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6/8/2023 c4 27JensenDaniels32
6/8/2023 c3 JensenDaniels32
AHAHAHAHA! What a fight!
6/8/2023 c2 JensenDaniels32
6/7/2023 c1 JensenDaniels32
5/22/2023 c16 Guest
There’s no way some stupid random little kid already has great skill with that type of martial art bruh. Fucking bunch of bullshit Garou should’ve been the only one if I’m being honest, I’m not saying it’s impossible for him to learn it but for him to be powerful and great with it already is fucking retarded
5/11/2023 c4 finhirblank
Plot hole reveal time! Why was the massacre in the first place just ignored? A bit disappointing you missed that and just went along.
5/11/2023 c3 finhirblank
Hoo boy… was that not interesting. Thank you!
5/11/2023 c2 finhirblank
Badabing Badabang badaboom!
5/11/2023 c1 finhirblank
Yo, very nice! Me like
5/6/2023 c1 YaL0okingForSoMething
To hafizfaishal1402 appreciated your recommendation. Also your First user name needs some edited but here the name of user of “Wolves that walks alone”

5/5/2023 c9 Xrzabcghjbbbb
she does, just didn't had much role in this story
5/3/2023 c26 1Sheddendo
so I guess izukus mom doesn't exist then
5/3/2023 c18 Xrzabcghjbbbb
To all people who want this story to update please be passion, I have an alternate story for you.

1. Wolves that walk alone, (Manwithwalkingabyss)
2. Assassin amongst heroes
3. My hero academiaUnchanied Predator
4. My hero academiaDark drive illegal vigilante
5/2/2023 c24 Sheddendo
summary of this chapter: All might is 1 trillion yen in debt and is now homeless
5/1/2023 c26 1Moonlight Eclipsis
I hope that you will continue with this story. It is well written and engaging
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