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for Of Polygamous Rabbits and Monogamous Foxes: Honesty

10/19 c2 Timtj.tp
OK, I have to say it. This is a weird concept. Intriguing, but weird.
10/12 c19 44s82161
This story is great.
9/13 c1 Godly101
Great story, I hope you keep it up.
7/15 c1 Guest
Everyone plese look up fan fic author "I Luvgrace420"

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4/18 c1 1Giorgio Tsoukalos Clone
You'd think after a year and umpteenths of months that you'd take a hint and maybe stop your bs but glad to see that these reviews state otherwise.

Haven't been on this in forever and extremely sad to see someone still up to their usual nonsense. Then you changed your name thinking it'd change something x''''D

See why this website gets such a shit reputation nowadays. People who actually put in work on their stories get ignored while lil faggots like you get uneeded attention but go figure when its littered with UWU spamming mongs..
4/6 c18 9Sandsstill
Still love your freaky crap-
2/13 c17 11RememberYourDeath1347
Sorry about the degenerates below me, they are not worth listening to
12/4/2019 c16 Guest
I've watched porn with a better plot than this
8/3/2019 c1 Guest
8/3/2019 c1 Guest
I like big butts and I can not lie
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8/3/2019 c1 Guest
7/30/2019 c1 Tara Gilesbie
dunt listen to thuse prepz ur story rox! *eats a dead bird*
7/30/2019 c1 Guest
Pee pee poo poo Gangnam style
7/30/2019 c1 Guest

I was in my seance class one dat when my librul teacher mr jonson was talkin about evilusion.

"an tat is why humins came form monkees and their is no god" he said.

I razed my han.d

"yes Sara" he said.

"if humin came from monkees why r their still monks"

my teacher had no anser for that so he give me a ditention and an f on my test.

"hahaha!" he sad "you Christens wil be defeet on day! athests alreedy rule dis cuntry becuz of obama car and son all Christens will goto deaf panells!"

just then the door toteh science room opened and God walked in. he was waring a rob and had a bread like he allways does.

"mr jonson ur gong too HELL!"

"no cuz u arnt reel" mr jonson said.

"lol ur a moran" God said and he stroked mr jonson with lighting and mr jonson ded.

"yay!" said all the Christens in the class.

"boo!" said the Heatrans so God stroked all them to.

"ok now I nead too talk too Sara God said. "so everbuddy else leave."

"ok" my classmates left the room.

"Sara Osborne ive bean watching u for sum time," he sad, "this world isnt the only on I mad."

"for real" I ask.

"yea do u no about video games."

"yea I play them with my bro and Lauren" (my bro is my brother and Lauren is my BFF forever and shes a PCC (Pretty Consertative Christen) like me to)

"well they are real because when u play the nother unevirse I made"

"cool God" I hi fived God.

"ok but theres treble. Satan found out about this and now hes in Nentendo World. Only u can stop him b4 he dose evil stuff their."

"oh no."

"right this is the hardest thing u ever done even harder than ur math test last month. God thing i'm God and I can give u cool powers and stuff."

So God gave me some power and I fell to sleep. When I woke up I was outside of the Smosh Manshon!

Chapter 2: Sara Meats Charecters
Sara gose 2 the Manshan and meats the smash bruthers charecters.

First of all whats a troll? I men I think I fot sum in a game b4 but there not in my story so why did you mention them in the revew. And whats a mary sue? And my mom and dad sad that I need to spred the truth of God's word on the intranet and speak out aganst the soshalists destroying America.
Also I didnt updaty yesterday becuz my family thought that their woud be the raptor. Lauren said their woudnt and she was rite so I gess that provs who smart she is.

Chapter Text

the smash mantian was a really big hose with like a gatrillion romos an was alota stories tall I was inteminated by who big it was. Suddenly someon came. It was like a robot except a person was in it.

"hai their pretty gurl" the robot person said.

"u think im pretty" I saod.

"yea ur the hotist gurl ive ever sean."

I thought it was Mister Chef from Hallo but it wasnt but I didnt no that so I cloded my eyes an mad out with robot person but when I open them its not Mastre Cheef but SAMAS ERIN!

"hahahhaha I triked u in too thikning I was a dud but im a girl" samas said.

"why do u do these! I liek guys nit girls ima Christen!" I shooted.

"BECAUSE IMA LESBAN!" Samas said "anf im a antithesis so I want u 2 goto hell for bein gay like me."

than Samas tred too rap me she took of my shirt (I had my bra under so I wasnt tipless) adn my shirt which had pantees under it so I still wasnt nakid.

"no help!" I screemed. Lucklily Link and Math and Icke wear nearbye so they git hoarses and ran up and came b4 iy was to late.

"stop been a gay librul Samas" Icke said.

"yea wereman and your a women so lissen to us" Link said.

"but im a lesban so im a femanast and im not gonna lissen to u" Samas said. She taked of my shoes next. They were fancy hi-hells from goosepy zanaty that cast my mom $2000. butthan Marth grabed Samas with his hercule arms and through her in teh moot off the manshan.

"r u ok" he asked. He kissed my hand romanticly.

"yea sorry I mad u do that"

"its ok Samas is a librul so she hadit cumin" March said. I looked into his eyes. He was like if the looks of Jaykob and Juston Beeber were combined with the genus of Sean Hanety and Ross Limbog. Expect he had blue hare. My hare was long and bland and really petty.

"u hat libruls to" I asked.

"yea me and Link and Icke r all borne-agen Christens" Marth said.

"cool can I meat everyone els" I sad.

"ok" so I climed on Marth's hoarse and rod too the manshan and went in side. In the manshan I met other Christens like Peach and Zelda and Ton Link and Pit and Nas and Luckas and Kerby and King Deedee and the Maryo bros (Mary and Lugia) and Sonec and Sold Snape, who was Marth's father (I dont think he was Marths father ibn the gam but wouldnt it be cool if he was) and Clod Strafe and the real Master Chef (those 2 werent in smash bros for some resin but there in this). But their were also libruls like Bowser and Ganandorf and Waro and Donky Khan and Diddy and Metal Nite and Picachoo and Pacman Tranner and the other Pacmans and Wolf and Fux Mcledo and Falcon and Captan Falco (who was Samas boyfrend b4 they both turd gay from a govermint vaksine). I new I had my work cut out for me.
7/30/2019 c1 Bill Nye
Fingers in his ass
Fingers in his ass
Mrgoodytwoshoes likes
Fingers in his ass
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