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2/25/2023 c1 1nantono
2/19/2023 c26 Guest
2/15/2023 c1 Guest
Sorry wrong place, forgive me.
2/14/2023 c1 Guest
Maybe during his goal to obtained magic for the Swarm in the boiling isles he disected and assimilating many corpse of the witches who is already dead into the Zerg Swarm without killing anyone, freeing the petrificated witches to help him, and using a giant Zerg Qliphoth tree similiar to the Qliphoth from Devil May Cry 6 for extracting the titan's blood, even sending his forces to steal it's still beating heart. And saving the inhabitants of the boiling isles.

Even when he was about to be erased from existence or nonexistence, Disintegration, and even by void manipulation he persist and survive due to his great immense power and refuse to be destroyed, immune to Possession, but he able to Possessed those who eat his flesh, he is also highly intelegent and able to deceived his opponents.

All Your Powers Combined: As a nod to his drive to seek power at any cost, he can utilize the attacks of the other Zerg elite and his allies including his enemies. He can use Ravagers plasma acid, Intimidating roar, the time slowing magic that he learn, and Rick's portals. And even he could summoning spikes from the ground and spectral swords, etc.

Became Their Own Antithesis: As Urizen, he becomes a Suspiciously Similar Substitute of Amon, a fallen Xelnaga, a Dark God concerned only with advancing his own aims who corrupts others into his slaves. For extra points on this front, he even enslaves Zagara and Niadra for nearly restarting the great war, the Yokai Ghost lady of a white snake (C90) [Puppukupu (Kawaisaw)] Hitokuiyama no Haramigami-sam, Koharu Fukunaga, Shizuku-chan from (Neromashin) Kachiku Idol Shizuku-chan (THE IDOLM STER CINDERELLA GIRLS) - (C82) [Aodouhu (Neromashin)] Kachiku Idol Shizuku-chan (THE IDOLM STER CINDERELLA GIRLS), and the others as well, but your Zerg Cerebrate OC even considers them as family to fill his loneliness and do not take any advantage of the girls, however Amon enslaved Mobious Corps, the protoss, and the hybrids for doing his dirty work for the destruction of all life.

Big Bad: Of 5, as the one in control of the Zerg Qliphoth tree and the Zerg Swarm army terrorizing targeted City. Along with his girls, though in the end it's mostly over what form his atonement for Urizen's actions should take.

Bish┼Źnen Line: Kind of. Due to his shapeshifting ability and his true form is an unstable biomass and mostly taking on a more acrobatic monstrous humanoid form or centipede form. However, his humanoid form was the form he'd had all along and when the battle is over he becomes an attractive human man again rather than a monstrous monster form that he used for combat.

Boss Subtitles:
Nefarious Mysterious Master: Urizen.

Despotism Justifies the Means: He only cares about gaining power for strengthening Himself, his allies, and The Swarm, and if he has to unleash a blood-sucking Zerg demon tree upon the targeted cities and towns even palnets, unleashed his army and slaughter an entire city full of cifizens and even the whole planet to get it, then so be it. But sometimes he just simply using the tree for extracting massive resources without killing the inhabitants and warning them not to disturbing; It was reveal that he's doing this because he actually fights to protect others and those he cares about. Even sometimes he doing the slaughtering upon some inhabitants out of the need of nessesary to protect tge innocents or to save those he cares about.

Maou the Demon King: He is introduced as the one behind the monster invasion in many Town; City , and even planets accross dimensions, Time and Space, he's repeatedly called a "Demon King" by the many, and he spends most of his early screen time sitting on his throne, planning, walking, having adventures, while waiting for the heroes to arrive and fight him.

Mighty Glacier: He opts for a form of maximum power and prefers to fight while completely sessile sometimes. This strategy actually works very well for him due to him being unfathomably powerful and also having a nigh-impenetrable force field that blocks every attack, removing the need to dodge unless nessesary or the situation demands it. Urizen's sheer might allows him to ragdoll anyone who comes his way but still there opponents that still capable of hurting him and his allies and even killing them, so he always need's to be very careful and not underetimating his opponents.
2/14/2023 c26 Guest
what do Garou's followers think of his quirkless nature? do they think it's amazing a quirkless accomplished all of this or do they take it with a grain of salt?
2/13/2023 c26 Guest
Is Ghin a Garou version from boku no hero? Because it would make some sense you know.
Also, I think Garou is planning to make some kind of tournament in his Arena where heros, Villains, casual fighters, some of the silver Fang members would participate. Some way to expose to the world the progress that the Quirks could make.
2/13/2023 c26 1PopeYodaI
Still a fantastic story. Happy I decided to reread it. I'm enjoying seeing Garou actually change and grow as a person.

Don't forget that DxDs entire plot is literally Bottom-of-the-Barrel retarded. It's so mind-numbingly retarded it makes how badly Kishimoti fucked Naruto look like art. You can safely write off the opinion of anyone trying to use it as the basis for an argument.
2/4/2023 c26 Guest
Wonder how the world will react to Garou if he comes clean and says he's from another Earth? Also wonder how they'll react if he describes his world's different levels for Heroes, Monsters, and Villains/criminals? Heroes- C, B, A, and S and how they have 4 number one heroes instead of just one, criminals also have that same class, but Monsters have Less Than Wolf, Wolf, Tiger, Demon, Dragon, Dragon Plus, and finally God.
2/3/2023 c26 Guest
bro i read all of it in 2 days this is epic
1/31/2023 c26 Mario 163
1/30/2023 c26 Guest
All for one is gonna be frustrated that his trump card against Endeavor was lost to a quote on quote 'powerless' man, a man who is against heroes and villains everywhere.
1/25/2023 c26 L
Kapan update tuan. Aku dari Indonesia menunggu ceritamu nih
1/21/2023 c25 18luispablo
Can you do a miruko x Garou please
1/18/2023 c3 Xrzabcghjbbbb
After reading hunter amongst villains and assassins amongst heroes, is there any mha fanfic similar like this, if no is there any best mha fanfic, where there main character beside Izuku?
1/14/2023 c26 Guest
I wonder what garou would say to the past users of one for all if he could? I think it would be quite the interesting conversation with all those different personalities particularly the first three users. probably admonishing them for hedging their bets on a quirk with no guarantee that it will win while keeping their beliefs to themselves, as unfair as that may seem. it would be awesome if he said the same cool line he said to Darkshine about annihilation if he saw what All might said to Midoriya when he asked if a quirkless could be a hero. since All might has one for all back would he get all the different quirks Izuku got in canon? would certainly make him a more worthy opponent if he masters them all. probably see the Endeavor fighting All For One more impressive than the current one.
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