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7/5 c16 Mariam
I finally opened this and I saw your update. I have to say it was very nice. I loved father-son reunion. I loved how Jan Di explained to her son how his dad and mom will never live together.

I loved the way how that guy from the island confessed his love but sadly it was too late.

I pity Jan Di, she will have to see the Ji Hoo with his girlfriend all the time. 'Ahh' this is frustrating.

I hope Jan Di can meet a perfect match for her as well that way she wouldn't be lonely.

Is Jan Di going to get a job or will she depend on Ji Hoo for the rest of her life?

This was great chapter. Stay safe and healthy
6/26 c16 Guest
this is a beautiful story and i agree with the others maybe jandi should also get someone in her life who is just as perfect and handsome as Jihoo maybe Wu bin and that Jihoo gets so jaleous that it forces him to accept that he is still in love with Jandi and only loves her but it's your story and you decide
6/26 c16 11800805018
I have read this over and over again. And you did well in this update. This new life there will be a lot of fun this to read.

And just like some reviewer said, I also wish you could at least allow Jan Di to have someone perfect in her life that will make the F4 run mad. especially Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo. Those would be the most affected people if she is in a relationship.

Maybe she could get married. Hahahaha.

Thanks for the wonderful update

Hope to hear from you very soon.

Happy writing dear author.

fighting. Stay safe as always...
6/17 c16 Aline
Has hecho muy feliz a mi corazoncito, espero puedas seguir para saber cómo es que el gran goo jun pyo se entera
6/14 c16 1Onoeline
Your story is very unique indeed. I just also hope that Jan Di will also find someone more perfect than Ji Hoo. someone who will force Ji Hoo to come to terms with the fact that he's still in love with her.

Janhoo child is perfect. I hope he can support his mom in finding someone she can love

And I wish you the best in your writing.
6/13 c16 Tanjerine
Just stumbled on to this story and I can't wait to see how it ends. I ship Ji Hoo and Jan Di and felt so bad about the series ending the way it did so I read the fan fic for what the happier (I hope) endings. Thank you for writing this.
6/13 c16 Aqbatur
Wonderful as expected. I have read this about three times already before finally being able to log in and write this review.
Now I wonder what the dynamic will be like between Handi and Jihoo? With baby-mommah and son in the city while he is currently in a loving relationship. Grandpa Yoon’s words of wisdom/ warning.
I also wonder if Jandi will meet and even fall for someone else when she goes back to school… or maybe even meet Haje again? Since the whole evil Jaeha-Haje kidnapping doesn’t happen in this AU.
I know you’re busy so we’ll just hope and wait for you to find the time to continue writing your wonderful story. Thanks, N
6/6 c16 3Oalvin
Ahhh...too bad, the girlfriend is also perfect for him. This is indeed a wonderful chapter. I like the fact Jihoo knows what Jandi likes. I wonder if our Geum Jandi will have an OC here who will at least bring Jihoo's attention back to her or he will let her fall in love with another man.

Jihoo is too stoic that he doesn't know how to express his feelings.

Ahh...I feel bad for this love triangle. it's not even a triangle.

He loves his girlfriend but Jandi is the mother of his child. what a pain for the three people. Yes Jandi should get a boyfriend that is perfect for her in every way.

Anyway enough of the fantasizing, thanks for the update even though you have been busy.
6/3 c16 Sara Q1
You are such a good writer, Nerwen. Your Fics are brilliantly been written. I wish we, the fans of you, could know you in person. Haha, I know that's not possible. But reading your stories, made us feel like a family. It felt really nice to always hear a little from you in all of your chapters. Much, much love to u my dear friend. And more so to our little baba. God bless ur family. Know that we love you dearly.
5/22 c16 Guest
I never knew that there was such a wonderful story. It's sad but also touching.
I hope Jan Do could let herself go and open her heart to other men. maybe she will find a perfect man that will make our Ji Hoo jealous.
It's your call.
Well I hope also Jan Di joins medical school. These are just my ideas. Well done author. This is really interesting, I hope you keep going
5/19 c16 3BlackTithe
Poor Ji Min. I can only imagine how confusing all of this is for him, so much change so quickly. Hopefully, they will all find their rhythm soon.
5/13 c16 Guest
this is beautiful but I as a Jihoo/Jandi fan am very sad and I hope Jihoo thinks carefully about what his grandfather said and comes to his senses
5/4 c16 51cinnamon
Thank you a million times! You're a wonderful writer and I'm so grateful.
4/29 c16 KimchiAyu
I’m reall love it… I’m dying to know how reaction of the rest of the gank hahaha… I really love the flow of the story, I hope see the next chapter soon, but if you are busy, take your time first
4/17 c16 Olivia
Finally, there's another interesting chapter. I couldn't get enough of this. I love the idea that Jan Di recorded Ji Min's life. Even though they have their own lives, now they are going to be parents. And I think Ji Hoo's girlfriend was afraid to lose to a commoner like Jandi. it won't be easy for this love triangle.

I also like the fact that Jihoo still knows how to make Jandi happy without asking what she likes. He just knows her too much.

I wonder how will Gu Jun Pyo and the others take the news.
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