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12/1 c88 G-star
For guest below
I don't know about the others. But Shanon can communicate with psyche type pokemon. Heck, she was even able to speak directly into Mew Two's mind without permission even if by accident. Also read the story 'Ordinary Researcher' written by Banix-san if you want to know. I think Jayce might as well awaken this power. Because the dark type pokemon belongs to the mind art trio.
11/19 c89 Guest
Can't say I'm happy with how Velda keeps getting special treatment. How come she's the only one who can project her thoughts with her ability? I mean there is Shannon but she's a psychic so she doesn't count. Imagine how this would benefit the others like Skye who'd be able to do rescue missions much easier or Nova who'd be able to command her pokemon even when they're underground or Jayce whi wouldn't need to rely on hand signals anymore.
11/19 c84 Guest
Calling it now looker and the mysterious strangers are time travellers who knew of vera from the future
11/14 c88 Morli
Is the leader Velda? Now that's interesting, having two Velda in the same timeline. And looks like she fully become ghost specialist huh. I guess that's reasonable because when she lives that long, most of her original pokemon will die of old age, except ghost. So it's no brainer she fully convert into ghost specialist to accompany her in her long live
11/11 c89 krentaurus
Why do I feel that this is Velda that time traveled into the past and became immortal.
11/6 c89 Guest
No seriously this story is getting out of hand tbh.

Another even shadier organization who's stronger and has masterballs now?

Yeah... no I'm slowly losing interest, your OC is even getting either off her original tangent and becoming a monotonous/repetitive drone even if she's getting spunky recently.

You need to finish this story soon or branch off if you're going to pull this stunts because it seems like you should've just made another story based off "the tarot" first like you did for your OC character origins before you decided to combine it
11/6 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/u/15367020/DefunctStoreKing



www dot fanfiction dot net/u/15367020/DefunctStoreKing

11/6 c89 mikitenshidevil
well now i know who's after it i suppose. definitely interested in learning more about tarot and what they're for. i don't know if it would be easier for a new story to be written just for them
11/6 c88 mikitenshidevil
damn breeding volcaronas crazy but sure to bring in money. shes thinking like a business woman already
11/5 c89 Jims
Nice chapter, can't wait for the next one.

Also to the guest below, Tarot has already been introduced a few chapters back on this story, and it's also been introduced way back in Rocket's Exterminator. You know that the author's 7 pokemon stories are connected, right? Hell, Jayce himself is a part of Tarot.
11/5 c85 Guest
Great story so far, glad you came back but you really need to slow down or stop adding another layer to thr endless rabbit hole.

Hopefully this "tarot" group is the last hurdle because even before we knew Vera was going to meet tougher and stronger people but suddenly adding this mysterious organization that's 20x stronger than most people?

Yeah that's kind of bringing this story down, we could speculate that most of these people are also reincarnators and etc... but you keep adding more and more shader organizations and people.

I'm worried you're going way over your head and you're going stop/run out of ideas/don't know how to end this story so you'll just ghost us again like the majority of popular pokemon fanfics on here after 1k reviews
11/5 c89 Guest
Hm, does High Priestess have Volcanion? Her pokemon are all fire types, and volcanion could create steam according to his dex entries.
11/5 c89 Hong-Meirin
Not gonna lie, I am so lost right now
11/5 c89 AyameKitsune
Epic! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
11/5 c89 League OTP
Is Fool a ghost type ability holder like Vel? Or maybe she IS Vel that has travelled through time?
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