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for My Little Pony - The Legend of Friendship - Harmony

9/14/2019 c21 1johannvanguard
Ashgray's plan to use Star Twinkle's body and steal the Cutie Marks of the others in order to use the Elements of Harmony was devious. Too bad Summershine was too late to stop Ashgray from getting the Cutie Marks, but tried to confront the evil pony. It was noble of Summershine to offer his body to Ashgray in order to spare Star Twinkle. Ashgray, in Summershine's body, destroying the bodies of Crash, Brilliance, Happytrade, Nightsky, and Lightbeam with the elements was terrible. I'm glad their spirits helped Summershine defeat Ashgray inside his mind. Summershine was in a tough bind because he needed to put the spirits of his friends inside Star Twinkle so he can find a way to get them back physically and protect them from Ashgray. It was a tough choice for Summershine to cast the Memory Erase Spell so everyone would forgot the others, thus protect them from Ashgray. Good thing Summershine left a note for Celestia about Star Twinkle.

The whole story does explain what happened to Star Twinkle's friends and how he forgot them. I'm glad that Season 5 will continue. I'm excited to see which episodes Star Twinkle might be in and what original chapters might be made. For Season 5, I wonder how Star Twinkle will do against Starlight Glimmer, and if and how he might remember his old friends. Keep up the awesome work.
9/14/2019 c21 phetiamwantip
That was a story on The Legend of Friendship - Harmony. I hope you’ll get to work on My Little Pony - The Legend of Friendship, I’m so excited to see more chapters
9/5/2019 c20 johannvanguard
Good to see Star Twinkle is feeling better, but doesn't quite feel like himself. When his friends Lightbeam and Nightsky tried to help him, Star Twinkle turned into an alicorn and attacked everyone. I wasn't expecting for Ashgray to transfer himself into Star Twinkle and take control of him. I'm glad Summershine figured out that Ashgray is inside Star Twinkle, and the one who really started the fire. For the next chapter, I wonder how the fight between Summershine and Ashgray will turn out.
8/31/2019 c19 johannvanguard
That was a nice chat Summershine and the others had with Celestia about Ashgray and Winterglow. Good to see Star Twinkle is okay from Ashgray's attack. It was surprising that Summershine and Twilight met for the first time. I'm glad Star Twinkle is enjoying spending time with his friends, but had a vision about something terrible happening to them. For the next chapter, I wonder what happened to Star Twinkle's friends, what made Summershine leave Ponyville, and if Summershine casted the memory spell on Star Twinkle.
8/30/2019 c19 phetiamwantip
This chapter is amazing please make chapter 20 soon, I'm very excited on reading it!
8/25/2019 c18 johannvanguard
The chapter was really action-packed. Star Twinkle and the others took Ashgray betraying and fooling them really hard. Though Ashgray did value their friendship, he valued his goal more than it. Too bad for Ashgray that the elements rejected him because he was going to use them against the chosen ones, aka Summershine and the others. It was surprising that Ashgray knew a spell that turned him into an alicorn and use fire. I'm glad Star Twinkle and the others got the elements back and used them to defeat Ashgray. For the next chapter, I wonder what Star Twinkle and the others will learn about Ashgray from Celestia.
8/25/2019 c18 phetiamwantip
This chapter is brilliant, please make more
8/22/2019 c17 johannvanguard
It was shocking for Summershine to hear from Ashgray that Celestia was in trouble. Good thing Summershine and his friends were there to help. With the sphere trapping Celestia too much for Summershine to break, it's great that Ashgray came up with the idea of using the Elements of Harmony to free her. Too bad it was all a trap set up by Ashgray for him to get the elements. It's even more shocking that Ashgray trapped Celestia, knew a lot about her, and was angry with her. I wonder who Winterglow is and what his role with the elements was. For the next chapter, I wonder how Summershine, Star Twinkle, and the others will do against Ashgray, and if Ashgray might be working with Arcana.
8/22/2019 c17 phetiamwantip
This chapter is amazing! Can’t wait for part 2
8/18/2019 c16 johannvanguard
It started well with Lightbeam meeting Rainbow and telling her that Nightsky was offered to join the Wonderbolts, but he refused. Rainbow really wanted to race Nightsky because she doubted her own abilities, but he refused and was able to convince her otherwise. It makes sense that it's because of his friends Nightsky refused the offer. I guess that the Battle for Harmony will be the last five chapters and it will center on Star Twinkle, Summershine, and their friends. I think it might be a fight for the Elements of Harmony, and it will show what happened to Summershine and the others. Also, about why Star Twinkle forgot his friends and the battle.
8/4/2019 c15 johannvanguard
Happytrade was really joyous about working with the Apple family. Too bad it involved selling the Apple goods in Canterlot. Those snobbish ponies really ticked off Happytrade, but luckily Celestia came along to help her. Happytrade's idea of being truthful about her products really pleased Celestia. Good thing the Apple family wasn't disappointed in Happytrade for not doing well because of the snobby ponies. Happytrade still being able to work with the Apple family was great for her. I guess the next chapter will be about loyalty with Nightsky and Rainbow Dash.
7/17/2019 c14 johannvanguard
It was nice of Lightbeam to try and help Fluttershy be less shy by spending the day with her. Though it looked like it didn't work, it's good that Fluttershy talked some sense into Lightbeam and taught her a lesson about kindness. I wonder if we will see Happytrade with Applejack, or Nightsky with Rainbow Dash next.
6/27/2019 c13 26Shadow Kick
Wow, great story.
6/27/2019 c13 1johannvanguard
Too bad that Brilliance broker her glasses and needed a new pair, but ended up at Rarity's boutique. Thanks goodness Rarity repaired Brilliance's glasses, and Brilliance wanted to repay her generosity by helping her find gems for her dresses. When Brilliance was kidnapped by the Diamond Dogs, it's great that Summershine, Rarity, and the others came to rescue her, and the Diamond Dogs just let her go. I'm glad that Brilliance learned a good lesson about generosity from Rarity. I wonder if we might see Night Sky with Rainbow Dash, or Happytrade with Applejack.
6/20/2019 c12 johannvanguard
It was really nice of Pinkie Pie to ask Crash to host a party for her, and for his friends to help him out when he didn't know what to do. Too bad their help wasn't that great, which made Crash nervous and have nightmares. When Crash got to the party and saw nothing was going on at all, he found his confidence, got his friends together, and made the party wonderful for the young pony. I'm glad that Pinkie Party saw Crash's party and thought it was awesome. I guess the next few chapters will involve Star Twinkle, his friends, and five of the Mane Six. For instance, we might see Happytrade with Rarity, and Lightbeam with Fluttershy. I can't wait to see how those chapters turn out.
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