1Fiasco Reverie
chapter 30 needs some spelling correction. This is my second time reading this, as I am trying to ignite my own muse somewhat. I thought I should let you know.
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