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11/21/2022 c25 jonat.hernan962
I wonder what would happen if a quirk user broke their limiter?
11/21/2022 c26 jonat.hernan962
I wonder what Garou will think when learns about New Order? It could potentially change what he considers quirks can be and what quirks can do.
11/19/2022 c2 Guest
Also can you make a story scp foundation x bnha, where a bunch of scp got transported to bnha universe but for some reason the non humanoid ones got humanized, and they will propably doing something like Garou to change the world for the greater good, like Able, Cain, Hard to destroy reptile, burning man, Plague doctor, Possessive mask, Cactus man, The sculpture, The tickle monster, Pale man, the witch girl, etc.
11/19/2022 c2 Guest
How will the interaction between Garou and the girl Ippan Josei im pretty sure the girl will have some crush on Garou, even start stalking on him on some occasion, right?
11/19/2022 c2 Guest
I can see where Garou shock to see Zombieman came to this world as well, zombieman came to chalenge him in the arena but Garou just simply allowed him to his arena with open arms which shock and confused everyone that Garou know this person, and he will say this line.

(Ah Zombieman i never thought to see you this time in a place like this, but i already know your power, so i will not hold back on this one, so prepare to be torn apart and come back to life again and again), which Zombieman replied back with a battle stance.
11/19/2022 c1 Guest
I can see that zombieman and Garou will be having a massive Deathmatch in the arena, with Garou just torn his body apart due knowing his regenerative power already to many pieces but just keep regenerating and come back to life and keep resuming fighthing, which shock everyone and thinking his quirk is immortality because they see his head has been smashed and his body crushed and cut to pulp or sushi maybe, but keep coming back to life, until Zombieman finally tired out but Garou still standing and strong and garou offer Zombieman a position in the silver fang which shock everyone that Garou offer him a place in Silver Fang.

(Everyone will be horrified and awed inspired seeing Zombieman just keep regenerating and coming to back life and fueled by his iron will to win battle but eventually loses and join the Silver Fang).
11/19/2022 c25 Guest
I wonder? How about that you add zombieman into this story, it will be interesting that everyone think his quirk is immortality?
11/19/2022 c3 Xrzabcghjbbbb
If they find out he was 18, the first thing is, they will all disbelieve and though he was lying, similar how Ghin first react, but of course Garou didn't take it seriously and didn't care what age they though about him, but if they do. All i could think of is embarrassed, especiall a pro who was a senior, i mean how could someone who was younger then them could be much more stronger and experience than them.

Media will viral this, depends on if viewer believe or not, if they believe, i can see a bunch of laughter and smirk behind that face, and of course feel disappointed to the pro. The villain such as AFO, Wolfram, Redestro, and Flec turn will challengen as The man had taken their position and dominance.
11/16/2022 c11 Guest
I wonder how the reactions of everyone when they find out that he's actually eighteen?
11/14/2022 c26 2Just a reader 56
11/13/2022 c1 Tarantulaochos
What do you mean?
11/13/2022 c26 Guest
Is no one going to ask about who he is arguing with?
11/11/2022 c26 Steven30301
I love this story and I love how much consideration you put into the character and random facts that are not well known in one punch man and MHA like when garou had a crush on an actress that was mentioned when he was talking to bang absolutely love it keep it up.
11/9/2022 c24 Guest
Who knows
11/9/2022 c8 Guest
Pretty sure the monster association is already destroyed in opm .The current antagonist villains from opm is metal knight or neo heroes maybe or upgraded monsters from metal knight again or god. The other interesting enemy’s could be humanrise from movies or clan of human cleansing the one in you should not make Garou overpowered for conflict. Nice work by the way.
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