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1/2 c55 atymer
I enjoyed reading this tale very much. I appreciated the author's exploration of Harry's abrupt journey into carrying the moral consequences of his decisions in order to survive the machinations of old men who refuse to fight a war and clean up after their mistakes.
Harry's relationship(s) with friend a foe was more realistic than many fics with multiple pairings. Honestly is everyone going to get along all the time and be perfectly adorable?
By the time I got to the final confrontation I wanted to shake Harry by the neck and say, "What are you waiting for? Lava pit already!"
12/29/2023 c35 Ricky
Honestly the multi paring is so poorly done, you make the excuse of Harry neeeding multiple children to have multiple wives. Natalie is by far the least interesting romantic interest in this story and also being an OC character I find her unnecessary to the overall plot. You could have settled with a fleur and Daphne and have them bond through their realtionship with Harry instead of dragging this on. Harry should marry who he wants regardless of the circumstances, fuck politics marry for love.
12/30/2023 c11 IdolaCandrie
Was it Pettigrew? Please, tell me it was Pettigrew!
12/29/2023 c55 jurmaev
I enjoyed reading this story, a lot of unique ideas were explored, great work
12/18/2023 c1 dragonheart117
got to chap 14. was good up till after the ball. that was a good ending point. Everything after that was forced. Harry suddenly had to shift personalities from sentence to sentence to justify what the plot wanted.
it is also a story where I hate all the girls involved with him, which is quite impressive. Harem is usually a group of cutout female characters, I don't necessarily love those characters, but I don't really mind them, this story has me hating all the female love interests... The author went for political intrigue and it got mashed into the romance, which ends in a who killed the butler mystery, but instead of murder you question weather the girls actually even like harry at all or are just manipulating him, with tons of red herrings and reasons to think the answer is no regardless of proof.
It gets so bad harry apparently uses veratasium on one of the girls to see if she actually likes him, or is using him. only for the author to go nope, can be fooled.
12/12/2023 c57 Marrrrre
Nice read!
12/11/2023 c56 7thunderofdeath97
Honestly the whole multi marriage thing is pointless. The whole point of a multi pairing, is for everyone to be involved with each other. Yet that's not the case here.
12/11/2023 c55 thunderofdeath97
What was the point of all the rituals, if he was going to continue to be weak and constantly get his ass handed to him? Lol
12/11/2023 c54 thunderofdeath97
Harry already knew that Cyrus is the one who moved Hermione.

Also, Harry didn't overreact to slights, if anything, I think he underreacted. Personally I think he should be more angry at Daphne. He's a pushover this whole fic.
12/11/2023 c10 teaman1
I am on the edge of my seat taking in every word and praising the way you presented the characters. I still don’t understand why Harry, now that he an adult can’t get his apparate license?
12/11/2023 c53 thunderofdeath97
I mean by all rights James should resent his parents and Lily. He would be perfectly alright to do so.
12/10/2023 c51 thunderofdeath97
Hm. Maybe Amelia's a cougar?

Also why is Daphne suddenly blonde now? She was a brunette in earlier chapters.
12/10/2023 c47 thunderofdeath97
Yeah creating a horcrux is just, yeah. No words to describe it.
12/10/2023 c46 thunderofdeath97
You do realize, that you just proved WHY Harry and Daphne don't and shouldn't work together as a pairing,right?

Also, if married couples don't sleep together, then why even be married and live together? Seems pointless in a way.
12/10/2023 c5 teaman1
The new outlook on this story is a refreshing view, and an reality how people act and cause and effect of their action. I wish to see Rich due to all the misfortune that comes his way all because of what happened when he was a baby.. the fact that people take perception make it reality, and then expect everybody to see their viewpoint. This is something that I have been dwelling on since I started reading all the story, Harry life! I see now, a young boy, tired of being bullied, tired of people telling him what he hast to do. finally he comes to a breaking point, and this is reality he is fighting for his life. He is fighting for respect and more importantly I see in this story that he is going to grow and learn how to deal with deceit and manipulation from all the people around him. This will cause him to try to find someone that he can trust to, and believe in not only himself but others.. thank you for bringing a new view of the story! I look forward to the end. Keep up the good work. The one question I have is, I don’t understand the purpose of the dragon was it just for him to kill the dragon or what was the actual outcome of the ritual?.
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