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for Ever Onward

10/20 c16 Somethang
Always waiting, ever onwards.
Idk that sounds cringe but I'll always be happy seeing this update, keep on it.
10/16 c16 1BookOwl1701
Great chapter been waiting for this one for awhile! The scene with scarecrow getting a wake up call was pretty funny as well.
10/14 c16 1thewookie1
I guess Scarecrow has a lot to learn before truly understanding cold logic isn't infallible. Begs to question what Hatch plans to do in order to legitimately scare Scarecrow aside from our engineer friends going back into it with a few tools and fooling around.
10/14 c16 brywallace03
Kickass chapter can’t wait for the next.
10/13 c16 freddy.lane.1
yeash, no one makes fun of your battle brothers, no one.
10/10 c10 7Bioweapon 155
I see M16 is channeling Big Boss. I recall reading somewhere that smoking is supposed to be dangerous for dolls, but I don't put it past her modifying herself so she can do that (or Pesica doing it for her. Or Soppo.).
10/10 c5 Bioweapon 155
I feel so incredibly sorry for Springfield. Although it's more than a little telling how WA2k left her out of her rant on her incredibly wierd teammates.
9/28 c15 3LightbulbHD
I'm a bit confused on Hatch's age as I'm reading. Is he in his 30s or 40s?
9/17 c15 Ender001
1: you know what would be neat? Four AK630s slapped into the base as perimeter/air defence guns
2: are the heavy weapons teams making an appearance anytime soon?
3: can we put Dozer into a tank? Or a bigger assault suit?
8/16 c15 2semsas
I sware. Lmao.
8/10 c15 Vigilant Keeper
Damn, Hatch and the crew are leaving S09? Well, nothing lasts forever unfortunately.

Glad to see another update man. Patience pays off.

Stay safe and God bless, dude
8/12 c15 1Delta07phalanx
*Sigh* I can Envision the next boss fight already.

"I'm Hatch, that's DOZER. And this... is Jackass."
*Heavy caliber gunfire/Panicked screeching*

Real talk though. Great story, love how you portray the characters. Keep up the amazing work!
8/10 c15 11RedSS
I swear Hatch always makes me laugh a lot. Great work with the chapter. M4 awkwardness is really well captured here, I would say too.
8/9 c15 1thewookie1
A nice calm chapter with hints of more to come.

I can't see anything bad happening between an eccentric scientist and Hatch's jolly family of dolls...

I look forward to Chp 16
8/8 c15 1TopHatGuy

Man, I sure didn’t envision myself one day reading a fanfic about android girls fighting other Android girls based on a... game?

Then again, I didn’t think I’d have read fan fiction either.

Eh, cheers man, have a good one.
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