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4/11/2019 c6 14infantblue
omg THIS WAS SO COOL! at first i was a little worried because i know nothing about is this a zombie, but i also have this enormous soft spot for any sort of crossover and zombies in general, so i knew i really wanted to check this out - and i'm so glad i did!

family and friendships are always SO IMPORTANT to me in fics and they unfortunately don't tend to get the limelight as often as i wish they did (most people tend to focus more on the romantic aspect and only use family/friends as comic relief or as a driving force for the romantic main plot), so it made my entire world with how effortlessly you weaved in such strong bonds into this fic. i've always loved the idea of maka being a sister to someone (she has the motherly instincts as seen with crona, as well as the i'll-kick-the-ass-of-anyone-who-so-much-as-looks-at-someone-i-care-about-wrong protectiveness of a true big sis), and seeing her interact with eu fed my soul in all the best ways. plus, the mention of grimm fairy tales made me vibrate with glee. i respect anyone who knows them! good. so good.

anyway, this was fantastic and your writing is so fantastic and now i'm in such a crossover mood i want to binge aallllll the soul eater mashup fics. xo

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