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5/31 c26 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
For todoroki and midoriya, it definitely fits this phrase- birds of a feather flock together.
Midoriya and shoto faced abuse for much their lives. Even if they didn’t recognize each other as such, they managed to identify each other as a survivor soon enough. Once shoto opened that dam- the quirk marriage conversation- Midoriya did everything he could to help, especially to break bad habits. In types of personality, they always, in one way or another, recognize each other. Shoto said it best: He is midoryia’s “Kirishima”.
5/27 c39 12Gold Testament
Ack I finally hit the end and was wanting to read more!
5/26 c33 Gold Testament
Nezu's term of Zap and Treat really struck memories for Izuku. Maybe the two might bond if they can share their previous experiences.
5/26 c8 Gold Testament
I hope you made a chapter or fic about Izuku and Nezu having a true battle of intelligence.
5/17 c39 1bluntrose15
Thanks for the update! I personally have no interest in Sir except thats hes weird and a bit scary looking, but he does have good qualities that don't do anything to make me care for him. I think the only time I did care for him was when he was dying because Mirio and Izuku were sad, thats it. Anywho, please keep up the good work!
5/15 c39 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Very cool one here.

Keep the good writing.
5/15 c39 fencer29
Nice tie in to Aizawa and Tsukauchi's work in Vigilante (if Aizawa ever did figure out Knuckleduster's previous professional name than learning about AFO may very well clarifies a few things for him).

And of course AFO is going to drop false leads just to make investigators waste their time. He probably has an entire campaign of false information laid out in his head which dictates which leads to drop in which order and how long to wait between dropping each one, all geared toward ensuring the maximum waste of time and effort by investigators. Throw them the occasional sliver of truthful but otherwise useless information now and then and they'll keep coming back for years.

Meanwhile any bets on how many times during the upcoming conversation Gran Torino will remind his former student that he is a complete idiot? Aizawa should love getting to see a side of All Might that he never would have even suspected of existing before (I don't recall him having been in the staff room when Midoriya's invitation to intern with Gran Torino arrived - otherwise I suspect that Yagi's reaction would have prompted him to look into this seemingly unremarkable old man who's mere name is enough to leave the mighty All Might quivering in fear).
5/15 c39 GarfieldJL
Okay reading through this, I found some possible issues (they might not actually be issues, but thought I'd bring them up for you to give some thought).
1. Gran Torino is a pro-hero, he likely got his pro-hero license before he met Toshinori for the first time. He is not a vigiliantee, though your inference on his dislike of paperwork is probably correct, also Toshinori might not have been aware of the fact he had his pro-hero license at the time he's referring to in the chapter.

2. If you're planning on bringing in some of the vigilantes, we still don't know if all of them survived the night in question. (Though I suppose you could say they faked the death of some of the people in question and put them in witness protection).

This is a good build-up chapter for more things down the road, I like that Eraser is being included on the initial contacts, especially in the early contact of Sir Nighteyes. If Sir Nighteyes starts bad-mouthing his student you can expect Eraser to read him the riot act. While Eraser would admit Mirio is an extremely good successor to All Might as the Symbol of Peace, he would point out that it wouldn't discount the fact that Midoriya is a worthy successor of OfA. Furthermore, Aizawa's belief that Sir Nighteye's has an analysis quirk and Midoriya's analytical abilities (though still extremely rough around the edges) are good enough that he intially was under the impression that Izuku had an analysis quirk, would perk Sir's interests. I think Sir would be more accepting of Izuku at that point, not as the successor as the Symbol of Peace, but as the Symbol of Peace's sidekick whom is better able to stand on the front lines than he was.

In canon, Sir Nighteyes did ultimately accept that Midoriya was a worthy successor, and a hero in his own right, and foresaw Mirio's return.

I do think Bakugo will need to be in subsequent meetings because he is involved, his analytical abilities are nearly as good as Midoriya's and Izuku is still growing into his powers. I think Kirishima and Todoroki will have to be in the know as well (Iida can't keep his mouth shut to save his life).
5/15 c39 18DreamingGreenHat
That was a good chapter. Refreshing, and about subjects I don't see a lot of time! I'm a little bit excited about the meeting of everyone who knows about AFO, OFA and Izuku.
5/15 c39 Rix1998
5/15 c39 5FurryCuddles37
Seeing an update to your story in my inbox brightens up my day. :)
5/14 c38 FurryCuddles37
Love it! I took a few days to read this and I love the detail you put into this. Can’t wait for more. :D
5/9 c29 FurryCuddles37
I completely agree with your view on the “tickle torture.” I had an older cousin (say two decades older). When I was younger (say starting at age 4) I didn’t even remember her name. I just called her the Tickle Monster and whenever we went over to my aunt’s house I would ask if she was visiting too so that I could hide. She thought it was all fun and games ‘cause she and her dad would tickle each other other for fun, but it would traumatize me because she wouldn’t stop when I told her to (she thought I was playing around) and I was worried that I would pee in public. I never told her that I now have a phobia of being tickled because of her. I don’t want her to feel guilty for something so long ago that she thought she was being funny with me.
5/7 c38 Gaudliness
Excellent story you have here thus far. I am excited to see where you go from here.
5/7 c37 Gaudliness
Putting this review on Ch. 37 because I already used up my comment on Chapter 38.
I really like how you punished Mirio in that Aizawa explained to him what could be done better and that his punishment fit the crime (like a contrapasso, if you will). I really hope you use this opportunity with Mirio to explore the difference in learning in school vs. real world application. The reason class 1-A has advanced so quickly is because of premature interaction with villains and dangerous situations (i.e. real world situations instead of school instruction). That implies that UA is not bridging the gap between learning in school and real world application very well (their internships must not be fulfilling their purpose).
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