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for Fight or Flight: Side Stories

7/6 c9 myri
Make a chapter about little Skylar and the Justice League past Please !
7/6 c9 Nour
THAT'S SO CUTE ! Hey, i have a request, can you do a chapter about little Skylar with the Justice League ? I wanted to know how they react they react of her with her parents and how they interact with her in the past. Please ? It would be grateful :)
7/3 c8 11TKDGirl2016
Please write a music meister episode!
6/4 c10 1exoplanetprincess
This chapter has made me adore Skylar and Kaldur together all the more. In the main fic I always love their interactions, but this was just so adorable!
5/31 c1 Guest
I just had this random idea- what if Conner and M’Gann’s school went to the Stonechat museum and met Skylars civilian persona? Sorry, random idea, please don’t feel like you have to even read this.
This story is seriously good, thank you for writing this.
XOX- bethandthebears
6/1 c10 redx1221
Not bad but I like the Artemis one shot more I hope that gets a sequel soon
5/14 c10 CookieCream102
Super cute and wholesome one shot with fluffy romanceeee! Also thank you for having the main story without romance because it feels nice to read a story that's wholesome but doesn't have romance shoved down its throat! Your a great writer and I hope you keep on writing!
5/12 c10 5Stopdropanroll
Ahhh this is so damn cute, I had to keep putting it down so that I could maintain my composure at work haha.

I can’t imagine Yjl without Skylar anymore, that’s how great fof is!
5/12 c1 cherrypeachblossom
I would love to see the team deal with skylark molting
5/12 c10 cherrypeachblossom
love this. always felt that Kaldur was a good match for Skylar. don't think other people would be able to handle her
5/12 c10 1Mads-Chikistorm
5/12 c10 starrat
I loved it
5/11 c10 4Runereader of the Nightwings
God. Asking Skylar's mother was like... the boldest move of courage possible.

Round of applause for Kaldur and his unbelievable courage.
5/11 c10 2KDBloomfield
I needed this update. Been stuck in my head for too long. Xoxo
2/24 c9 5hunter81095
Oh my God I love these.

I have a hard time choosing between this and the Q&A as my favorite.

On the one hand, the Q&A did stuff with mentioning memes and reaction gifs that the Internet took from it, and I *love* little things like that in stories set in the proper timeframe, because actual superheroes would get used for that *so much*

On the other, Smol Skylar is adorable, and their reaction to realizing she wouldn't remember and had to say goodbye almost made me cry.
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