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for Harry Potter and the International Triwizard Tournament

2/21 c10 Lkenneally
Why is he forgiving ron. He tried to steal his cloak and then bet on him dying in minutes. Fuck ron. He is being too nice about this. Hermione being forgiven eventually is fine but dont let ron just rejoin his group like nothing happened. The whole point is harry has changed not regressed back to the doormat of a human being he was.
2/14 c24 Cassandra30
Poor car!
2/12 c14 Cassandra30
Harry needs to learn Runes, Potions and Herbology.
2/10 c28 l30rusty
jeepers creepers unnecessary fluff
2/10 c26 l30rusty
ignoring the fact no one was watching over the hostages, or that there were no auros going in when they saw a huge fire or the fact youd be unconscious from the amount of injuries they had let alone magical exhaustion and the fact they didn't have anything for the crowd to view the event as it happening or the fact that they could of been flown out of the forest by cuddles and when they get back all being conscious but ignoring all those glaring issues with chapter 24 and 25 yeh it was great
2/10 c25 l30rusty
i was loveing this book then this chapter and 24 are just ruining such a great book im in two minds wether to stop reading it if its going to have more ridiculously dumb stuff like this last two chapters
2/10 c25 l30rusty
now they should definitely be f**king unconscious they've used all there magic and are majorly injured so yeh they should be unconscious for days if not into weeks
2/10 c24 l30rusty
most of them should be unconscious using all your magic would knock you out for days
2/9 c13 l30rusty
i disagree with this chapter quite unrealistic id say in how one of the events turned out
2/8 c11 l30rusty
i love the start of this chapter
2/4 c10 Grosvenor
Thick woolly socks for Dumbledore!
1/30 c18 Astramilitarum01
The story is well written but it's an absolut chore to get tru it, the amount of political drama is pretty unnecessary to be honest and the relationships are also done rather one-dimensional and strained. I really tried to get to read more chapters but since I'm Bing reading I'm just exhausted from only 18 chapters, especially as it get more and more into the political bs, full of logic errors and unrealistic assumptions.
I like the overall direction of the story but its like I'm reading a financial report for hours
1/8 c8 hpmick13
The main thing that comes to mind when I've been reading this is, wow this is tedious. A lot is like slogging through review material, then we have the boredom of multiple dances lessons.

There are a lot of occasions where either the wrong word is used or the sentence structure is muddled as well.
1/8 c33 teaman1
I like the way you presented your idea unique dial of bringing the character to lie. You keep me on the edge of my seat reading this new version of the Harry Potter. Thank you!
1/5 c25 teaman1
Love is chapter!
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