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11/26 c31 16devonm0
Sounds like Team Flare. I was thinking Team Galactic too, but Giratina stops them in their endgame.
11/10 c2 Guest
I have to say the ch2 is... hard to read, I'm struggling to continue and lose interest fast despite ch1 make me hype for this story. I just skip a lot of Roxanne backstory as it's not really important, I'm hoping this is not a trend with each gym the mc will battle and the gym leader get their backstory told to you.
11/4 c110 Guest
Uhh chapter 111 is not loading for me
11/3 c2 link2999
Having a little trouble reading due to grammar issues. It’s not that bad and is just bad enough that I haven’t dropped the story yet, but it can be frustrating. Author is having trouble with two major grammar problems which are verb tense and plural vs singular nouns. As a heads up to the author, the word “pokemon” can be considered both a singular and plural noun. It should never be “pokemons”.
10/31 c1 Voidicus
10/23 c111 Ripica
Thanks for the chapter. I really like Velda as a character.
10/17 c69 Guest
Skipped 90% of this. Vile disgusting trash. Im out. Even the ‘oh script with added lines from some irrelevant’MC’ who only addes in extra lines, sometimes spouts the same thins as the original MC, or takes over a MC’s lines’ is better than this. And it takes a lot for me to say this. Up till the end of the kanto ark? Decent. Beyond that? Stop reading. Its vile and repulsive, unless child torture and abuse is your thing, in which case, kindly fuck of and decompose in your filthy, shit stained grave.
10/17 c68 Guest
Yeah, finished this chap… disgusting. Filthy. Vile. Abominable. I cant find a word to express my sheer revulsion to this chapter. It is beyond disgusting. Atrocious. Repulsive, filled with c*nts and human trash that deserves to be exposed to the most harsh, excruciating, soul rending torture for eternity, smashed into oblivion then reformed to only experience pain. It utterly disgusts me. Im dropping this. You had my interest, then you dismantled it in the worst way you possibly could. You took something with potential, made it into a diary, then made it into a sort of book, removed the interesting bits, then decided to do something 10000X worse than the cruisio curse to it. Congrats. You turned something potentially great into a vile abomination that should be revulsed for eternity. Kid enslavement? Fuck you.
10/17 c68 Guest
‘Child sold, and there is nothing i can do’… errrrr…. Who tool your brain away? What the actual f***? Are you disabled? Were your brains slammed with half a stadium? YOU HAVE FUCKING GHOSTS. Get a fucking brain and track the c*nt. of all the things i hate, child manipulation is near, if not at the top. You went down this route, and made your mc FUCKING RETARDED. This is on you. She has the experience and tools that she has used before in a far more taxing and ‘opps I forgot’ environment. This is calm. Yet you screwed over your mc because what, you want to add tension? Excitement? All you added was a black mark. If you are going to make such an situation, make it so the obvious solutions you have previously created are unavailable, otherwise you look like a hateful twat.
10/17 c1 streiff.manuel
i stoppt reading on frontier. chapter 35 or so. its just stupid. an island full of elite trainers and many near elite 4 trainers cant deal with a few bombs. stupid stupid they now apocalipse is coming and they are too dumm to forsee an attack on the opening of frontier. fuck of what porygon didnt overkill by messaging everybody you dumm bitch shut up. sorry im a bit angry thats why i write a comment. was good until it lasted. its not for me. i dont like it when you write a character competent but make him lose it all for this shit. battles are great character where also good. feel free to read it its good just not for me.
10/16 c10 Terracotta Tortilla
Damn, so our MC gets hit by railroading plot. I knew that there had to be a reason you made them frail and sickly, didn't realise it'd be so you could make them bedridden mid-gym challenge though.
10/16 c111 demissedwaifu
Daaamn, 3 chapters and FF isn't working, good thing that I checked out since I know you update frequently, I'm kinda glad the unova/pwl is over atm, this chapter had some twists I wasn't expecting, I loved it, thanks for updating!, hope they fix this error soon
10/16 c8 Terracotta Tortilla
Watching our disabled MC yell at Flannery for not installing a wheelchair ramp was funny.
10/15 c25 Guest
Ite, as of this this chap, we are at the big old tourney. You are missing the most important thing from 95% of the fights. The cometary and the crowds. 60% of what nakes a strong protagonist interesting is the reactions. And i dont see any reactions. Only 1. I hope this changes. Also, mc needs to interact with other trainers. This at times also feels like a review. Just going over things she did without much attention paid to it. ‘Oh, i went shopping and then went to the pokemon centre where i slept for 3 hours and had a nightmare. Oh, yes, i also ate a cheeseburger’ like we need some more depth. Human interaction outside of 8 gym leaders, some family, and 2 champions. Its just so… plain. Not sure how else to describe it.
10/15 c111 Soft Scratch
That kind of emoting would be seen as pretty cringe a lot in today’s media, but in a Pokémon world I can easily see how it would be normal. Pokémon are just so cute it’s hard to resist that kind of thing.
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