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for The Hunter Amongst Villains

11/9/2022 c24 Guest
Who knows
11/9/2022 c8 Guest
Pretty sure the monster association is already destroyed in opm .The current antagonist villains from opm is metal knight or neo heroes maybe or upgraded monsters from metal knight again or god. The other interesting enemy’s could be humanrise from movies or clan of human cleansing the one in you should not make Garou overpowered for conflict. Nice work by the way.
11/8/2022 c19 Guest
Wait almost forgot! Dont forget that nameless character monster girl that look like a cross between a cat and a zebra that get absorb by orochi, add her as well, that will be great if she join the Silver fang too.
11/8/2022 c19 Guest
You know what, maybe it just Mosquito Girl, Super S, Raptora, Reptera will already be enough addition monster girls for Garou like they make plenty of murder and chaos before suddenly Garou decided to hunt them down only to discovered that they came from the same world as Garou as well and then Garou decided to give the opportunity for them to join the Silver Fang, i even pretty sure that Toga and Mosquito Girl will be best friends forever, including Super S and Midnight will have some rivarly, i even can see Mineta will start drooling.
11/7/2022 c26 Guest
With how the silver fang is growing and how garou action did and shake up the world in a big way. Different fates of different characters are change and some in a good way.
11/6/2022 c26 Guest
You know what would be funny, if any of the female Monsters showed up in MHA, and Mineta started drooling over them. Mosquito Girl, Raptora, Reptera, Maiko Plasma, Super S, Eyesight, the one female Boros looking member if Blast's group, and Psykos/Psykorochi (Mineta would probably think the Psykos part of Orochi is hot).
11/6/2022 c23 Guest
Hope that Ippan Josei becomes like important and developed character ,maybe a top of Garou student who wanted to find to find strength or leader of her own group of abandon mutants people, quirkless , people with junk quirks or evil looking quirks. Because she might suffer mutant discrimination before and after seeing what Garou is capable of she maybe could join the others in recruitment center or helping others. Thank you for your work and good luck in the future.
11/5/2022 c18 Ranma
Imagine if Garou were to open his own dojo.
11/5/2022 c14 Azula
Now everyone knows that All Might is not as invincible as they wanted to believe.

Garou continues his training. Great.
11/5/2022 c26 RandomicReader
With what AFO is so recklessly doing, god forbid it brings him a cube.
11/4/2022 c26 Guest
Nice, suika has joined the party. Man I cannot wait for saitama to somehow wander through a portal whilst sleepwalking, end all for one by accidentally punting garou into him, then inexplicably wander his way out with all the praise resting on garou’s confused shoulders xD
11/2/2022 c26 marcosgabrield20
Brazilian kick!
10/30/2022 c26 Aindreas Arasgain
Kept me hooked from first chapter to the latest. It's so good andI love the pacing of the events. Great work!
10/30/2022 c26 Garo
If Garou got the interview he can spread his message about why he hates quirks and why , as his messages was from the shadow and now it's time to shine in the light to knew why. As he can mock the other heroes from the world are cowards that value their career and lifestyle than trying to fight the Hero Hunter.
Or that they aren't even true heroes just people wearing costume and quirks and nothing special at all. Mocking and belittle them as his now the Demon Lord of a city that would expand. Such a backlash would effect other heroes in the world as calling them cowards as there afraid to even face the hero hunter and waking up from the Hero grandeur.
I think Koichi can come to Japan under the Demon Hosu protection as no hero even and the commission willing to get involve. As the damage and cracks of hero society is already spreading.
10/30/2022 c3 Guillotine
Martial arts should not be underestimated.
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