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9/15/2022 c62 Bomslaer
I kinda want her to be a ghost specialist
9/14/2022 c36 TheKazostkyKicker
Ok why can i picture Chill making L4D2 Jockey noises (As in the maniacal giggling) as she absolutely destr- sorry, "Says hello" To any other pokemon. Chill just goes full maniacal at the prospect of "Greeting" other pokemon lol
9/14/2022 c59 Bomslaer
dialga are you there
9/13/2022 c44 Bomslaer
what is this ghost
9/13/2022 c43 Bomslaer
holy a shiny ganger
9/13/2022 c43 Bomslaer
is fuzzy going to add more and more acronyms every time he does something
9/13/2022 c42 Bomslaer
is she going to wish her deathly illness away
9/13/2022 c38 Bomslaer
did she just straight up kill some tourists
9/13/2022 c36 Bomslaer
9/12/2022 c82 mikitenshidevil
was def surprised to see vel just go in some back alley in search of a cafe tho i wonder why people reviewed the cafe in the first place. good thing Sebastian was able to clue her into the fact that the location may not be what it seems. glad jayce was able to clarify things up for her as well. nice to see vel still travelling the world
9/12/2022 c53 1wyvern97
you know after rereading your story and looking at this chapter again, Looker is obviously some sort of time traveler
9/11/2022 c81 Aoi-chan
You are really annoying, Guest.
If you don't like it, why are you still reading this story?
After all, the character you are referring to must be Jayce. The main character from another pokemon story written by Banix.
9/11/2022 c81 Guest
Huh... it's weird how this story focuses on Vera yet you made your oc from another story(even if they're connected) so OP and arrogant that he does no wrong and how apparently he has Mary sue plot armor with his actions.
9/10/2022 c76 Guest
She just said she won't be caught off guard again but she proceeds to fall asleep in the car again.

Same situation where she was ambushed btw
9/8/2022 c67 Guest
What kind of pussyass bitch event was this?

They gave up immediately? They didn't have a sting operation nor funds for this, are you telling me the criminal organization has more money that the PL?
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