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9/23 c16 guest
this is a nice story but I feel like Jandi is to blame for everything while Jihoo is also to blame a lot because he lied to her and never told her he loved her when she found out she was pregnant he was in Paris and that made her think he didn’t love her and I understand her decision not to tell Jihoo. I hope that you come back for this story and I hope you a okay
8/23 c1 1Leahbenon
It is such an honor to come on such a wonderful story.

I have read these stories and most of them criticize the Heroine saying she was too old, she wasn't beautiful and she was selfish. But when I read all Janhoo stories, your story bring the best character out of her.

I love the fact Jihoo didn't give up on love when Jandi left him and I hope now that Jandi is here in the city, she shouldn't give up on love and maybe she will meet her billionaire who will cause the F4 to run mad.

Jandi and Grandpa Yoon have a wonderful connection between granddaughter and Grandpa.

I am looking forward for another chapter.

Your writing is great, please don't give up on the book.
8/21 c1 2Clairedocus
Oh wow, it's been a while. please don't forget the story here, many people are dying for the updates
7/11 c1 JanHoo
Hey dear Nerwen. Won't you be coming back ever ? You can ask someone else to translate if it wouldn't be possible for Amanda .
7/4 c1 1Rosanap
I have read this story in just one day. I can tell the connection and bond between Jan Di and Ji Hoo is still present.

I don't understand why Jihoo is angry with Jandi for hiding the truth yet it was his fault that she took this drastic decision. He couldn't even wait for her just like he waited for Seo Hyun.

I hope you can give Jandi her own man who will make her fall in love again

This story, I can feel the mystery and abit of suspension in it. It is a wonderful story but am abit with the unfairness toward Jandi.
7/1 c16 Guest
the love between Jihoo and Jandi is still there but now Jihoo is angry and hurt by Jandi and because of that he makes the wrong decisions and I think one day he wakes up and realizes his place is with Jandi but it's your story and me hope you have time to come back to this story
5/14 c16 Kyisakye Maria
First of all, I want to say thank you for this unique plot that had in mind because I can tell characters that don't have much romance or role played in the original series can be difficult to write about just like the Janhoo couple but you developed them well.

And another thing, when I was reading this story for the last two days, I got this feeling that the life between Jan Di and Sun Mi is going to be a difficult one, especially for Jan Di.

I can also tell that maybe perhaps there is another OC that is connected to Jan Di, perhaps a male doctor that took care of her before she gave birth, or another man that only Ga Eul and Jan Di know about. I mean it's just an assumption.

And I can also tell the road between Jan Di and Ji Hoo is going to be very difficult because I can smell, skimming against Jan Di, and to be honest if Ji Hoo is going to seek out Jan Di, it won't be easy for her to accept him that he was in a relationship with another woman.

I have so many I want to say about this story, but I will stop here since you are the one with the final say.

Thank you for this wonderful story and I hope you will give us some good chemistry between Janhoo because the only chemistry I see between them is the alarm, not their past love that has no hope to be rekindled.

Gu Jun Pyo fits so well with Ha Jae Kyung. I should guess, Jun Pyo may be attempted to rape Jan Di or maybe forcefully kissed her.

How will he react when he finds out that Ji Hoo is the father to that adorable boy? Will he be unhappy?

I can see Sun Mi has silly jealousy over Jan Di and something tells me during JJJ bonding, she will find a way to join to ruin the moments.

It would be also great if Jan Di offers to look after Grandpa Yoon from her new house. Thank you and I hope you can update soon, since it has been a year and how many months?
3/13 c16 guest
It's a wonderful story and I hope you have time to update again.
1/29 c16 guest
I don't think Jihoo loves Su Min because I think he still loves Jandi but he is angry with her and hurt and because of emotions he chose Su Min but I think he will regret this decision because he one day he will realize how much he loves Jandi and that she is his destiny
12/7/2022 c16 Fanfictionlover
Initially I was like Jan do has a child? The fic wud not be good but I’m blown away rn! The story is amazing! It’s lighthearted initially with that heaviness of who is the father looming over everyone’s head and it builds up really well! I look forward to the update! Just a request, if you do write a smut then could you please make it more detailed? Thanks! And Kudos!
11/29/2022 c16 Guest
Jihoo still loves Jandi but now he is angry and hurt by Jandi and now he makes an emotional decision and chooses Su Min but when the anger is gone and he has forgiven her then he will realize that he still loves Jandi and that she is the only one for him
10/16/2022 c16 2Aasap
I happened to find this story today. Gosh what a thrilling story this is.

I loved it from chapter one up to the current chapter.

I am madly in love with this story of yours. In fact all the stories of yours especially in Otter and firefighters where you made the Janhoo grow together both in love and friendship.

I am sure in part of me, you also help them discover who they are now. They don't know each other for now and When they spend more time together, they will learn to love each but it will be more thrilling if Jan Di met a man who is way perfect than the F4. That twist would be great
10/13/2022 c16 Guest
this story is beautiful Jihoo and Jandi are one and they have a connection that can never be broken and i think Jihoo has yet to realize that and that he still loves her but that will take time and i hope they get back together but it's your story
10/6/2022 c1 JanHoo
Nerwen pls come back na...
9/30/2022 c16 Mly
I am sooo in love with this story and can’t wait to read the next chapter! P.S. I really do hope, despite what they think now, that Jandi & JiHoo will end up together.
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