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for The Hunter Amongst Villains

5/23 c27 Guest
viejo este es el mejor desarrollo que e visto, tarda todo lo que quieras pero no pierdas el ritmo
5/22 c27 3rick12
Garou and Mirko is not my thing. She just doesn't want to see him fall before she has a rematch against him. We also see that she's terrified of fighting him deep in her heart, as her instincts are literally screaming at her to flee. She barely was able to maintain her fearless smile under the weight of her screaming instincts to run away, outright afraid of the fate that awaits her if she dares to fight him.

Garou's subordinates are basically engaging in gossip as they heard Garou and Mirko's conversations, misunderstanding the situation between them as always.

Star and Stripes gets blasted off, and All Might has to prove that his beliefs are strong despite Garou about to tear him a new asshole.

Garou effortlessly whooping Stain's ass as usual, despite the latter getting new Quirks (from All For One) like the bladed scorpion tongue and those insect wings.
5/19 c27 adriborg8
Gosh I want stars and stripes to use bew order to give all might mqrtial might of the greatest matial artist from thw paat 1000 years and let him fight gauro on some modicum of equal skill
5/17 c27 jarjarhead
The cliff! Oh no! Anyway, reading this is a blast! i await for more!
5/17 c27 andrewwhiting96
Give us your brain meats
5/16 c27 ExploerTM
It yet lives ahahahahahhaahhah! Thanks for the treat!
5/16 c10 Fuck Names
Now this was a good chapter, finally away from the babysitting shit and back to he action.
5/15 c27 Guest
Que buen capitulo me has dejado con las ganas de ver la conclusion de esta pelea confio que le daras un gran desenlace, me alegra que vuelvas a subir capitulos pense habias abandonado esta gran historia esperocon ansias el siguiente cap.
5/15 c27 omiguh
HOLY SHIT! Im glad that this isnt dropped, i saw this novel months ago, but it has been so long since it was updated that i just assumed it was dropped. Anyways, the novel is great, i recommend it to anyone if you are looking for an op, world building character right from the start. The writing was a little off in the earlier chapters, it felt like the author was using a thesaurus to use big words every once in a while which was kind of comical, but he eventually fixed that so that's nice. Anyways, im looking forward for the next chapter, we are now entering a very important battle. I feel like garou has the advantage and from what ive experienced from garou, it;s that he gets much stronger the longer the battle takes because of his extraordinary growth.
5/15 c5 Fuck Names
Not a fan of this bodyguard shit, was expecting better.
5/15 c27 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
great chapter
5/15 c3 Fuck Names
Should have killed All Might but at least the excuse makes sense.
5/15 c1 Fuck Names
Huh. I'm excited for this. Hopefully Garou doesn't turn into some sort of hero who doesn't kill
5/14 c19 To Guest
Shut up!
5/14 c24 KenjiApex
I just realized, even in the latest chapter Garou never realized that Toshinori is All Might.

It would be funny if he found out that the #1 hero he wanted to fight in his prime is the same person as the skeleton he meets to talk with.
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