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for Harry Potter and the International Triwizard Tournament

4/12 c1 12summer164
4/7 c57 garvit.bansal234
amazing, amazing, and i cannot stress this enough, bloody amazing read
every harry potter fanfic reader should read this at least once
4/4 c1 BadAZKenB
I didn't remember reading this before until I got to chapter 3. The rituals. The tedious reading of Slytherin's perfectly modern English monologs. Foolishly skipping right over the "intent needed to bind one to a contract." Right there should've been the end of his capitulation to participate in the tournament. I think I am done reading.
4/1 c35 Guest
Chapter 35 and Natalia still involved crazy! Love the story though!
4/1 c30 Guest
Perfect hopefully Natalia can disappear as a love interest!
3/31 c1 KB4RC
I always love the way Dobby is so enamored with Harry. Great chapter.
3/19 c15 lukeanimelover
Jeez Bill really making moves on a girl literally hanging off a mans shoulder? That takes balls…
3/19 c8 lukeanimelover
The fuck… this ship is so obvious and no offence to you author but I’m cringing so badly
3/18 c18 Squarekiddo
Getting to political for me, and far to realistic, its understood in real life that everyone around you wants to use you in someway, just like in this fic. but I dont really enjoy reading about it, I much prefer when he can have a friend he can trust, and we dont need chapters upon chapters of lessons to get to set conclusion.
Again, I know thats not realistic, but I dont really see why fiction needs to be realistic.

Not to say this isnt a good fic, it is, but I am getting a little bored of Harry doing literally everything wrong, literally everything, until he is told specifically how to do something. I guess I just prefer my fiction slightly more light hearted when its comes to relationships in general, I dont want to have to think about if Lily loved Harry, or not, because she is his mom, but in a story like this, Lily not liking Harry very much isnt farfetched, for all we know she and James didnt love each other and Harry was a price she paid for books and knowledge.
3/9 c7 hi
ur damn the best author ive ever read a fanfiction from
3/4 c14 likolye
So i take into consideration that Harry has had no education on history but even with zero knowledge, even being 14, only with common sense and moral values he should see all that is wrong with Pavlova's story and with them as people
2/24 c52 Lkenneally
This plot might have ruined the entire fanfic for me tbh. After all the politics and planning and everything u actually make him pull this stupid shit and he is so stupid he ends up inadvertantly killing his own fucking advisor with his plan. This is such a shit story line why tf have this. The whole book has been so well written and thought out and the ball is dropped in the last few chapters so hard with this plotline. I hope their is some twist or something that makes it make sense bc if not it sucks the book turned out this way.
2/22 c31 Lkenneally
Damn i thought it would be au and harry wasnt a horcorix bc the soul revealing charm never indicated there was an additional soul when harry used it. And u have already stated that the soul revealing spell can detect horcoixs woth the locket being detected when tested. So is he a horcoix or did he absorb the soul kind of deal and doesnt have to die but thats why he can use the sensing? If he does have a part of tom then hopefully he doesnt go canon and kill himself to get rid of it. Maybe using a ritual to seperate the soul from him. Always thought more fanfic aurthors would use the largest plot hole in harry potter to deal with it. Mainly the idea thay basalisk venom kills them and harry has venom in his veins so should have destroyed two in his second year.
2/21 c16 Lkenneally
Fuck bill. U sure as shot are not more magically powerful then harry even if he is 14. Like tf
2/21 c11 Lkenneally
Lol did he just kill rita skeeter like that wothout even knowing. Best way i have seen rita dealt with in a fanfiction ever.
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