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for Sora and the Princess of Power

12/7/2020 c13 krystian.morales
Keep doing what you are doing My only recommendation is to give each princess that we’re on the show time with Sora oh almost forgot people on the horde too with sora if possible THINK ABOUT IT is all am I saying oh oh brainwash sora for a few chapters so he can hang out with the horde or something like that I know heartless will be too much but nobodies are a different story because they are as dangerous so you can have two big once show up cause havoc a little then get rid of them or something to show what sora and his friends deal on a daily basis focus mostly on the tv series more then kingdom hearts game that is my advice only use it when you run out of idea
For the Halloween theme mmm
adora /werewolf because carta is a cat
Glimmer witch
Bow vampire
Angella witch to match her daughter or dark angel
Entrap-mad scientist
Perfume poison ivy or a tree
Frost is sub-zero or ice Gollum
Net and spin Frankenstein husband and wife
The guards can be mummy or zombie
Also can you use one of summons if you are taking requests Stitch and the dream eater
12/6/2020 c13 LordNoobReview
Great ch as always honestly their are so many things in the ch that I loved that I can’t even begin to name them all and if I tried this review is going to be larger than the ch itself and so I’ll try (try being the word of the day) to just focus on the main points because even with that this is probably going to be a somewhat long review anyway.

Firstly I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love what you're doing with the characters really adding some extra flavor to them from Spinnererlla and Netossa to Mermista and beyond. Speaking of Mermista and her parents well I think Adora said it best “Wow, umm Yikes” indeed you know it's a good ch when your only a few sentences in and it’s getting a reaction out of you (honestly you got a good yikes out of me when I first read that line). I don’t know if Mermista’s parents will ever appear in the story or even mentioned again but dang even from the little that we do learn about them I can’t help but feel sorry for Mermista she really got a bad draw in the parents department. I mean abandoning their country and daughter the second things got rough is bad enough but also this no wonder she’s always in a salty mood. But hey at least she didn’t have to go into the sewers and was wondering how Sora’s keyblade which could literally unlock anything was going to play in the rescue mission. (Glad Sora reminded Adora about that ability seems kinda like an important power to not use when trying to break people out of an enemies stronghold). To bad Mermista’s good news was soured by her souring Sora’s shoes. That got a good laugh out of me poor Sora to his favorite pair too at least Mermista apologized and cleaned them for him. Honestly I would have just trashed them and borrow a pair until I got a cobbler to make me a new pair of giant shoes after that incident but I guess Sora really attached to those specific pair of shoes

Epic fighters with Sora vs Shadow weaver and Donald and Goofy vs Scorpia really great action and dialect in those scenes. Wow Shadow Weaver really owned that first fight. Not gonna lie I thought Sora was going to give her a beat down right in the get go (I always forget that he is very weak from the mark of master exam and isn’t anywhere near his full power yet) . I also underestimated Shadow Weaver. Sometimes I forget that she was an extremely powerful sorcerer who was even head sorcerer’s guild at one point, is currently connected to the Black Garnet, and is in second in command of the Horde. The action was great but the best part was the smack talk I always knew Shadow Weaver had power but dang Sora lost that fight twice over once in the physical fight which was a close battle and second in the verbal fight which Shadow Weaver dominated through and through. Going to be honest She rose a couple notches on my Badass scale after that battle. At least he got a good comeback in the second round. It's funny how Shadow Weaver thought that she created the Anti-Sora form and her magic may have helped to trigger it but that form is from something else entirely. We also have the Goofy and Donald vs Scorpia fight again another great fight love how even after everything she still wants to be friends with the group and even apologized for the Princess Prom incident. ( I know what she did but I can’t bring myself to be angry at her even a little). But hey at least she’s going to look into what happened to Glimmer’s father and who know maybe she will be able to inform the gang of his whereabouts or at least let Glimmer and Angella know that he is alive out there somewhere before a certain season 3 finale event happens (if it happens at all).

Poor Entrapta was wondering if she would be “killed” or not. Makes sense though not like Sora and the gang being there magically fix everything in the She-ra series some things are going to happen mostly the same way just as some things are going to be wildly different. On that note and going back to the Anti-Sora drive form loved the whole jump scare he gave to Catra. Poor poor Catra every time she tries to have a cool moment in front of Adora acting all badass and intimidating trying to play her mind games with her only for Sora to just jump in and ruin it for her making her look like a fool (he’s not even doing it on purpose too HAHAHA).I have said it before and I’ll continue saying it love the interactions between these two only Catra would hit and struggle with the monster harder once she realizes it's not a monster but Sora instead (probably wishing it was an actual deadly monster too if I were to make a guess).

Can’t wait to see what KH elements are going to start appearing in the story and how that’s going to affect the balance of power in Etheria. Will they be enemies like Heartless, Dream eaters, Maleficent or even Vanitas and his Unversed, will they work with the Horde (temporarily of course until their real goals come into play) or be a third enemy to both sides right from the get go. Or will it be friends King Mickey, Master Yen-Sid, the people of Radiant Garden and ect. Able to give hope of aid and support once they get out of Despondos (that empty pocket Dimension they're trapped in). Would at least help the group feel better about the news of Horde Prime if there was another space fairing group that was also waiting to help them fight him off (I know the KH games don’t really show space navys or armies but hey Mickey is a king of a thriving world and Radiant Garden has really built itself back up since KH 1 and 2 and they do have Gummi shops and hangers so who’s to say they can’t put a navy and miltia together). Heck in KH birth by sleep we get to see a few of the organization members were part of Radiant Gardens military though they probably were the elite guard judging from their skills. Not everyone can be as strong as Sora or Cloud after all there are always going to be a lot of basic soldiers in any army. It could even be past events explaining the relationship between the First Ones and Ancient civilizations of the KH universe Like Daybreak Town or Scala Caelum. How did these ancient and powerful civilizations react to each other? Were they friends who exchanged cultures and ideas? Were they enemies who could not see eye to eye fighting a vicious war across the universe (current theory right now they did not get along and did fight but neither side was good or bad more of a war of two sides with different ideals that could not find a compromise with each other)? Maybe they knew nothing of each other’s existence, both Civilizations rising and falling before either ever had the chance to discover each other? Who knows these future guesses are just that. Speculation on my part. They could be right, they could be wrong, they could never be answered at all. I just like to throw out theories and fan ideas on what might happen especially when it comes to the merging of two great series like these and how the idea of both of them existing in the same cannon may have led to them interacting in the past and the present. Doesn't mean you should consider what I theories and definitely doesn't mean you must do any of my ideas. It’s your story not mine. I can’t bring these two stories together like this, not even close. This is just my imagination and waiting for the next Ch to come out again I could be right or I could be wrong who knows but I can’t wait to find out what you do next.
12/4/2020 c13 19NeoNazo356
I loved the exchange that Sora and Entrapta had at the beginning, as well as Scorpia's exchanged with Donald and Goofy, so I can't help but feel that things will DEFINITELY change; least of which would likely be Entrapta NOT siding with the Horde because someone took the time to TELL her they were friends. Also, Sora's Keyblade really does make life easier, and him going Anti-Sora on Shadow Weaver was way cool and thematically apropos. As for the Alternate Scene where Mermista told Sora to lick her, that was f*cking FUNNY.
11/30/2020 c13 1TheBeatles211
This was chapter was very well done. I’m guessing since Entrapta lost her recordings on the gummi ship, she’ll be on board with helping Hordak build the portal. And I wonder if Jack Skellington will be involved in the Halloween special, since Santa came in the Christmas special. Knowing him he’ll leave jump-scare traps all over the castle. And if your doing another Christmas special, how about have it so Santa gives them something that allows them to see the Frightzone buried in coal. Or maybe have it so Catra sees a small box with her name on it, but when she opens mountains of coal start erupt out of it like a volcano. Anywho, I wish you good luck with your writing and I hope to see the next update soon. And remember to stay healthy and to stay safe.
11/29/2020 c13 LordNoobReview
actual review pending but just to toss them out

Adora- evil princess (like how she believed them to be while in the horde)

Glimmer- Witch

Bow- Robinhood (if he knows what that is otherwise Vampire)

Angella- Ghost

Spinnerella- Angel

Netossa- Devil

Entrapta- Frankenstein

Perfuma- Forest Fairy

Frosta- a Knight wielding a keyblade

Carla- horse (front half combines with Ali’s half)

Ali- horse ( back half combines with Carla’s half)
11/28/2020 c13 Guest
For the costumes
Entrapa:Mad scientist
11/25/2020 c13 Rosebud66
its been a while but am happy you are finally back to writeing this chapter was so well written also adora's little panic was funny as fuck. rip entrapta (even though we know she's not fucking dead lol)
also the alternate part at the end was funny i feel like mermista could only take so much before she explodes she should have been able to curse in cannon we were robed sadly
anywho great chapter and cant wit for the next one!
11/25/2020 c13 28Jss2141
You get a big fat dislike for pullin the same “death” crap with Entrapa.
11/25/2020 c13 kival737101
ok i wonder how this will go from canon in terms of the Friendship situation with Sora involved when they Learn Entrapda is still alive and is working with the Horde
11/25/2020 c13 6Jebest4781
This was rather great and can’t wait to see more when possible
11/25/2020 c13 Tcuisine
What are you thinking of doing? A door to Halloweentown opening up and the gang meeting Jack Skellington?
11/25/2020 c13 4LightDusk16
Another awesome chapter man! Really glad that you’re still writing this story and really looking forward to more!

As for costume ideas...yeah I’ve got nothing. More of a Kingdom Hearts fan then She-Ra so I don’t know their personality’s well enough to give ya anything. Sorry.
11/24/2020 c13 Wlyman2009
I love this group of freaks
11/24/2020 c13 Fiction Fan 369
Please oh please let this story carry over into KHIII. This story is to good to just end with the She Ra series.
11/1/2020 c12 GoldenArrow456
I really like it and makes me want to actually go watch She-Ra
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