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for The Downfall of Lila Rossi

7/3 c7 rebekahpsweatman81
i like this
2/22 c7 1Zak saturday 1
Update soon please
2/7 c4 Guest
In some cultures, it's rude to laugh out loud."

Jealous Bitch
2/7 c3 Guest
Felix was the rouge Cat Noir.
1/11 c7 1aaapplexxx237
I love anti-Lila stories, fell in love the moment I saw her name being depicted in negativity! Highly recommend.
12/25/2019 c6 varee
How... How were you so ahead of your time?
I assume you've watched "Chat Blanc" and marveled over the fact as well.. (though killing would never become canon, shame.)
I can't believe how much I enjoy this AU. Starting from FĂ©lix, through Marc and even an OCs, especially - who is the cat?
11/21/2019 c7 Alix
10/19/2019 c7 8The Keeper of Worlds
Loving it!
10/16/2019 c7 Guest
Made more
9/19/2019 c1 8animegamefanatic
So I take it in this universe Felix is chat instead of Adrian. quiet a twist.
9/19/2019 c7 RebelAlix
8/23/2019 c7 13the.white.widow
This is such a great story, please update soon
8/22/2019 c7 1somuchfandomsolittletime
I hate Lila so much and I love a good anti-Lila, story. Especially when Marinette realizes she deserves better than people who are so easily seduced by l
5/5/2019 c7 Guest
Please update soon it is soo good. I want to know what will happen to lila.
4/19/2019 c3 Guest
Lmao 40 miles is tiny. My town is small and its definitely way bigger than 40 miles.
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