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for An Incident in France

10/10 c1 24Drumboy100
Okay, so this is my favorite story of yours yet. But it is NOT a one-shot! Ending on that note, my goodness! They're POWs now? Nice cameo by the North Star; we all know who Ned is thinking of at the end.

Excellent job setting the angsty tone, how the men are afraid to see German uniforms, yet afraid not to see them, too. "They realized even less than he did how much they didn't know." The irony of youth, that we start life thinking we know everything, and gradually learn that we don't. Also wise words coming from the author, who I'm pretty sure was younger than these men when she wrote these words.

So proud to see men consulting the map and directions, LOL! A respectful nod to the difficulties of leadership, how Ned is "glad the decision wasn't up to him." Yet Ned will have leadership immediately thrust upon him, as he's chosen to watch the bridge. Being totally ignorant of military affairs (even while I as an American benefit from others' heroism every day of my life) it never would have occurred to me to need to guard the bridge in case the group needs to backtrack. I'd imagine that tasks like watching that bridge would be quite boring and quite stressful at the same time, plus N/F are sleep-deprived, so the sleepiness makes sense. You know a lot, are you from a military family? I think you would enjoy Jilsen's military stories a great deal.

Absolutely love this AU where Ned and Frank meet first, even though I can't get my hopes up that Frank and Nancy will eventually meet in this story. A nice nod to the lieutenant's high opinion of Frank, choosing him as Ned's partner. And Ned immediately respects Frank as an equal, as evidenced by their intimate conversation and switch to calling Frank by his first name; Frank, wanting to do his duty, has no problem being in a submissive position to Ned.

Frank comments about Nancy, "She seems like quite a girl." ...come on, how can a Francy shipper be expected to cope with a setup like that? [insert 17 pages of obnoxious Francy comments here.]

Ahhhh, so sad, Frank and Joe separated to increase their odds that one of them might come home! Sooooo sad, I hate war! I'd imagine they thought of their mother when making that decision. Ned goes from being grateful that he doesn't have to make leadership decisions, to showing excellent leadership under quite a bit of pressure, encouraging Frank to stumble along while injured. And both men are thinking of the other instead of themselves, while they're pretty much strangers. Ned could have literally shot Frank here-Frank was slowing him down, Ned could have told everyone that the Germans shot Frank, Ned would have justified it to himself by saying it would have been better than having Frank taken as a POW-I'm sure plenty of good people made decisions like that and have to live with them for the rest of their lives, but no temptation ever enters Ned's head. Also love how Frank is just as wise as Ned here, yet both men are bantering with each other, not commenting on the very low odds they have of making it out alive, just encouraging one another.

I think I felt every possible emotion while reading this? Wonderful!
12/13/2018 c1 missmwood
Wow, not exactly what I had expected but interesting and exciting none the less :) Thank you so much for continuing the story! Looking forward to the third part!
12/12/2018 c1 Highflyer
Whaaaaaat? Did they die? Will there be a third or are you going to kill me with suspense?
Having said that I loved this one shot. It felt like I am watching a war movie. Good job
12/11/2018 c1 14Cherylann Rivers
What a wonderful story, though now I NEED to see part 3! I really enjoyed the conversation between Frank and Ned, how it slowly emerged from formality to camaraderie. You capture the innocence and inexperience of youth well, but also the bravery and devotion of it as well. Frank being so willing to take that stand by Ned was incredibly strong on his part and Ned is a fearless leader as well. It was nice hearing about their backgrounds in this time period, which somehow worked remarkably well. I absolutely loved that last image of the North Star; what a wonderful way to show a last vestige of hope in this awful situation. I so enjoy your writing!

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