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11/24/2020 c1 8SkyClawson89
That was so beautiful
8/18/2020 c1 Guest
I absolutely love this! I found it on Ao3 but I may as well share my thoughts here too. The reunion in S4 felt so lackluster and I love how this really goes into the aftermath and how Yugi would would feel. It’s such a sweet moment to read them just let out everything and even Yami’s thoughts on when he was taken and being reunited. Really great fic and thank you so much for writing it!
2/25/2019 c1 sakurhita
I loved
12/11/2018 c1 43Sister Of The Pharaoh
This was amazing! I always thought the reunion in that season went by way too fast. Thank you so much for this!
12/8/2018 c1 40Pharaohs Girl18
I hate that part of Season 4 so much, but I LOVE your story, very beautiful

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