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for The Crimson Demon of Chaos

9/22/2019 c19 Guest
I hope that women that keep trying to seduce Madara is not constant thing, then it would be annoying
9/22/2019 c19 Guest
World gouvernment new threat
The first chakra user
9/21/2019 c19 Greer123
I can see Madara and Whitebeard having a drinking contest.
9/21/2019 c4 Denito
Need Limbo for some Bluejam pirates? Really?
9/21/2019 c20 3Pa1110
Ok first things first... Great chapter 19 and amazing omake. Literally can not wait for more! This story is easily one (if not the best) Madara crossover story and an intriguing and amazing story in general! Keep the good work dear author. However , even if it quite late to mention it, i would like to make a suggestion. It is concerning the romance which you declared would not be in the story. It can exist with obvious limits. What i mean , Madara fought strong opponents in the story , actually fought. Something incledible because usually it is simply a curb stomp without the entertaining fight scenes you made. What i mean is this isn't necessarily only a redemption story to the Ghost of the Uchiha, but a second chance at life. Madara already has shown obvious changes with his "nephews" and even with Garb. He showed emotions, actual emotions. Love or better affection with the boys he trained ,respect for Garb and not simple dejection when he "lost" and vows for bloody revenge. He is still Madara Uchiha The savior of the World , The red eyed demon but he can be more just as you showed. That is what makes this story incredible. He doesn't retain only his previous personality and mannerisms but actually changed overtime. That is why a little bit of romance could work. Not being the only focus of the story or diverging the future you as the author have for the story . Absolutely not. It is your work , this is but a suggestion. A woman flirting with Madara not out of fear or ulterior motives but genuine interest. It would quite intriguing for his reaction and who knows maybe he can show some interest( two best options in my humble opinion being Robin and Hancock). Again not simply a couple but baby steps... Plus the reaction of Luffy ,Ace,Sabo , Garp anyone really is going to be priceless if they learn of Madara showing interest in a woman!
9/20/2019 c20 Greer123
I enjoyed this Omake chapter.
9/20/2019 c1 Guest
Chapter 19 please
9/20/2019 c20 Guest
More again
9/20/2019 c19 MadaraLore
It's good you don't do romance from Madara like other fics
That's like they are Self Insert than Madara himself there conversing harem pfft
Madara will have a Punching Bag married to himself lmao
9/20/2019 c19 Warpath
Marriage proposal ahhhahahahaha

Big MoM : I have marriage proposal for you
Madara : Aw hell no ya'll ugly *Activates Susanoo and destroy the island and madara fades away*
9/20/2019 c19 Eugene
Imagining ending it with *To be Continued* of jojo bizzare adventure lmao
if that's the crew madara will have
Madara : You will join my crew and will have my blessing of purifcation
Ms christmas : You mean by joining and purification that hurt us real bad and submit to you or negotiate?
Madara : YES!

Whitebeard and Shanks will become friend with madara I hope

Big Mom sending her daughters to Madara that has dominating personality and God Complex that doesn't want to be come a lapdog to a weakling, That's like sending a cute chihuahua to A legendary FENRIR, A bad decision for big mom, Madara will send her a message by using her daughters blooded and broken send it to Big mom, Marriage proposal that lol me for a 1 minute there, madara is already married to himself and battlefield
Madara is not romantic type I hope you don't do romance because madara is to ooc for that kind of genre

Marine has PTSD because of the bamboo tree penetrating their ass

Gorosei having talks with the yonkou
I gonna guess you will do the kaido and big mom alliance in the latest chapter of one piece to battle madara

Overall this is a very nice chapter just short for me, I want the reaction from every important individual like doflamingo and revolutionary

You haqve spelling error I detect when Mr. 5 dialogue *If we fall to the sea, We are death* The death part you should change it to dead
9/20/2019 c19 Guest
The devil pirates
9/20/2019 c19 Guest
Madara the live acient weapon
9/20/2019 c15 Guest
Madara vs five elders
9/20/2019 c15 Guest
Madara vs sweet commander
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