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for The Crimson Demon of Chaos

10/7/2019 c15 Guest
What happend is big mom threatening about madara denial
10/6/2019 c19 Guest
Amande 47 years
Custard 45 years
Smoothie 35 years
10/6/2019 c15 Guest
Madara gonna declarate war if big mom try to threatening him
10/5/2019 c15 Guest
How many madara age between all emperor
10/5/2019 c19 Guest
How madara age
10/5/2019 c15 Guest
Madara vs kaido
Chakra and haki vs devil fruit and haki
10/4/2019 c20 Katyuska
excellent chapter, I look forward to the next
10/3/2019 c19 Guest
Meets kurohige pirates in mocktown jaya
10/3/2019 c19 Guest
The crimson demon of chaos vs the king of beast
10/1/2019 c1 Guest
Can madara read the poneglyph
9/29/2019 c14 Guest
Emperor terittory
Big mom totland
Kaido wano
Shirohige ?
Madara ?
Akagami no shank ?
Kurohige hachinosu
9/27/2019 c15 Guest
Big mom daugther reaction if their meets madara
9/27/2019 c15 Guest
The rocks pirates member
Big mom
9/27/2019 c20 Guest
Sorry i forgot add kurohige bounty
9/27/2019 c15 Guest
Who would win if Rocks D Xebec vs Uchiha Madara
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