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5/12 c40 shukkets
4/20 c5 PikaMew1288
To be honest, I'd LOVE to see a fic where Nedzu convinces Toshinori to reveal the Truth of One for All to Aizawa after the events of the USJ as well as telling the entire Staff about All for One to better prepare them to protect their students. Really, the only good thing that happened in the Sports Festival is Izuku befriending Shoto.
3/9 c40 FullMoonVamp98
I really love this story and would love to read more please update as soon as you can.
3/8 c38 tmntfanforever852
Well with how endeavor speads out his fire there's a huge chance he burnt innocent,villians and heros alike to ash without knowing or realizing he did so my guess is touya learnt to used his quirk from seeing his father do the same exact thing caused he had to learnt it somewhere both used it the same where and both had killed ppl with there quirk
3/7 c5 tmntfanforever852
All I have to say for aizawa is good luck do to all the quirks that ties into one for all
12/29/2021 c40 2GarfieldJL
Interesting chapter.

I have a question:
Are you going to switch over to the spellings of character names found in the Ultra Analysis Handbook? If so, "Bakugou" should be "Bakugo."

Anyways I hope everything is going okay for you and am looking forward to the next chapter.
11/12/2021 c31 LEGOBRICK13
I honestly never thought about it before but you're totally right, Midoriya really is a loose cannon just hard to notice since it always leaned on the side of good. People tend not to think about things like that in that sort of reverse thinking, I mean who would ever think a loose cannon would be a cinnamon roll like Midoriya? (sure we immediately think about how an amazing hero can become the worst villain imaginable considering all the Villain Deku stories, but subtle concepts like that are overlooked) It's exactly why things should always be looked at in both good and bad lightings in order to get a proper read on them (and why I always have such difficulty writing formal emails).

For some things all it takes is the slightest tone-shift to change the meaning of something entirely. For example: I had actually been thinking about something similar not long before reading this chapter, how songs could be warped and twisted into a something terrifying given the right context, like those deeper voice versions of songs some people upload. I had been thinking about something involving an AI appearing in MHA that chooses to fight for good (a kind of self-insert story that rebounds in my head constantly), but is constantly plagued corrupt thoughts as it was created by another AI with Ultron/Sigma tendencies, so it is capable of seeing both sides of the coin easily. It was at this point (and I'm honestly a bit startled my mind had even gone to such a creepypasta way of thinking) that I started thinking of the NerdOut song for Echo from Overwatch...and imagining a corrupt and deeper version of the song that I managed to creep myself out a bit thinking about, that I ended up having the character singing. This is all BEFORE taking into account that I've gone and edited some songs to completely synchronize a song with a deeper voice equivalent of itself and call it Ghoul-core because it sounds like some kind of straight up possession going on!
The chorus starts off like "I am AI, am AI. So be careful what you choose to do. I am AI, am AI. So if you can do it I can to", I don't think I need to elaborate how a tone and pitch shift can instantly make a line like that sound like it came from some body-snatcher horror movie.

...I got off track again didn't I? Dammit! Anyways I like the story, just found it the other day.
11/12/2021 c1 1bluntrose15
Hi again! Im just rereading the beginning and I like the idea of midoriyas new quirk
11/11/2021 c40 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Nice job, as always. Glad you updated, and cool touch about giving Nezu some solo scenes.

Keep the good writing.
11/11/2021 c40 fencer29
Gran Torino took the new rather well. It probably helped that he and Aizawa are apparently familiar with each other by reputations, even though they have never actually met. And that they share a common opinion of Toshinori (by now the poor guy must be beginning to feel that they are ganging up on him).

And while Nezu's secret training area may be a closely guarded secret, I doubt that many of the UA staff would be surprised to learn that their boss has a system of tunnels hidden inside the walls of UA for his personal use. It would certainly explain how he is able to spy on them so easily.
11/11/2021 c39 1FakeA
10/2/2021 c39 22Delphine Pryde
Two thumbs up.
9/26/2021 c10 1Jpx0999
it cannot be forced into people

BOTH parts need to be willing
9/26/2021 c6 Jpx0999
and then izuku realised his ture analitical mind and became a second nedzu
7/25/2021 c8 4greenarrow679
You know this fic, along with the recent developments in MHA, really helps pound in how fucked Izuku potentially was and should have been. The odds he was facing compared to his preparation is just completely unbalancable. bro was really walking on a razors edge the entire series...
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