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for Sometimes, Quiet is Violent

3/27/2019 c14 6Dani3434
I want everyone to know that
A. Some chapters say Katniss' First Games are 72, but they're really 74.
B. For the headings, the earlier chapters say All My Fault as the title, but that was before i changed the title.
2/5/2019 c14 HGfan
Sorry out the wrong username in earlier (AFfan). This is really good! I love finnis. Please can u write a sequel to it?!
2/5/2019 c13 AFfan
What happened to Flash from district 3? You didn’t put his training score in
2/3/2019 c14 EmberLex
I loved your story! It was so wonderful! If you start another, please PM me so I don’t miss it!
Bye for now,
2/1/2019 c13 6JustAPersonReading
I would like to see Twilight win
1/29/2019 c10 JustAPersonReading
I am thinking that snow will break the deal with Finnick. By saying like you didn’t say for how long
1/29/2019 c13 EmberLex
Ooh.. I loved the chapter!
1/19/2019 c12 1themckenziefrenzy
this was a really short chapter in my opinion, and I would love to see more. I keep getting confused honestly with this story, but definitely like the plotline you're going for. honestly, I couldn't really care less about the names of the tributes.
1/18/2019 c13 6JustAPersonReading
I thought Burton (8) said bourbon
1/18/2019 c12 EmberLex
I loved it!
1/3/2019 c10 lightinthedarkesthour
omg this is sooo good! i love this story so much! you are doing an amazing job writing and portraying the characters. i really like how you have built katniss and finnick’s relationship steadily instead of just rushing into everything. keep up the great work!
1/3/2019 c10 1MaddieTheAwesomeUnicorn17
I absolutely love this story! Please continue to post!
1/2/2019 c10 EmberLex
I loved it this is my first time reading it, and it fabulous! I love both Katniss And Finnick as characters.
1/2/2019 c3 6Dani3434
hey... I know I said I switched it to the 70th games, but I really didn't. RIP. sorry. still 74
12/28/2018 c9 5mourneroffictionaldeaths
Wow! This story is so creative! I never would have come uo with any of these ideas, and I like how you made Clove Katniss's ally. I'd never seen that before, it was cool. You really made Katniss's anger show well in this story. Good job! I finally caught up on this story, I'm glad i did. It isn't at all the typical boring story that just repeats everything in the books. It was really interesting!
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