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for The Hunter Amongst Villains

7/26/2023 c24 Barbie
A psycho girl?
7/24/2023 c22 Rayman
Is it possible for Izuku to use The Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist and One For All at the same time?
7/24/2023 c21 Rayman
The Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist?
7/23/2023 c13 Ruby Rose
Tenya was worried about his brother Tensei A.K.A. Ingenium.
7/23/2023 c12 Meme01
Chief of the Police Force: Garou, I have come to bargain.
7/22/2023 c1 Guest
Maybe if possible garou and his team could clone quirks through technology and experimentation and even give other people the quirks . If it is possible what the world of mha would think about. Thank you for amazing fanfics.
7/22/2023 c6 Rayman
Garou is training Ghin now.
7/22/2023 c5 Rayman
All For One can pass his quirk?

Who is Fuai?
7/22/2023 c26 Jobu Tupaki
Koichi Haimawari?
7/15/2023 c26 Guest
can someone in the reviews make a continuation of this
7/12/2023 c24 1Ryubar Tepes
The story is great, I love looking at My Hero academia through the eyes of Garou. Chapter 3's Fight with almight and Garou really serving a good yardstick to measure the strength level in this world since it could be weaker than other shonen manga, I could Imagine the thought process of the Hero Hunter as he fought the symbol of peace feeling he had finally found MHA,s S class Equivalent.

With that said the chapter with All Might and Izuku Trying to get Garou to agree to a rematch I could see several instances where it could happen. With Where I think the canon is right now I think its close to the entrance exams at U.A, So if Garou still wants to Fight All Might at his Prime and defeat him. All Garou Has to do is wait for the U.A Festival and set up the fight as exhibition since the festival is like the super bowl of Hero Society

Keep up this fic I like to see what Garou does next.
7/2/2023 c26 Guest
I wonder if the big three of U.A will voice their skepticism at Garou's quirklessness or even call him out on it?
7/1/2023 c26 7uflesh940
I reread this story just now, and damn, it's SO fucking good. I love how good you make the speeches (though IMO Bakugo's classmate's speech felt a bit TOO good for a high school student).
6/23/2023 c26 Jayhawk
recommended martial arts for characters present:
Toshinori-Shua Jiao, boxing, shootfighting(combination of kenpo & wrestling)
Izuku- karate(motobu-ryu), wing chun
Iida-Savate(french kickboxing), jeet kune do
not sure the state of the martial arts in mha but they could always buy books
6/23/2023 c26 Guest
If you bring Monsters into this, I'd love for Stain to get his ass handed to him by a Wolf or a Tiger after he idiotically tries to paralyze it by licking it's blood thinking it's a human, his wouldn't work as it only paralyzes something with human blood. Toga's Quirk on the other hand I think would work on a Monster as all she does is turn into a person she ingests the blood of, her form would just be aesthetic in that regard. But hey, anyone explain to me if I have this wrong and neither one of their Quirks would work?
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