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2/7 c5 5Halle Alexis
This is really good and I hope someday you'll continue it. I'd love to read more!
2/2/2019 c1 dixie326
I liked McSwarek right up until the time they started having an actual relationship. Sam wanted to be with her so much but once they were together he treated their relationship as if it was either one long one night stand or some sort of friends with benefits relationship. I mean really, how are you in a relationship with someone for a year and never actually tell the other person how you feel about them...I felt so bad for Andy when she mentioned that during the breakup buddies scene between her and Nick. I totally agree with you that their relationship was toxic.
12/25/2018 c5 tory72
Great chapter :)
12/16/2018 c5 Guest
Another great update. You are bringing all my McCollins feels back :)
12/16/2018 c5 Guest
Like them spending tome together as themselves. Would have liked to see a little more of the uc too; it was key to their relationship development.
12/14/2018 c4 Guest
ugh Blackburn. He was such a sleazebag.
Regarding how to proceed, I personally like a set plot story even if it's only because that way I can be reasonably sure the writer knows where the story is going. It's a bit less likely for the story to get abandoned. But my fav is when a set plot main story has prompt based chapters or one-off stories that work organically with it. It's very fan-service :) Please pick whatever way best suits you, we'll still be reading.
12/14/2018 c4 Guest
Well they are suppose to be a couple, so affection makes sense. And at some point, acting can become real . You should write the story the way you want to, will read regardless.
12/11/2018 c3 Guest
Like seeing their relationship evolve, Andy defending herself. and thanks for giving a bit of Nick's perspective
12/10/2018 c3 tory72
Awesome chapter can't wait to see where this goes :)
12/10/2018 c2 Guest
Like how they work together so effortlessly and how they actually talk and listen to each other.
12/10/2018 c1 9Doranwen
Interesting take on things. I saw McSwarek as having a ton of issues - but also being more *connected* to each other under them then they would ever be to anyone else. It doesn't mean their relationship was healthy - but that was because *they* hadn't dealt with their issues. Changing people doesn't do that, changing oneself does.

As far as Nick and Andy go, I thought they made great friends - but their relationship felt wrong to me (probably a contributing factor was I felt the way he went about the whole breakup buddy thing felt slightly pushy). Plus I didn't like Nick as a character - the backstory they gave him with Gail made me distrust him in general, and the fact that he couldn't be honest with Gail about his crush on Andy until she dragged it out of him… I couldn't see how that was any more justifiable than some of the actions Andy or Sam took that people rag on. But YMMV, so I can appreciate that people liked McCollins better than McSwarek. I just can't dismiss the first few seasons of Sam/Andy as "so toxic" that I couldn't see a path out of it - because that's what makes their story so good for me, is the way it shows people growing and changing.

So I read this first chapter, and it's pretty good (though you've got a "Collin's" when you want "Collins" and "washing" when you want "watching"), but I'll leave it to the McCollins shippers from here on. :) Glad there are still RB fans alive and well, though, even if I don't ship the same pairings!
12/10/2018 c2 Guest
Short and sweet :) Thanks for the update. I know we're seeing it from Andy's point of view but having her describe how they spend their days together you really can see why he would start falling for her.
Not being shady but I never thought Nick and Gail would last. Seemed like he thought he wanted the young fun Gail but he also wanted a mature relationship (while Gail was still stuck somewhere in the middle). it wasn't more obvious than when he made the perfect breakfast for his 'girlfriend', except it was completely wrong for Gail and perfect for Andy! lol
12/9/2018 c2 tory72
Great chapter really liking this :)
12/8/2018 c1 Guest
Really like this, I too think that the McSwarek relationship was just too toxic and Sam had just made a joke of his whole "love" confession. Like Andy, I think if he had meant what he said, he would have waited; after all he KNEW how undercover operations worked with regards to timing and disclosures. McCollins just had a natural chemistry and joy to their relationship and none of the turmoil.

Looking forward to more of this and thanks for writing it as it should have been.
12/7/2018 c1 tory72
Awesome :) really like it
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