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17h c21 AMurder0fCrows
I'm disapointed. that all that made garou special has now been stolen. this story is lame now.
9/15 c21 Guest
Prodias hacer a Garou con harem ya que me gustaría.
Además de tal ves agregar algunos oc cómo ankoku mayoi, búscalo en Youtube si quieres,ya que me gustó su istoria y podrías hacer que supervise la enseñanza en UA si quieres, algo como nezu impulsado por su curiosidad le pide ayuda
9/14 c21 xlnc2608
I hope this story gets faster updates. Seriously ate this up in an hour.
9/14 c20 Hademon
I wonder if Garoua once understands how quick he can just took quick and break quick
9/14 c21 Jayhawks
what if garou used mawashi uke technique to block Dabi's flames? like how Doppo Orochi blocked dorians attempt to burn him? would certianly give him a surprise!
9/12 c21 Stormzy
9/8 c21 Jayhawks
Will magne be included in the small gang that spinner is leading?
9/8 c17 Blast
I wonder if Crimson Riot's constant defeats will have any effect on Kirishima.
9/7 c21 Guest
Your fight scenes are great and character building as well, the OCs you did introduce don't hog all the attention and feel like a genuine part of the source material, I guess what I'm trying to say is. You have something very good cooked up here I wish you luck writing
9/7 c18 Guest
Bro I just realized who garou reminded me of, he is the YUJIRO HANMA of this universe, politically untouchable by virtue of having the biggest metaphorical muscles.
9/4 c21 Guest
Podías hacer que Garou tenga harem.
Creo que se lo merece ya no e visto fanfics como ese
9/3 c21 Jayhawks
heres an idea on how you can introduce the characters here to Garou, anyone remember that one chapter where Saitama and Genos ate a potluck at Bangs dojo and some random other dojo crashes in and tried to kick the potluck. which then saitama and genos both proceeded to destroy for the "grave sin" as saitama said for disrupting potluck. but switch the rolls with Garou and Ghin and there you go, unoriginal but it's a good way to introduce the characters here. but its your story and your choice.

stay safe and have a good one!
9/3 c21 Guest
I honestly like this idea that Chisaki is still sane and have a chance to do better with Garou around and it shows that certain characters are drawn to Garou as well, can't wait to see how it plays out.
8/31 c21 27jetslinger333
Izuku must make decisions if he wanted to become a hero with a quirk or not and the fight between the prime Allmight against Garou would give him that idea.
8/31 c21 Garo
It seems a lot of outcast and problem people are looking for Garou for guidance and training, and thus would put the wrench in all of everything that has prepared especially the hero commission fearing the change in the status quo knowing the would send hawks to assassinate Garou.
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