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5/13 c1 Guest
I've flicked through a couple of overwhelmingly unflattering reviews, mostly around the same issues, and just wanted to say I disagree. Your Aegon is complex, engaging, driven and ambitious as all seven hells. I find this path you've made for yourself more interesting than some of the canonical threads in asoiaf. So please don't get discouraged, and keep on writing. Challenge yourself and try to get it finished before George. Well-done. Sincerely.
5/8 c33 Guest
5/1 c17 RegaliaOfRock
But surely, I didn't need him dead. Mayhaps just cut his palm or something like that. He didn't need to die. All Viserys had done was act like a dick and that wasn't worthy of death.

Cool such a shame you didn't have the same sympathy for the mountains of dead you already left behind .
5/1 c12 RegaliaOfRock
This battle was going to be a cakewalk.

Your main character is truly a disgrace .
5/1 c11 RegaliaOfRock
"He's got a claim though,"

Does Aegon want the throne or not ?

Self sabotage like this is irritating . Just what is he even trying to accomplish every time by acting so humble to the point of painful in front of his greatest supporter ?
5/1 c6 RegaliaOfRock
"Unlike Young Griff, I was no naïve and headstrong child."

No you are . You are the naivest game of thrones character barring Sansa.

The only reason you are alive is because of plot armor.
5/1 c5 RegaliaOfRock
I needed Daenerys' dragons. With my Blackfyre blood there was a chance I could even claim one.

What are you even going on about ?

Illyrio ,your damn father gave her those dragons . Just ask him for it !
4/9 c25 JManM
The last two chapters were a pretty steep decline. Arrogance doesn't explain what just went down. Egg has paid an enormous price to pick up a character that serves near zero utility to him. The Starks are such a non entity by the end of the story that they might as well not exist. He tanked his relationships and reputation for a family he will need to rescue from their own stupidity. What happened to the guy that laughed about the Starks and their claims to have ruled the north for 8000 years? Bring that guy back, cause this new protagonist that has replaced him is a pale imitation.
4/9 c24 JManM
This whole plan was so beyond the pale stupid I can't even imagine it came from the same guy who politically subverted three city states. I get your obsession with making him lesser in inexplicable ways so that his more outlandish feats balance out, but this was just running on administrator mode. Did you do it just to force some drama?
4/8 c2 JManM
JonCon was definitely the wrong guy to voice that concern to. The hell was he thinking trying to convince the Rheagar fanatic that he isn't Rheagar's son?
3/26 c12 HASB
You could have made it so the blackfyes had a kinda dormant trait in they blood line where their go into a kinda battle trance (kinda blood rage but without the rage) where it turns his emotions of and it just focuses on the battle and what in his view.

So fir spelling I'm dyslexic
3/23 c13 Immortal Potatoe
awesome story
3/23 c16 HJP55
Good, well, but yandels book canot be there because it was written during the reign of King Tommen.
3/11 c33 q
Nobody will miss you. Go and kiss some Stark ass.
3/11 c22 Guest
All hail aegon blackfyre the newest member of the targ madness club.
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