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for The Crimson Demon of Chaos

11/22 c2 TeemVizzle
this is so gooddd
10/13 c2 M2R
9/19 c2 2acetwolf94
8/18 c2 The Kromann
Really good and I hope the next update doesn't come out in three years lol
8/10 c2 DCosmicSage38
Great chapter here. Please update soon.
8/6 c2 Mardi
awesome fanfic
hope for the continuation and stay healthy
7/30 c2 forgottenevil23
you had a good idea but lost interest with the POV. so good luck.
7/30 c2 2Angel Of Despair1
Ohh, God damn it, you have finally returned! I love the new chapter! I hope you don't take a year to update another one like last time, lol.
7/30 c2 Requiescat1nPace
So far so good. The grammar has improved from chapter 1 and you're moving from writing in first person to third person. I like this chapter much more than the first, good job.
7/30 c2 Irish Cristine Andallo
This is Awesome The storyline is Very nice
7/28 c2 Nikkless
more please
7/28 c2 Vansmoke
the way you write/call your mc in third person; madara this, madara that, kinda annoying and silly tbh, it's still same with your old version and good thing madara didn't call himself like that or it would get worse.
7/28 c2 empetiness
the last touch about a cup of sake and sculpture is nice
7/28 c1 Kazuto Tetsuya
Or im just not right in the head right now...
7/28 c2 Kazuto Tetsuya
Uhh... was there only 2 or 3 chapters here? I'm pretty sure there were more.
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