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for Bat's Blood

1/9 c6 Me
Huh, so talking about politics with your younger brothers while you’re 14 is normal? Huh.
Never would have thought lmao.
1/15/2021 c11 Just me
Like you story. Hope to read more soon.
1/23/2019 c9 8AliceShotacon4Ever
Wow what a good story~~
1/22/2019 c1 95sgtwist
All of sudden, I want write a fanfic of the Bats in the caves being able to talk and stuff like that. Perhaps the batfam interacting with the bats.
1/2/2019 c8 Kyokara1827
Me encanta tu historia muchas gracias esperaré el siguiente capítulo
1/2/2019 c8 Trekkie Padawan
This is sooo good!
12/26/2018 c6 Zatannagurl
I actually like the Batfamily's conversation :D
Besides, it'll be even weirder if you guys don't have any weird discussion, Bruce. You're a family of vigilantes XD
Also, already love Jackie XD

Keep it up! Your fans are loving it!
12/19/2018 c6 4Kathihtak
This chapter feels kinds off to be honest. It doesn't seem to matter to the rest of the story and it feels like you desperately tried to give your story some sort of "deeper meaning" and you really wanted to put a Dark Knight reference in it whoch doesn't make any sense because Batman and Bane both exist in your universe.
It's weird and off topic.
12/18/2018 c6 Trekkie Padawan
This is interesting so far.
12/16/2018 c1 matthew karnis
amazing story, deserve an animated short movie
12/16/2018 c5 K
Interesting chapter.
12/15/2018 c5 10BlueJay019
In all honesty, Damian being a vampire would be awesome. Super strength, speed, stamina, and retractable teeth. Blood addiction could be solved easily with animal blood. Which means Damian is no longer a vegetarian. Scratch that, it is bad.
12/15/2018 c3 Zatannagurl
I would prefer a longer chapter with a longer waits but wouldn't mind the shorter ones.. At the end of it, it's up to your writing comforts, whichever form you're comfortable with and can keep up with:)
Keep it up! Your fans are loving it!
12/15/2018 c4 Zatannagurl
I can't wait for the next chapter! Mostly excited for what will happen next and when Damian finally have thirst for blood XD
Keep it up! Your fans are loving it!
12/14/2018 c3 4Kathihtak
I really like your story. I'm looking forward to how Damian will deal with all of this.
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