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12/11/2018 c1 OneTruthCup
Probably one of your best one-shots yet, at least in my opinion. Ever since I started reading Origins and Frayed Knots, the relationship between AC and HP has been a big point of interest for me. This work did a nice job of delving into that; the highs and lows of their bond, how each feels about the other, and the cyclical conflict that comes between, it was all both heartwarming and hard to read, but in a good way.

Similarly, I greatly enjoyed how you expanded on the relationship between HP and China. Their tumultuous marriage is one of my favorite parts of Origins, for a lot of reasons, really, but mainly because of the aforementioned friction that feels so adjacent to real life marriages. The struggle for intimacy, the differing world views, the manipulation (on both sides), the “mixed family” aspect, which always brings complications, and in between all that there are the high points which “justify” the low points and make the relationship worth longing for on HP’s part. I feel you brought all of that to a head here. I’m not quite sure if HP actually found a sense of closure in this, but at least it’s a start. That said, the situation with China’s daughter sounds interesting. It probably won’t be a big focus anywhere, but I wonder what their interactions will be like. As you somewhat wrote in this, her mere existence reminds HP of his own “failings” in that regard. Would you say HP blames his condition on his marriage falling apart? Is he often, beside the obvious moments in Origins, bitter about being infected with Walbachia (did I spell that right?)?

Also, the inclusion of things like Talon, the selkie and mer people worldbuilding, and the complexities of Fairy and Anti-fairy culture was a nice treat. That aspect of Anti-fairy friendship was especially “eye catching” so to speak.
12/11/2018 c1 28Jet Engine
The Head Pixie is out of control, and I love him for it. I also kind of want to hug him. This is a side of him I hadn't expected to see. He and Anti-Cosmo are walking disasters, but they each have there own wants and desires, and I think you did a real good job fleshing out their relationship here.
12/11/2018 c1 86Bookworm Gal
The friendship of two villain characters with thousands of years of past history was bound to be a complicated one. This was very well done and interesting.

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