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for A Slytherin Without Ambition

2/14/2020 c12 405aikotters
The fun thing about Iona and Ruko's characters is they are what the other could have been (or well, Yuki, because Urazoe Iona was just tired of being Iona) under different circumstances. Everyone apart until you reach for them.

Ruko's mother somehow plays more of a role here than she does in canon by existing in reference. I wonder what that says about the show XD. Anyway.

It's good that Ruko did find her place in Slytherin. It's not the typical place, and that's all right. It doesn't have to be. It just has to be hers. And it's good to see happier, nicer Slytherins in the world. We could use a few more of them.

Thanks for writing Remi!
2/14/2020 c11 aikotters
Necessary is as important as fun.

The reason to fight is also good. I think what makes Ruko a good slytherin is the potential of what she could be, not what she already is and that's the beauty of Harry Potter in the end is the choices you make and the person you become as you get older.

And this chapter does a good job at addressing all that comes into that, all that matters, all that's important to this world and to Ruko and using that is what gives Ruko strength.

And, hey, that doesn't make Iona wrong either. Just makes them both happy to battle. Nothing wrong with that.
2/14/2020 c10 aikotters
Dueling is fun Ruko! You can enjoy yourself Ruko.

The cliffhanger says otherwise, of course.

Tama is a meddling meddler andshe's right.


It's also a nice change from Tama being the manipulated one this time she's the one in the backseat driving. And now it's time for the final battle. Ideology against ideology. Nothing can possibly go wrong... oh wait.
2/14/2020 c9 aikotters
Gotta feel for poor Hitoe in the crossfire.

Everyone: FIGHT!
Ruko: no... okay you've done enough. RUKO YES.

Bloodbath, bloodbath!

Akira being the teen version of Ruko's mom fits too well and now I need that in fic. Thanks remi. thanks so much.

Tama no, it's supposed to end. What did you expect? Silly tama.

We're close to the end! How is this gonna play out?
2/14/2020 c8 aikotters
Hitoe is also best girl and therefore a danger magnet. That's just canon.

You'd think Akira would also be in 100 detentions for this much vindictive yikes. The teachers at Hogwarts are either super biased or super unobservant.

... Sounds like HP.

Kazuki being a bro seems legit. Also here's how inter-house unity works. THough everyone hating on the crew is pretty awkward and funny in its own way. It's kinda how it is considering they're themselves.

Still, interclass warfare. Welcome to how WIXOSS really works. Woop!
2/14/2020 c7 aikotters
I mean, it's Iona. It wouldn't be a threat without Yuki being like: I also wanna battle. Fight me. These kids need a dueling club.

Children be violent in these Hogwarts Houses.

I feel for Tama though. Imagine trying to make heads or tails in this convo without context. That sounds awful.

Oh look class rankings, more stuff that doesn't matter.

Don't worry Ruko you don't have to fight just to fight. That's not why you threw the blasting curse after all. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
2/14/2020 c6 aikotters

Oh goodness it's best girl! Best good girl. She's well meaning and full of justice and silly and that's the Tama we know and love. She's just Happiness in a Tama shaped box. Adorable.

Also a Hufflepuff! Of course she is where else would she go? Imagine her and Hitoe in fluffy yellow blankets by the fire chatting about homework and making a nice group of friends at bedtime. Ugh, I'm soft and I love it.

I mean, if Tama wasn't flinging useless spells or fighting, how else would we get her shouting "BATTLE" in the corridors. (On that note, does no one get in trouble for that anymore? It's a wonder!)
2/14/2020 c5 aikotters
Hanayo! There you are! I was waiting for an LRIG to show up. That's pretty silly though, polyjuice potion can be dangerous, remember the cats!

The memory charm thing is awful and I hope that student was like: expelled. That could have been god awful.

Oh the Akira/Iona stuff is very ick. When do we hear Iona's possessed or something? I feel like that's coming. The gossip mill turns regardless. makeup covers up scars. Is there much of a wizarding makeup line? I feel like Akira in this would be really good for that.

Anyway, onward!
2/14/2020 c4 aikotters
Iona you rude. I mean you're not entirely wrong but you're also rude.

I like the utter moral crisis that is just Ruko's existence. It's... entertaining. I'm also evil.

This one's a little bare but in fairness it is a transition chapter. A good one, with evil little thoughts and implications, but a transition nevertheless. Onto things outside of Ruko!
2/14/2020 c3 aikotters
Hitoe is best friend do not mess with best friend.

Ah the close knit group who goes, oh look violence for others, and unites. That is true Hogwarts. The Golden Trio had a troll, they have Akira. Hehe.

I forgot that was a fourth year spell though, good little trick! Innate magic shies away from causing hurt huh? NOT FOR YOUR FRIENDS IT DOESN'T.

I love the idea that she scares Slytherins though. I need Harry to see that and be like: oh come on. That'd be hilarious.
2/14/2020 c2 aikotters
Ah! Wandless Magic Ruko! It fits! It fits so well! I'm into it! That could be an AU of its own~

Also if Ruko canonically had interest in boys after lostorage I'd eat my hat. There is *no way* she's into that.

Yuzuki being a straightforward Slytherin is still great.

Also Ruko blasted Akira in the face I'm living. That's the perfect equivalent goodness. I'm so pleased. Do it again.
2/14/2020 c1 aikotters
Finally back to review this one.

The Slytherin Ruko is quite a fun image. Her in green and surrounded by all these ambitious people. Akira of course gets to undertone being a rude brat, but hey it wouldn't be WIXOSS without her.

And Yuzuki. If her brother isn't in Gryffindor I'll be surprised.

But don't forget Ruko, Slytherin is also the house of the clever. Cheers!

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