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for The Crimson Demon of Chaos

12/2/2019 c14 Guest
Maybe one character non kanon like former roger pirates douglas bullet from stampede
12/1/2019 c11 Guest
Make madara to have conqueror haki
12/1/2019 c11 Guest
Five emperor before timeskip in this fiction
In canon four emperor before timeskip
11/30/2019 c15 Guest
Madara was older among the emperors
11/29/2019 c15 Guest
The total of each bounty of each emperor in one piece
Madara (1 trillion)
Shirohige (5 billion)
Kaido (4,6 billion)
Big mom (4,3 billion)
Akagami (4 billion)
Kurohige (2,2 billion)
Mugiwara (1,5 billion)
11/29/2019 c15 Guest
Luffy canon diversion became the fifth empror(although emperor such as the big mom,kaido,and blackbeard have not recognized it)after timeskip and this diversion madara became the fifth emperor before timeskip(after defeating the large fleet of marines)
11/29/2019 c1 Guest
So madara is most handsome character in one piece
11/28/2019 c7 Guest
If madara show his true strength then he will be a greater threat than the rock pirates captain
Rock d xebec
11/28/2019 c20 Ira
I am glad there is no romance

I hope the daughters will quit chasing Madara... Of marrying himmm... Madara better put them in their place. I hope it is not always use as comic relief because overusing girl want date Uchina is annoying like how Sakura towards Sasuke.
11/28/2019 c15 Guest
Maybe amande is more suited to madara ,because she is called a demon lady and has a cold nature as well as figther
11/28/2019 c15 Guest
Please make madara jollyroger in his flag and become the fifth emperor of sea
11/28/2019 c15 Guest
If he use the sharingan madara can read poneglyph and maybe uncover the void country
11/28/2019 c15 Guest
Maybe madara can choose one from three big mom daugther but not join she pirates,because he hate command
from other pirates in new world
11/27/2019 c20 Guest
I think madara need a love for filling his heart
11/27/2019 c20 Ultima88
whooaaa this is good...i just hope madara will have a love interest at least, we dont want uchiha clan to extinct...lol
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