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for The Hunter Amongst Villains

10/1 c1 Tarantulaochos
Garou vs U.A. School arc/Garou vs LoV.
Which one is the most wanted?
9/30 c1 Tarantulaochos
Me too buddy, me too
9/30 c25 Seiya Ryuuguuin
If only cosmic garou is here.
9/27 c4 Tarantulaochos
I hope there will be Bakugou vs Ghin in the nexts chapters. Or with Todoroki with Garou
9/22 c1 Tarantulaochos
Could please post a chapter where you can share thw wherebouts of Class 1-A, U.A. teachers and others more?
9/14 c25 Guest
Tsukihana should call the vagrant job hunter once he redeems himself
9/12 c25 db151406
Spoilers for ch 24:

So his aunt know all along huh. Interesting to see someone smart for once
9/11 c24 Guest
Well that is the most amazing fanfic I have ever read. Just wanted to say maybe you should go with original webcomic for garou, tone,cool speeches and dialogue, power and characteristics. Manga right now is a total flop
Just a power creep for cheap drama. Thank you for such amazing crossover.
9/9 c19 hafizfaishal1402
I just want to said. All Might in debt was hilarious, i literally can imagine what happen. He literally homeless, and his condition and situation. I was like, buhahahahahahahaha. sorry it's just so funny to think.
9/3 c24 xXKnow1NosXx
Now this most likely won't happen, but I think characters from different anime/manga won't be strange if they appeared here in the story.

Like Karla Kure and her clan (Kengan Ashura) for an example.
9/2 c1 Tarantulaochos
It's pretty shocking see Stain side up with the League of Villains. He isnoutbof character here
9/1 c25 26Cyricist001
You know, piranhas are always hungry.
8/31 c25 Matrix
One-Punch DxD: Neo?
8/29 c25 kismd
Oh boy toga why did you do that. But then again its not surprising maybe she would ask Garou to be her boyfriend ? hahah ( and before anyone say anything note garou is 18 while toga is 16 and in the later chapter 17 so its like a 2 yr difference. I could imagine in toga twisted sense of attraction )
8/29 c1 karim.rools
Good story need sequel
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