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7/30 c1 Dokidox
Just found out that there are fanfics devoted to Jihoo-Jandi so I am just starting to read some. This is an interesting version. You got me hooked.
7/28 c7 Guest
That movie Jihoo chose... spoke so much about how his and Jandi’s connection seem to work.
7/13 c9 Mly
I was beginning to lose interest in this story due to lack of update, but decided to reread one more time and happily discovered an update! Hope you will be updating regularly now. Look forward to the next chapter!
7/10 c9 3NekkoLover
Please, update soon. I love your story, I want to know everything about all
6/19 c9 25mystripedskirt
because they're soulmates obviously! loving this
6/19 c8 mystripedskirt
Yi Jung knows what we all want to know
6/19 c7 mystripedskirt
why does Ji Hoo keep moving his day hm
6/19 c9 crazyaboutbooks21
please update soon!
6/19 c6 mystripedskirt
I almost feel bad for Sun Mi but then I don't
6/19 c5 mystripedskirt
these boys are too much
6/19 c4 mystripedskirt
curiouser and curiouser
6/19 c3 mystripedskirt
Ji Min is the cutest
6/19 c2 mystripedskirt
Ji Hoo is an angel
6/19 c1 mystripedskirt
oh dear
6/17 c9 Kathyan
Felicitaciones, la historia es simplemente genial. lei que eras de Peru asi que espero que leas el comentario facilmente, aunque pongo el traductor para entender esta muy bien escrita la historia asi que no tengo mayor dificultad.

Continua es realmente buena, estoy realmente intrigada quien sera el papa de Ji Min aunque tengo una teoria, esperare a ver si estoy en lo correcto.

Gracias por escribir.
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