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for The Summons of Sarek

9/24/2019 c2 Debbie Hicks
3. Chapter 3.
the young priestess found Ana sick who made a AVampiric beline to the bathroom retched noises exploded then Tested her gentle stroke Ana Yes Iam a High Mster Ana you are pregnant the Mother hd blessed you for double trouble twins Marac Aiten stop that groan Lucas Ana is with child oh no Hwrre they come then Ana was sobbing praying to Gaea the spirirt of Mother Earth Sang by dancing using her Song and dance in Vulcan to her kids she was Blessed but te Gods/Goddeses made her a Mother a Matratrich Husband Iam Pregnant SJ Fainted he was going to be a Father both Amadana news man yiour stations Spoke Junior is mated going to have a son and daughter twins Gre-grandmother Vulcan had news of double heirs Sis she is Cursed her son will have superstrength of Hercules yikes my rib broke uh oh Mary Anne here This is no normal one she's Blessed by God again they were Implanted Young man you are the father of your children We will be godparents in due time three little ones will be with their grandpa bugging him asleep with two will be under the tree studying like brainiacs oh no Sir! he's standing Greetings got sick but Vomited morning sickness Spock yes yu arre his son the planet Vulcan had news you ok Faintd Solok I am going to be a Fath very soon she is unwell Dawn how yiu do that the Clan way she is pregnant with twins are rare these names are perfect Hello Dad a group undercover with priestesses yikes Reldai Lucas was formal it's Ana sick she looked very sick her own face and sunken gaunt cheeks like who Isabella Cullen suffered a Vampire hybrid one she will drink Blood daily gasp like her yes Oh my god Ana you have to do it to drink blood like her Momma mia oh no not that yes then a Healer-priestess named T'Voris tested her then a noise then Aiten had a power to tactic project herself like Reneesme Carlie Cullen then her brother Had godly strength of Hercules gasp what she touched me High Master they have Vampire but Ichor blood Ana you are pregnant it has grown abnormally The Acolytes horrified of the one now Newspapers Announced a Hybrid one like the from Twilight Breaking Dawn T'Vas young man yes you pray but meditate but spoke like a priest me no way Jose Called Dad on the telephone What this held a counsel for women a book one nicknames please Bree and Diego they were young Vampires from who yikes Victoria's army then now it was out her kids were growing far too large Dawn she is with child yes Hello Sarek brace yourself Ana is going to have not so human gifted children what their blood is supernatural oh no they were guarding her What young man yes whew it that voices he held ou his own hands watch the weapon he was calm but used no weapons was peaceful he's acting like Surak has skills of a leader me oh god Dear gulp Name Talok Lucas yes Don't let Joanna's son imprint on her like Jake Black um' Do you know Quileutes are descended from Wolves they were in horror of Werewolves were Giant horse sized Muscular spirit warriors in Wolf form that kill Vampires now it had begun for her a Twilight Breaking Dawn baby shower presided by Dawn Read Spier boy Aunt thee kids wee growin' faster than normal Meet my kitten oh he's adorable he's tiny bigger we gave you a kitten That it's a Book themed Baby shower and counsel meeting for both meet Tigger my kitten he's tiny but bigger but loves to get into trouble he is very hungry Oy girl it's my nose and brought Gorwon heel boy a Dog a Saint Bernard puppy oh no bred American Shorthair how smart Aiten is uh oh twins yres it is coming look drank blood like her.
12/29/2018 c2 8mtcbones
very nice story
12/14/2018 c1 14Beyondtoday
The serpent of Debbie Hicks, an anonymous reviewer strikes again. Too bad you haven't got enough things in life to keep you busy. Perhaps you need to find a new purpose in life. I feel nothing but sadness for you.

12/10/2018 c2 18cphillygirl
Very good. A nice family story. I hope Ana will carry full term.

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