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6/13 c1 superbeyreviews
The idea of pokemon not being confined to regions is bad seeing as how it doesn't even work like that in the real world for example the introduction of an invasive species is more than dangerous for the native inhabitants and can and will have adverse effects on humans. To add on top of that Regions are akin to countries if not continents in their own right meaning there are different terrains so ofc they don't need to migrate to a whole other country or continent even to survive. Also, the utter fear of Legendaries is a little bit bland at least give the mc a little bit of back-bone considering she has information abt the world that could be considered if utilized correctly a superpower that grants omniscience.
6/12 c22 colewoodbury
I'm not a big fan of President Lucas. but you have to give him props. I mean he threatened the champion of hoenn. I kind of see where he's coming from though he's just trying to protect his home although I don't agree with the way he went about it.
6/5 c58 Guest
Maybe Jayce can take greninja and spiritomb as part of his team, that would be great.
6/4 c58 Guest
I am waiting g for new two too figure out that the ones he is meeting are also reincarnated souls like Jace. Lol he will bug them with his quotes of Shakespeare lol
6/4 c58 arispuffer
Today was an awesome day :X,

Lots of update, thank you so much for even updating, gosh
6/4 c58 SebatadeS
I was worried things would get boring after the War, but this is really fun to read. Great chapter!
6/4 c58 kakaroto10000
very nice
6/4 c58 nemo9000
I love it
6/4 c58 Blaze2121
My boi has been saved now it’s all up to fate if he lives which I’m hoping for still waiting for mewtwo to sing let go with him and other things as punishment for worrying him.
6/4 c58 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
liked the raid to save the double agent nice going writing it
good to see the mc did not play the hero and followed the plan to the letter
6/4 c58 Guest
Hell fucking yeah
6/4 c58 ryyaikki
YAHOOOO! Loved the chapter! Awesome Grimsley! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
6/3 c56 duckie288
damn so many questions finally answered and looker is really that guy huh
5/28 c57 Guest
I’m loving this story, the bonds with gym leaders, funny moments with her brother and Pokémon. Their strength, teamwork, and the battle detail are awesome to vision as I keep reading on. Even when I start over. Curiously enough I wonder what will be the next Pokémon to join the team after this event. It’ll be interesting twist if Dunsparce joins and even evolve into dunseraph from Pokémon uranium, just a option. Can’t wait for the next chapters, thank you!
5/28 c1 Arslan Kusainov
it would be fun oc code geass
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