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10/19/2022 c26 EmotionalDamage

"They're gonna send you to the front lines (and die) early"

"You may be strong with your Quirk and smarts, but you're still weak up here" Mehaji pointed at Bakugo's HEART

10/19/2022 c26 Guest
Cosmic Fear Garou? In MHA?! Like dude that walking cancer will annihilate anyone and anything in there in seconds! Well unless you are an android or cyborg or God hunter like Blast
10/19/2022 c26 WuhanCorona9000
Question: Does Blast and he's friends know a third party is poking around in OPM?

And why do they don't do anything about it or are they just that stretched out from keeping GOD in check?

Lastly does the MHA world even have protection from GOD's influence like how Blast and he's friends do to keep him in check? If not then oh boy...

PS: Shits about to hit the fan without anyone capable of dealing Dragon level threats easily or even have Saitama to punch everything to oblivion.
10/19/2022 c26 Guest
Wait... the brown skin woman? Is that Suiko? Suiryu's sister?
10/19/2022 c26 20Rialga
Knew it was only a matter of time until more OPM elements start to bleed over into the MHA world... but damn, AFO is really playing with fire! Don't doubt he'll find use for that monster heart (Orochi? Or just a random heart to allow powerups for characters like it did for Bakuzan?), but if he keeps experimenting around like that, he's going to pull something or someone over that he'll have no way of countering.
And was that Suiryo's sister at the end there? Or someone else? Either way, pumped to see what else is in store for us, especially since Chisaki has now been made aware of Garou's origins, which can only mean things are really going to ramp up soon!

Looking forward to the next chapter!
10/19/2022 c26 Gamma-X
WAS THAT SUIKO THAT KUROGIRI DRAGGED THROUGH?! If Garou ever decides to settle with a girl in this fic, Im hoping its Suiko with her Void Fist (if not his own student's parental guardian). Heheh. I wanna see how well she'd do against Garou. In either case, I wonder if this means other characters from OPM will drop into Japan. Like Tatsumaki or Fubuki just so I can watch Garou style on them, heh. Or Tatsumaki styling on All Might. Was the guy with the platinum body Platinum Sperm btw?

But in any case, now I'm SUPER excited to see the next chapter!
Keep up the AMAZING work, my man! :D
10/19/2022 c26 captain
10/19/2022 c24 1Wicked.A
Beautiful story so far, I especially liked the idea of izuku giving ofa back after all might got healed and garou being smart about his group and laws...
10/19/2022 c26 urlgang
Garou is not a Charismatic Genius Leader. I've never seen a fanfic misunderstand a character this much.
10/19/2022 c26 sugoijack9
So it was Kurogiri Warp that caused Garou ended up in this world.

Not impossible since the nature of Quirk are not something understandable even with the latest scientific study. The villain's warp seem to anchored itself only the OPM world so far.
10/19/2022 c26 5UchihaMadara0186
nice chapter bro i really like this fanfic
10/19/2022 c26 hoohohoho
Suiko? Nice!
10/19/2022 c26 7RedHood001
A lot of interesting moments in this chapter, building up to a lot of key events if the implications are true. Very well done!
10/19/2022 c26 sevae
On the next episode of Top-Hunter Amongst Villains: AFO goes fishing, Overhaul does science, and a mysterious woman looks for a bath.
10/19/2022 c26 Bones N Sweets
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