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for Fleur Delacour and the Precious Leetle Boy

10/12/2023 c8 ArtemGSA
Cool psyco story.
4/15/2023 c1 3The Sussy Baka
Original author here on a new account. Check out my new work if you liked what you read here.
8/7/2022 c4 Guest
Tu 86t85f
4/15/2020 c3 Guest
6/29/2019 c7 2DylanL
I was kinda hoping for a plot twist where harry was just acting like fleur did and the voldemort piece corrupted him and in the end right as she went to actually claim her prize he struck and showed her who was truly in charge and what he was capable of
6/29/2019 c3 DylanL
I think meant october 31st not august 31st since there wouldnt be anyone inthe great hall prior to september first
2/12/2019 c1 Senseo
Yo can you release the smut version on aoe3?
1/11/2019 c1 User Gone000
He uploaded one to ArchiveOfOurOwn, it’s since been deleted. I’ll message and ask him to post it.
1/7/2019 c8 Guest
Is there a version with the smut scenes included?
1/7/2019 c8 Guest
Is there a version with the smut scenes?
1/6/2019 c2 Delete This Trash

It’s complete. But I wish for someone to expand it into a full yandere novel.
12/21/2018 c8 Guest
why did ice drop this?
12/11/2018 c1 Delete This Trash
Message me if you wish to turn this into a full fledged fanfic.

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