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for Loud House Future Ideas

8/7 c1 FriendlyMegatron
Recreate the original Star Wars trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Revenge Of The Jedi) but with Loud House characters.

And don't just make it a recreation. You can poke fun at the flaws of Star Wars, and some of the fandom's issues.
8/6 c1 1tifniw-qeGky6-hehroq
I think new loud brother named Liam loud I will love that
6/29/2020 c1 Josh
1. Louder House- the Loud kids and there genderbend in the same family
2. Long Lost Loud- the loud kids learn they have a haf sibling
5/5/2020 c1 jjw
i have a request for a fanfic the request is that lola is so annoying one day that her siblings make her a bet that if she can go one day without talking they will buy her a new dress. lola takes the bet but decides to cheat by deciding to tape her mouth shut.
5/5/2020 c1 Epsilon
cabgrant is not only a Ronniecoln hater, but hates the Loud sisters and wants to see them overly cruelly punished. Well I've got just the thing that'll put those ideas in place.

The Loud sisters get punished for an entire month after an outburst occurs at a party. After a week of torture, the Loud sisters can take no more and plot on killing their parents and making it look like an accident.
12/31/2019 c1 Kerberos
I have an idea. It's called Fail Safety.

-After one of Lisa's experiments severely damages Lily's bed (Luckily Lily is out for the day), she feels that her experiments are a health hazard. So she starts prioritizing safety over science, and establishes requirements her siblings need to follow. This includes requiring her siblings to wear protective suits when in her bedroom, Limits on Luna's amps, Lana requiring gloves and boots when playing in the mud, and cutting all of Lola's dresses short just to name a few. Lisa's desire for keeping her siblings safe gradually gets more out of control, and the other siblings can no longer take it.
12/31/2019 c1 61Anthony Staffenhagen
Can I request something? Can it have OC's in it?
8/25/2019 c1 Blackwolfsirius1
Don't listen to cabgrant, he's a Ronniecoln hater. Here's mine you can have. It's "Clyde's Revenge" When Clyde escaped from prison and seeks vengeance on the Louds and Santiagos, he kidnaps Lori and Bobby's son 4 year old Robert Jr "Bobby Jr" and held him hostage, telling Lori either make leave Bobby and become his wife or he'll kill Bobby Jr. Once again, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne but this time with their six year old son Lorenzo helps to save their nephew/cousin before it's too late.
8/25/2019 c1 93SquidbaggerOfWoomyAndNgyesness
Noticed your new note chapter for the Requests story. Remember to do my request with the Normal!Sin Kids and other children.
8/3/2019 c1 9Claircrystal
Here's one Lynn Jr becomes too rough while playing with Lana resulting in her sister receiving two cracked ribs. Her parents decide she can't continue being so aggressive they send Lynn to the local finishing school on Saturday afternoons. This results in Lynn Junior becoming now mellow and deciding to give up her aggressive ways.
Or the Loud parents are when Lynn is playing hockey in the house . The hockey puck goes straight for the trophy case and breaks the glass. Lincoln and the other sisters Rush when they hear the crash and are shocked. After a few moments Lola declares she'll tell mom and dad when they get home but Lynn angrily shoves her against a wall and threatens to punch her remaining teeth out if she tells their parents. Luna tells Lynn to release Lola then Lynn begs her siblings to cover for her but Lori firmly says no
Yeah dude you're on your own Luna tells her. Lynn has no choice tell the parents who tells her she has to pay for the damaged trophy case with her allowance and by working at the restaurant on Friday nights and for 4 hours on Saturdays.
Just don't do any of the Lincoln and Ronnie Anne ideas since they weren't even boyfriend and girlfriend in canon
7/12/2019 c1 SuperMarioFan88
Here’s another request cause I can.

Ronnie Anne’s Striptease

Plot: Basically, Lincoln goes to visit Ronnie Anne for a sleepover (without Lori, because she is sick, and Rita drives Lincoln) and he notices for the first time how hot she looks. Ronnie Anne seems to figure out what Lincoln is thinking about, and she decides to seduce him before kissing him on the lips, much to Lincoln’s shock and glee. Ronnie Anne then slowly takes off her clothes, starting with her shoes and socks, followed by her hoodie, shorts, and tank top, until she is left in her purple bra and panties. She takes her underwear off and lets Lincoln touch her breasts. The two share another kiss before Maria calls them both for dinner. Ronnie Anne gets dressed and she and Lincoln have dinner with her family, and that night, Lincoln and Ronnie sleep together naked.
7/11/2019 c1 Blackfox
Here's mine you can have. It's an alternate ending of No Such Luck AU called "Lincoln's New Life" Rita divorces Lynn Sr for making Lincoln sleep outside and locking him out after she feels very guilty for doing it to her own baby boy and regrets it immediately because she was forced and finally stood up for Lincoln and leaves the house and takes Lincoln, Leni and all their younger sisters (Lily, Lisa, Lana, Lola and Lucy) with her and meets a man when Rita reveals that he's Lincoln's real father and marries him after they moved in with. The Louds (Lynn Sr, Lori, Luan, Lynn and Luna) were heartbroken and devastated, will they get their family back? Will they learn their mistakes? When if Lynn vows to get revenge Lincoln because she believed he's the reason her parents to separate and tore their family apart. By the way, Lincoln's real father's name is Aaron and he greatly resembles Lincoln. What's cool, that Aaron has wolfdogs as his family pets
7/11/2019 c1 Guest
Here's my story. I called it "Lincoln Loud meets Logan" I hope you like it and part of the Request House story, When Lincoln married Ronnie Anne and they're expecting triplets soon, they meet a 4 year old Logan. Logan told Lincoln that he is his father and Lincoln learns that his mother was his ex-girlfriend Cristina had died in a car accident. Will Logan like his father and stepmother and their new family or he will hate him for leaving him and his mother? How will Lincoln learn to get to know his son with Ronnie Anne's help
7/11/2019 c1 Guest
I got mine you can have. It's called "Nurse Ronnie Anne" Lincoln gets very ill and his girlfriend Ronnie Anne decides to take care of him and acts as his nurse. It's base off Julex93 from Deviantart. Not as a tsundere. I think Ronnie Anne is a perfect one, after her mother Maria Santiago works as a nurse. It has lemon, you can do whatever you like with it
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